Grasp Onto

She was the sheriff's daughter. She was always protected, and always cared for, and with a brother like Stiles Stilinski, how could her life ever be boring? It can't. 

But it does get very dangerous. 

There's a new boy in town, and he's the bad boy. He was transferred from Bradford High to California's Boarding House in an instant heart beat. But Fae has seen this boy before, she just couldn't remember. 

Fae started to have nightmares. Horrifyingly real nightmares full of blood and gore. Stiles thinks that the mysterious boy is the cause behind all of this madness. All of her fright. 

And maybe he was right.

But all Zayn wanted was someone to grasp onto.


7. VI. Moonlit Night

"As I look out into the moonlit night, I often sit, and wonder. How did I end up here, with you?"

*Fae's POV*

I ran my fingers over the canvas on my wall and inhaled a deep breath as I stared at it, long and hard. In the corner, it was signed Juliana F. Stilinski.

What did the 'F' stand for?

I took in the image of the young girl with long, curly black hair that was braided down her head and resting down her head, with two, spotless and pure angel wings that retracted from in between her shoulder blades on her upper back. The background of the picture was a mixture of reds, yellows, and oranges. Fire. My mother painted a beautiful angel burning in fire. But why?

"Hey Shrimp," Stiles walked in with navy blue athletic shorts on with a black tee shirt hanging loosely on his torso and some black converse on his feet. His eyes traveled up to meet mine, and his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. That's when I noticed he wasn't looking at me, he was looking behind me. "Is that, mom's painting?"

"Yeah," I whispered and looked over my shoulder at the beautiful oil paints, "Mary Margaret found it in her spare room. She gave it to me, as a keep sake."

Stiles seemed hurt, before he shook his head and regained his ridiculous composure with a goofy grin stretched out onto his face. "Are you ready to head to school, Shrimp?" He asked with an eyebrow raised. I noticed he had a bright yellow lining around his body. I blinked hastily before I looked down at my grey and lime green accented sweatpants and my Justin Bieber 'Never Say Never' band shirt with my Under Armour zip up jacket, and shrugged.

"Yeah. I think I'm good to go." I nodded and grinned back at him. I looked out of the corner of my eye in the mirror and noticed the neck of my jacket covered the faint purple mark that still remained at the base of my throat. Stiles clapped his hands together before spinning his Jeep Wrangler keys around his index finger.

"Get some shoes on girl, and let's go!" He grinned before jogging away from my doorstep. I heard the pattering of his feet on the wooden staircase as I grabbed my Osiris' and slipped them onto my feet. I slung my bag over my shoulder and grabbed one of my Volleyball headbands that was Under Armour branded, and put it in my hair as it was tied up into a messy bun once again as I ran down the stairs behind him.

"Bye dad!" Stiles called and I followed suit, kissing dad on the cheek momentarily before skipping like reindeer down the drive to Stiles' crappy, banged up, blue Jeep Wrangler.

Luckily, my brother doesn't name his cars.


"Hi Fae," Kennadi quietly spoke as she walked up to Red and I's lunch table with her beautiful, long black hair falling gracefully into her face. "Is it okay if I join you?" I blow a raspberry and then laugh a little.

"Of course! I'd love to have you here, girl! Sit down!" I giggled and pulled her arm so her butt landed on the spinning chair next to me. She smiled warmly as I smiled back. I noticed the hair that she never moved from her face, and I pulled a bobby pin from the little pouch of the holder I keep my I.D. Badge and opened it with my teeth as I pulled the hair back and pinned it in place. I smile at my work before looking at her.

"I like it much more with it out of your face."

"Hey," Stiles and Scott approached the table, sweaty and gross, as always. Lacrosse players these days.

"Hey sweaty gorillas, what's going on?" Red grinned as a strange warmth crawled up my spine and set my neck on fire as I searched for the cause. I touched the back of my neck absentmindedly and felt that it was, indeed, warm, and it wasn't just my imagination. Everyone shouting and laughing around me was slowing beginning to drown out as I scanned the room, looking for anything new. My eyes landed on a black quiff, first, of all the people in this room, I looked at him first. Of course.

As if he knew I was looking at him, his head tilted up and caught my stare. I gulped and quickly looked away, looking at the walls and ceiling in hope to make that situation any less awkward than it already became. I started looking at people and noticed that everyone was outlined in... colors. Most people were green and dark red. Some were grey, some pink, lots yellow- including Stiles and Scott- some bright blues, some dark blues- including Red and that kid from my Geometry, Leo, Leon? Whatever. My breathing dramatically increased as my eyes flickered all over the room. Colors everywhere, and they weren't going away. I swallowed down my last bite of Jell-o hard and stood up to throw my trash away before grabbing my bag and throwing it over my shoulder.

"Shrimp? You okay?" Stiles asked curiously as he peered at me with bright hazel eyes. I sighed and nodded, lying right through my teeth.

"I'm going to head to the field to practice the line-backer's plan for the game tonight." I say before making a hastily exit through the blue double doors out to the football field. As soon as I was outside in the cool air, I dropped my bag by the door and made a sprint to the grassy field, not really paying attention to the doors swinging open, and the pattering of someone else's feet against the pavement. It sounded as if someone was following me, and that same warmth crawled up my neck. My hand lifted up to the crook of my neck, and I gently rubbed it.

I turned my head and looked over my shoulder before I tripped over my own feet and fell, landing on my right hand. I whimpered and quickly held my hand to my chest, trying to sooth the demolishing pain throbbing in my right hand, where a long, jagged scar lined my palm. I saw the person who was following me fall onto their knees and carefully reach out to me. I recognized the smell of his clothes and backed off, hissing in pain as I bumped my hand again. I heard him sigh as I locked my black eyes with his honey swirled ones.

"Let me help you," he begged softly, "please?"

"After all that you did to me, you want to help me?" I scoffed and held back the tears that threatened to fall. My hand had split and started to bleed as I sniffled and bit the inside of my cheek. My eyes quickly shut and I whimpered again before opening them and tilting my chin up to the heavens and let one stray tear fall.

"C'mon Pearl," he looked at me, "please let me help you."

My eyes locked back with his as my jaw clenched slightly. "Who's Pearl?" I pushed softly past my lips. He carefully took my free hand and helped me up as I kept holding my bleeding wound to my chest, ruining my nice and expensive jacket.

"It's your name, now." Zayn said softly. "My name for you."

"Why Pearl?"

"Because it suits you."


Night is finally here I hear Red's voice sing softly. I turn quickly and look down, noticing I'm in a floor length, white dress.

But darkness has yet to fall- blood coating the wall. "Red?" I called out, being under the light of the moon in a lengthy and grassy meadow. my eyes scanned the surroundings, and to my fear, no one was around.

She didn't mean to do this- let her head win. But soon lost the fight. "This isn't funny, Red." I whispered shakily. I didn't realize I was falling to the ground into a dreamless sleep until darkness surrounded me and my head fell onto the ground.


Hey! Terri the Cherry here! Sorry, this chapter doesn't really had any meaning to it, but the next chapter will have more Mayn, or Zae? Which one do you like best? Leave a comment!

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