Losers wanna be populars

This book is when you feel left out and feel that your not worth it. Well let me tell you something you are worth it and your cool in many different ways.


2. Chapter two

When you wake up in the morning your getting ready for the day. With your book bag and your gym bag. Your worried about what kind of day are you going to have?

The bus ride is the worst! The bus is full of populars and you want to hang with them or even be them. But when you get on the bus you sit in the seat that is close to the center of the bus and the one that nobody is sitting in. You turn on your music and then the popular girls come over and start teasing and bullying you.

When you get to school your not sure where to sit in the classroom because your pretty sure that your friends hate you. So you decide to sit in the front of the class. You sit down there right in the front then the populars from the bus sit all around you. They're surrounding you so that they can tease you.

The class ended and then it's time for lunch. You try to make some friends by sitting next to them, but as you try to sit next to them they say something like this seat is take or you can't sit here. They're just doing that because they are just scared to loose their reputation. So there is no where to sit but by your self at the empty table by the trash.

Lunch then comes the hatred PE class. For some reason you always get picked last for every game. Today your playing kickball, your favorite game. Your up to kick and your of course the last one to kick. Your a good kicker and no one know so they are surrounding for a bunt kick. They were all in awe by how you got a home run. You decided that today was going to be different.

Everyone was cheering you on even the hottest boy in school was on you team. When you hit home plate the team was so happy they all were hugging you. The populars are so jelly that they try but you catch their pop fly. They were the three outs so then as your exchanging the places of outfield and up to bat the populars push you out of the way and hurt you so bad that the PE teacher calls the class over and that the kids have to go change. This is the scariest part... The locker room. That's where the bullying happens because there is no adult around to save you. They make fun of you push you around and that's the point where you make up a story saying that you feeling sick and then you are able to drive home.

So the day that you had was one of the normal days that you have all the time.

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