Beautiful Horses Store

Awesome horses of all kinds to mumble and post on your account. (credit to Katie Pip for the idea). This is just something fun no actual reading involved. Thank you. No hate please.


2. Mustangs

Don't be fooled by the name Cinderella. She is a messy horse who loves to roll around in the mud. She is beautiful and needs a lot of space to run. Her favorite food is lettuce.

Risa is a perky horse who loves to play and have fun.She loves the store, but once she gets to know you she will love you just as much. She is a baby, currently only two years old. Her favorite food is carrots.

Sylvester is a kind horse. He hates water and loves the sun. He is very lovable and whomever adopts him will be completely satisfied. He loves giving people rides and he can jump really high. His favorite food is apple slices with honey.

Hey guys I am just doing a small chapter today. Comment if you like it and I will post more chapters and horses as is gets more popular. Ariel and I can't thank you more for being so fabulous. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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