Fwuffy Movellians - CLOSED -

So, I thought my profile pictures are so popular (due to a recent mumble) I thought I'd make this little Movella. You may request down below in the comments if you would like a picture of yourself as a fwuffy (that's what I am calling them now) but only if I know you on Movellas. Sorry, I can't draw that much in one go. Also, no shading; just saves time.


12. Luke J.R

Few, done!

Your's had large amounts of detail in it Luke, my man. Which is good, don't worry! Just means I had to put in a bit more effort; but hey, no pain, no gain. 
Now I hope I did get all the little details in, in the correct places...

If not though, Luke, come see me and I'll be sure to get them all sorted!

- Aldrin

(P.S. A message for you Luke:
Insanity, is... doing the exact, same thing over and over and over and over again, expecting things to change. 

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