Losers wanna be populars

This book is when you feel left out and feel that your not worth it. Well let me tell you something you are worth it and your cool in many different ways.


1. chapter one

Do you ever have that feeling that your not worth it? I do all the time. I was at a basket ball game one day and this happened.

"hey get up here and hang with us!"

"ok I'll meet you guys up there."

So I headed for the stairs when all of the sudden I'm up against a wall and scared that the populars are going to hurt me or my feelings. This is that moment where you just want to drop dead or run away in fear.

"OMG did u see that girl she is so rachet!!"

Well at that point is when you would run away and cry and just judge yourself and make your self feel bad. Then you get a call from your friends yelling at you saying where the heck are you the game is now over!!!! So then you don't reply and start cleaning your self up from all of the tears and walk out of the bathroom.

When you get to your friends they say " let's go we called you and hour ago!"

You guys get to the bus and you sit alone and start to cry to you'd self quietly until the bus gets to your house and when that happens you get into your room and cry your self to sleep.

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