Almost holding hands

Extracts from a book I'll never publish.
Just paragraphs in no specific order. Always a different love story.


18. Poem

they always say:
“fall in love with a writer”
and people imagine this whole other world
of intricate labyrinths
and armies of malicious letters
guarding the doors
of one’s unmappable mind.

no one ever mentions
how easy it would be to dive
into the dark ocean of your eyes
without worrying
about height or parachutes or life vests
how I could spend lifetimes
tracing constellations of the freckles on your face
as if they were enough
to guide me on a starry night
back home
how you are that kind of fire
I would recklessly burn my fingers with
again and again
denying everything I have ever been told
for a glimmering drop of your light
because you are the mere depiction
of my survival instinct.

if I asked the ocean to have mercy
and time to stop
would you meet me in the middle?


-By the amazing beautifully human being Luana Gavan, a very talented poet. 

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