You left me!!!

Hi I'm Rose Johnson I'm 17 almost 18. I live in Sydney Australia. I had a best friend Luke Hemmings until he left 3 years ago with his band 5 seconds of summer they were all my friends but when they left Luke didn't even say good bye everyone else left a note saying good bye except Luke. I cried for months. I once loved a boy named Lucas Robert Hemmings but now I hate Luke Hemmings.


1. history

Tara pov (11 years ago the day Luke and Tara meet):

Today is Saturday and I have no friends to play with.😒 I walk outside and climb up to my tree house. Then I see a boy about my age I say " hi" then he looks up and said " hi I'm Luke." Then I said " I'm Tara. How old are you?" Luke said " I'm 6 almost 7. How d are you?" I said " 6" then I said " do you want to play?" He said " ok"

*time skip to Tara's 15 birthday ( still Tara pov)*

I woke up and brushed my long light brown hair and put it in to a high pony tail with a bright pink bow. I put on a pink skater skirt and a plain white tee shirt that was tucked in. I put in silver sandals and light makeup. I ran down stairs. I saw my mom made pancakes. The I looked at my mom and she had a very sad expression on her face. I said " Mom what's wrong?" She said nothing at all she just handed me 3 letters. I opened one it said

Dear Tara

Hey girl happy birthday. Look I just want to say sorry but me and the boys left were going on tour and idk when we will get back. I will miss you. Have a great birthday babe.

-love Ashton

I oped the next on

Dear Tara,

Hey chica, happy birthday!! I can't believe your 15 I'm so sorry that I'm missing your birthday. I wish you the best and I hope I'll see you soon. It won't be the same with out you.

- love Calum

Then I opened the last one

Dear Tara,

Hey well today's the big day your 15. Happy birthday I'm sorry I can't be there with you. I will miss you a lot I hope you can come to see one of our shows. I love you girl and miss you already.

-love Mikey

I looked at my mom and started crying. I said "T-They a-are g-g-gone. Luke didn't even leave a note." I ran up to my room and jumped on my bed and started crying.

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