Grasp Onto

She was the sheriff's daughter. She was always protected, and always cared for, and with a brother like Stiles Stilinski, how could her life ever be boring? It can't. 

But it does get very dangerous. 

There's a new boy in town, and he's the bad boy. He was transferred from Bradford High to California's Boarding House in an instant heart beat. But Fae has seen this boy before, she just couldn't remember. 

Fae started to have nightmares. Horrifyingly real nightmares full of blood and gore. Stiles thinks that the mysterious boy is the cause behind all of this madness. All of her fright. 

And maybe he was right.

But all Zayn wanted was someone to grasp onto.


5. IV. Creepy

"Now I'm covered in blood, and I'm feeding off of your pretty little lies. For once why can't you just come and chase me? Dig up my grave and save my body."

*Fae's POV*

I stopped 'Blake' and cut the ignition before leaning back in the tanned, leather seats. Red's nose scrunched a bit as she sniffed out the cracked window to her right before her eyes glowed a slight silver color that resembled the moon above us.

"Did you catch it again?" I asked with both eyebrows raised. Red looked my direction before clearing her throat and nodding at me.

"Yeah," she coughed lightly, "nicotine and axe are strong scents." She sniffled. I chuckled and grabbed my red leather jacket with a red, fabric hood and slipped it over my arms before zipping it up and resting the hood on my back. I looked at Red and quirked an eyebrow as one side of my lip twitched up into a smirk.

"Just in case." I winked as she threw her hood over her head, and we both filed out of the pick-up truck.

"Good plan," she looked up at the moon, "it's supposed to be full tonight. But I could be wrong." Her baby blue eyes met my black ones again. "I could also be right though. C'mon, now. I smell it towards this way." She gestured towards where blood from Delgado make a perfect trail for whatever she caught. I followed behind her carefully, keeping my eyes towards the ground in case of coyote or wolf traps in the leaves and brush. Red did the same, going back in forth from looking at the sky, to looking at the ground. I pushed tree branches out of my face as Red kept marching forward.

"Where have you smelt this same scent at school?" I finally spoke.


"The smoke and axe cologne? You said you've smelt it before?"

"Oh right," she shook her finger a bit as we continued on our quest, "it was either from Daniel Crain, Michael Davidson, René Sitka, or," she cleared her throat awkwardly, "Zayn Malik."

My jaw tensed instantly as she said his name, and I thought back to our conversation in the hall when he so abruptly and rudely pulled me out and pinned me to the wall. I couldn't help but repeat in my head what he had told me.

"You have no idea who you're dealing with. I hold a secret that only you would be able to decifer. I know you Faerona Stilinski. How I know, I would never tell you, but I mean something to you. You are the only one who knows, you just haven't processed it. Darkness is approaching your world, Fae, and you have to leave the Barbie doll house behind, and pick up the bow and arrow. It's a scary world out there, and we have to grow up and face it."

What on earth would that piece of monkey crap mean to me? Nothing? Nothing makes sense. I didn't like him after two seconds of knowing him.

I felt a weird sensation of warmth tickle at my neck before I heard some twigs snap behind Red and I. Red froze and took another short sniff.

Found the scent she whispered in my head. I flinched and shook my head slightly before nodding towards her. I had to get used to her doing that again, I guess. Durn you, Red. Durn you.

"What are you two doing wandering the woods?" A familiar, deep, Bradford accent rang as footsteps drew closer. I swallowed and absentmindedly placed my hand on my neck to see if the warmth was actually there, or I needed a mental hospital to take me away and lock me up somewhere. I didn't believe in magic until I met Red. Magic continued coming as Stiles came home one day with Derek and Scott.

Durn you werewolves. Durn you.

I turned around and came face to face with the guy of my dreams. Flowing hair, a sexy flannel shirt, tight and ripped skinny jeans with scruffy vans and a SnapBack that he playfully sets on my head.


All I see is a boy with his raven hair laid over his forehead, white studs in his ears, a stupid, red, plaid shirt with a Nirvana shirt under it, holy, black skinny jeans, and brown, men's ankle boots. How repulsive.

And to think I actually like Nirvana.

"Um," I finally smack my lips after about forty years of awkward silence, the warmth continuing to tickle at my neck. I thought up a quick lie and smiled small. "I'm the sheriff's daughter, you see. And Red here," I gestured to Red next to me, "has lost her dog. Spot."

Zayn's eyebrow quirked up as he folded his arms over his chest. "I have a very hard time believing that."

"It's true!" Red squeaked, and I mentally slapped myself, knowing Red's voice gets ten times higher when she lies. Which is why she'll never get away with murder. Red cleared her throat and looked down awkwardly before looking back up with fake tears in her eyes. "My dog means the world to me, and... and loosing him is like having your heart ripped out by a-"

"Okay, okay, I got it." Zayn held his hands out as if to stop her. Red smiled and wiped her fake tears and dramatically flicked them off of her finger. I guess it's a good thing that Red took drama class. Zayn walked a little closer and I felt a strange pull to walk towards him as well. I don't know if it's just me, but I see a bright red lining around him. Zayn squinted his dark lashes at me and Red before folding his arms over his chest again.

"See you later!" Red squeaked and ran off passed Zayn with a slight brush against his shoulder, and he moved a bit before gaining composure again. His stare fell to me and he closed the space even more until I was pinned to one of the prickly trees behind me.

"I have pepper spray, don't mess with me man." I threatened and held my hand to my back. He scanned me up and down before he chuckled lowly.

"No you don't. I know that trick." his breath on my ear made my skin crawl, but I wasn't creeped out or scared. He moved his head to lock eyes with me again, and I tilted my head upwards. I hated being so short, but I was supposed to grow to be 5'8." Hopefully that happens soon.

Wait, how did he know I didn't really have pepper spray?

His hand landed on my hip and I felt a sharp jolt of electricity shoot through me, and it felt like lightning just struck me and left me ashed and charred. I bit the inside of my cheek and pressed my back further into the tree as Zayn came closer to me before dipping his head down to my neck.

"W-what are you doing?" I breathed out shakily and gently tried to push him away. He stood firm, and I tried to push him again, but he still wouldn't budge. His feet were planted in the ground in front of me. He pressed his body into mine even more so that his hips pinned mine to the tree.

"Don't. Make. A sound." he bit harshly in my ear before I felt his lips press to my neck. I took in a sharp breath before Zayn pressed a hand over my mouth firmly so I couldn't scream. I felt him start to suck on the tender skin at the base of my neck where it meets my collarbone, and I shut my eyes tight and started to squirm, except I couldn't move. Muffled cries left my lips, but his large hand pressed even harder against my face. His teeth grazed the surely bruised skin twice before his tongue ran over it without hesitation. I heard his chuckle blow against the hickey, and his hazel eyes locked with my dark black eyes as his lips twitched up on one side into a smirk.

"What the heck?" I breathed out and one side of the collar of his plaid shirt and looked him dead in the eye. "What in the blue cheese did you just do?" My eyes shifted back and forth from each honey colored orb.

"I marked you." He chuckled lowly. "You're mine." he growled before, just like that, he stalked off- leaving me angry, confused, and breathless all at the same time.


"The dude did what?!" Red hissed at me as she held my hair behind my head and examined the purple and red mark at the bottom of my throat.

"He 'marked' me. Whatever that means."

"I will rip his throat out. With my teeth." Red was always violent when she was angry. I looked out of the Chevy's window and saw the moon was full, and I heard some distant howls. I didn't want a rerun of the last time we came in the woods, so I instructed Red to flip her hood up and calm down so she wouldn't transform and attack. She's the most wanted wolf in Orange County, killing about a half a dozen people every time there's a full moon. We don't need me to be included in that long list. I started the engine and started back down the dirt road again. Right at the edge of the road, a wolf jumped out into the road, and I hit it before I could jam my foot at the break. I screamed and quickly exited the car with Red not to far behind me, both of us breathing heavily. I knelt down next to it as I ran a hand through my mangled curls.

"Golly, the thing scared the pumpkin pie out of me." I breathed and examined the wolf. I sucked in a sharp inhale of air as I saw what wolf I had just hit with the truck.

It was Delgado!

"Oh sweet mother of monkey milk! Red, it's Delgado!" I panicked and true to gently pick up the wolf that was almost about the same size, and weight, as myself. "Help me get him in the truck. I'll fix him up at home."

Red hastily nodded and hustled to carefully lift one side of the beast as I lifted up the other side, and we hoisted him up into the bed of the Chevy. After we carefully set him down, we shut the hatch and hopped back in the cab.

"Geez, Fae. Watch the road." Red panted.

"I was watching the road! The freaking thing jumped out in front of the darn truck!" I held my hand out and raised both eyebrows at her as I growled my words.

"Don't growl at me, missy. You will surely lose."

"Whatever. Let's just get Delgado home."


Red cooked dinner in the kitchen while I examined Delgado to see exactly what I was dealing with. His left, upper paw was gushing red liquid, so I assumed that was the only area- considering I saw blood no where else.

"Broken foot." I mumbled and grabbed wrap as the dog carefully lifted his head of of the cushion and whimpered softly before laying back down. I poked my bottom lip out slightly before walking back over with stuff to clean up the blood, and wrap to wrap his foot up.

"I'm sorry I hit you with my car." I mumbled to him as I gently cradled his paw. He yelped and pulled it away, and my head shot up to look at him. "Sorry, sorry! But I have to be able to wrap it up, Delgado." My eyebrows narrowed together as I carefully eyed the injured wolf. He howled softly and the barked gently. I took that as permission to continue. Carefully.

I gently continued to work on his paw as soft whining continue to emerge from the beast. I chewed on my lip as I tried to be as careful as possible. When my work was completed, I set his paw back down tenderly just as Red came out of the kitchen with two plates. Stiles wasn't too far behind with Scott stuffing his face with mashed potatoes. I rolled my eyes before I examined him.

"Scott?" I asked him. He looked up hastily and swallowed the food in his mouth.


"Tonight's a full moon. Why haven't you shifted yet?"

Scott shrugged his shoulders as he continued eating. "I dunno. Luck, I guess." He said with a mouthful of his food. I cringed in disgust before I looked out the window with squinted eyes towards the moon. Scott should transform on the night of a full moon, he always does. Why isn't he right now, though?

Am I going crazy, or are things actually getting really creepy around Beacon Hills, California?

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