Almost holding hands

Extracts from a book I'll never publish.
Just paragraphs in no specific order. Always a different love story.


41. Sexual healing

"So...what do you have in mind?" he asked beginning to waltz around the room with her.
She smiled, looking into his big black eyes.

"Besides messing with your hair?"
"Mhmm", he humbled dipping her low, smiling as he ran his hand down the length of her body, dipping between the valley of her bosoms.
She was breathing heavily now, her cheeks being red.

"So, am I allowed to mess with your hair?"

"You can do whatever you want with me." His voice trembled as his hand slid down her stomach, past her navel, bypassing her undies without stopping.

"You're going to be mine tonight, do you know that?"

And she blushed.

Blushing, she closed her eyes, and slowly moaned. She did not said a word. Arching her head and body back, her hands were exploring his chest, dragging up his T-shirt.
He let her take his shirt off, running his fingers along the hidden cleft, massaging the soft folds. Already he was rock solid, he reached down and unzipped his jeans' fly, letting it fall our, pitching a tent in his indigo boxers.
Moaning, she grabs his shoulders searching for his lips, with her hands on his soft skin.
His free hand took hold of her waist and commanded her towards him, sandwiching the hot shalf between her leg passionately. He breathed her name against her mouth as if he was speaking his salvation, "Emmy...."

His hips grounds compulsively, making his arousal for her known.

"Tell me what you want me to do and I shall do it."
Hearing him calling her name like that, made her shiver. With all the courage she had, she pops her hands in his hair messing with it, whispering shyly:

"I'm all yours".

Hearing that, he smiled.

"Oh, my lady...let me teach you everything", he said while he led her down to the couch, where he sat her down, and knelt before her. Parting her thighs, he leaned forward and kissed the spot just below her navel, his eyes looked up like dark twin tunnels of boundless need. Nibbling the soft flesh he descended with playful kisses, his teeth caught the edge of her undies and he pulled them down, smiling as he did. Closing her legs he got them down to her ankles and leaving it dangling from one.
There, he took hold of her calf and began kissing back up her leg, his eyes intend with passion, his hands massaged her thighs apart as his lips ascended with halted urgency.
Rolling her eyes to the back of her head, she arched her body feeling the new wave of pleasure. Trying to slow her breathing and her thumping heart, she feels the fire going through her body, moaning again.
His lips curled, he so enjoyed listening to the sweet sound of her steadily increasing moans, he grated his teeth along her flesh, he used the tip of his tongue so soothe the raw flesh, working in little spirals, still climbing up her thigh.
Reaching up, he groped her breast over the T-shirt, her nipple was diamond-hard poking against his palm. He watched her squirm, he let out a dark chuckle, he switched from one thigh to the other, his one hand still holding her thighs apart even though the tried to close. Goosebumps erupted along her skin, his breath tickled along her untouched flesh.

He waited, eyes gazing up at her.

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