Family Secrets

Amazing cover by @Brynna S/S WS


3. The Truth III

"Severus come quickly " Lucius calls out from Severus's floo network. "What is so important Lucius that you wake me up at 1:30 in the morning on my only day off" Severus snaps at the  head in his fireplace. "Move Lucius let me talk to him" Narcissa yells at Lucius. "I'm sorry Severus but its imperative that you come to the Manor as soon as possible". "Fine it most be important for you to call me by Floo this early in the morning just let me get changed". Severus walked into his room and put on his only colorful robe, the Malfoy's had given it to him for Christmas, he had to admit that he looked good in the the dark red robe. Severus picked up his wand on the way to the fireplace. Malfoy Manor wasn't actually as big as it seems and Severus quickly found his way to Lucius's office. Swinging the door open he walked to Narcissa and Lucius and greeted them like a proper pure-blood. "Narcissa, Lucius your looking well this evening". Lucius and Naricissa responded in a similar manner and asked Severus to sit down. "Now Severus this may come as a shock" Naricissa started off in a gentle voice but she couldn't finish talking because she was chocking on tears. "But our daughter is alive, you remember her don't you" Lucius finished for his wife. Severus looked shocked to hear Lucius and Narcissa talk about their lost daughter. "Yes how could I forget the first girl Malfoy in five generations" Severus used to his sarcastic drawl to cover up his shock. Naricissa grabbed his hands in her excitement  "Severus she's coming back home" Narcissa exclaimed.

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