Family Secrets

Amazing cover by @Brynna S/S WS


5. The Truth V

Harry Potter was shocked when he received a letter telling him that his best friend Hermione wasn't actually Hermione at all. Of course Hermione promised to tell him more when she arrived at his new house. But frankly Harry didn't feel like waiting around for information. He packed up his bags, grabbed his wand from the table,and threw Floo powder into the fireplace. "Malfoy Manor" Harry shouted  as he stepped into the green flames. Harry landed right infront of the manor's doors. Harry refused to be intimated by the large stone doors that loomed over him. Harry confidently knocked on the door and waited for it to open. A house-elf opened the door "Malfoy's seeing nobody today sir" he squeaked. Harry wasn't going to come back tomorrow. Harry pushed past the elf,who was trying to stop Harry from entering.He pushed open the large doors in the foyer,and walked in with confidence that he didn't have, nothing was going to stop Harry Potter from seeing his best friend,not even the shaking in his own knees. Harry found himself on the other side of the large doors,staring at Snape and the Malfoys,which now included his best friend. "Harry what are you doing here" Hermione exclaimed pulling Harry into a tight hug. Harry hugged back just as tight " I wasn't going to wait until tomorrow for my best friend to tell me everything that has happened since I moved out of the Dursley's house" he firmly stated.

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