Almost holding hands

Extracts from a book I'll never publish.
Just paragraphs in no specific order. Always a different love story.


3. Eyes

"Stop looking at me like that, please."

Closing her eyes she tried not to cry.

"But why?" he asked her.

"Because it hurts. It still hurts me."


He did not knew what to say anymore. Little thing he knew was that he made her suffer. He didn't wanted to make her feel pain again. She was too precious to him and it was a shame she couldn't be his. 

"I miss you, okay? I miss everything, you jerk."

He smiled hearing the little nickname she got for him, remembering how that used to made her laugh and him arguing with her.

"But I'm here. I'm here, babe."

Looking up she said:

"You're not mine anymore."

And that, that made his heart shatter in pieces.  

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