Family Secrets

Amazing cover by @Brynna S/S WS


2. The Truth II

 Draco was in the third sitting room reading his potions book when his parents called for him. When Draco saw his parents he was curious especially about the paper that seemed to have all their attention. "What is it Mother, Father" Draco asked. "Have a look for yourself my dragon I have a feeling it will make you very happy"  Narcissa claimed giving Draco the paper

 Name: Andromeda Hazel Malfoy

Born: August 16 1979

Witnesses Of Birth: Dan Granger(Half-Blood),Lilly Potter(Muggle-Born),and Severus Snape(Pure-Blood)

We the three bloods do declare this child is legitimate and is the first daughter in five generations of Malfoys. If something were to happen to the Malfoys we the three bloods shall take this child under our wing. We Swear This On Our Magic And Life.


   "you  cant be serious" said Draco frowning. "We are very serious Draco don't you see its very exciting you have a sister" said Narcissa. "This is quite satisfying and we shall be inviting your uncle Severus so that he could meet your sister too" Lucius chimed in and although he did show it he was very excited to finally have his daughter back home. And he would get to see his old best friends Dan and Severus together again after such a long time.       

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