Angie is new at her school, she thinks it's a normal everyday school with regular people, until she realizes 5 seconds of summer, goes to her school. She loves Luke the most of all. But when all the other boys are falling for her and she likes Luke, and Luke doesn't like her back will she fall for one of the other boys or will Luke fall In love with her?!


2. Chapter 1😆

Note: I was going to delete this story but it seems people like it, so I'm going to keep writing in it. But if I don't update for awhile it's because I have school and homework, but u will try and update every other day.

Luke's P.O.V

"No I'm sorry." I say back

"I had a fight with my friend this morning, we were yelling and I'm just angry." I say back thinking of the fight I had with Calum this morning.

I hate fighting with my friends. I guess when she talked to me, I just got upset she is the only person I have been nice too in a long time. (Well besides my family and Mikey,Ash, and Calum, even thought we fought this morning)

I'm not what you would say the best type of person to be around. I just hated the thought of becoming friends with someone then back stabbing me.

"It's fine Luke, i just...nevermind." She says back mumbling so the the teacher can't hear us.

The bell rings.


I was saved before she started to follow me and try to be my friend...I could tell she liked me....I just didn't want to hurt her.

Note: Tell me what you think! I know I'm going chapter by chapter but if people aren't liking it I'm prob gonna take it down so when I get 5 favs. I will post another chapter.😉

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