Fwuffy Movellians - CLOSED -

So, I thought my profile pictures are so popular (due to a recent mumble) I thought I'd make this little Movella. You may request down below in the comments if you would like a picture of yourself as a fwuffy (that's what I am calling them now) but only if I know you on Movellas. Sorry, I can't draw that much in one go. Also, no shading; just saves time.


1. Information

Your pictures will be drawn in this frontal view, like this and only like this (just makes it easier):

Shading only if you are a dear friend to me on Movellas.
Expect the drawings to all look similar in shape.

Well now, you go down to the comment section, then you say out of THIS list, and THIS list only:
Gender: (Duh)
Hair Style: (Fringe, short etc)
Hair Colour: (Can have dyed streaks, ombré etc if you so wish, or just have the same coloured hair as your fur)
Fur Colour: (Patterns if you so wish)
Eye colour(s): (Colours If you want heterchromia like me)
Accessories: (Piercings, hats etc)
Facial Expression: (One eyebrow up, one down; winking with tongue out etc)
Clothes: (Hoodie, shirt [Note: They will only be to the shoulder])

Also, like and favourite to support the Movella, and I will check. If you don't, sorry, I won't draw your request. It's all I ask for you to do.
So go ahead! Comment below what you want, and I'll see when I can get it done! DO NOT expect it to be done immediately. Ever.
First come first serve, and please read the comments as well, so then you can tell if I am already swamped.

Thank you.

- Aldrin

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