Grasp Onto

She was the sheriff's daughter. She was always protected, and always cared for, and with a brother like Stiles Stilinski, how could her life ever be boring? It can't. 

But it does get very dangerous. 

There's a new boy in town, and he's the bad boy. He was transferred from Bradford High to California's Boarding House in an instant heart beat. But Fae has seen this boy before, she just couldn't remember. 

Fae started to have nightmares. Horrifyingly real nightmares full of blood and gore. Stiles thinks that the mysterious boy is the cause behind all of this madness. All of her fright. 

And maybe he was right.

But all Zayn wanted was someone to grasp onto.


2. I. Determined

Determination is a mind set that everyone should learn to look for. Without it? War wouldn't be won, contests wouldn't be won, and those who are lost wouldn't be found.


"Can you not?" I whined like a child as my dad took a picture of me in my cute little black dress. Stiles was snickering in the dining room, obviously thinking he was a quiet as a mouse, but I could definitely hear him. Mangy little mutt. It was one of my first parties in high school that my dad was actually letting me go to, but I was still getting the 'watch yourself,' and 'if you need anything, just call me.' He is a sheriff, you know.

"Shut up in there, Stiles!" I yelled through the spacious house. I heard Stiles' melodic laugh echo throughout the house as I grabbed my keys to my corvette and skipped happily out the door.

"Faerona!" My father harshly bit. I snapped out of my daydream and looked at him blankly. His nostrils were flaring a bit as some red came to his cheeks. He was angry.

"Were you even listening to me?" He growled. I swallowed my anxiety down and awkwardly looked around, rolling back and forth on the balls of my feet.

"I think I got it, but... tell me the whole thing again, I wasn't listening." I mumbled the last part before biting down harshly on my fat bottom lip. My dad sighed deeply and looked into my black eyes.

"You aren't going to that party. My daughter is not losing her virginity to some random guy in her high school. No." My dad shook his head and walked into the kitchen, my small figure following behind him through the door way.

"But why not? Stiles is going!" I whined but then sucked in a sharp breath. Oops. I wasn't supposed to tell dad that. My dad turned to look at me again, and the crease between his eyebrows became deeper and more prominent.

"What?" He growled. Then, he shook his head and held a hand up as if to stop both of us from arguing anymore. "Never mind that, the headache in the morning tomorrow will be enough punishment for him. As for you young lady, you aren't going to that party. You will come to the department with me." He jabbed a thumb in his chest before grabbing the coffee pot to move it before hitting the 'on' button.

"Go get dressed."

"Yes daddy." I gave in and walked up the stairs. After approaching my room, I shut my door behind me an locked it, letting out a loud groan. Why doesn't he go after Stiles? Why am I the only one he coops up like Rapunzel with her beautiful long hair and cheerful singing voice? I can't even hit a simple alto note to save my life if I had a gun held to my head with someone preparing to blow my brains out.

I slipped some faded denim American Eagle branded jeans with some rips in the knees over my tanned legs and buttoned the little button at the top. I then slipped my ZZ Top band shirt over my head so I could put on my California Sheriff Department, black and yellow polo. I pulled my waves out of the collar and let brush against my back before I took an elastic and a hairbrush to work my hair into a ponytail. After that was done, I slipped a yellow hair band into my hair to secure the baby hairs that I knew would fall out of the ponytail after tons of action. Not that much would happen tonight.

I was just about finished lacing up my combat boots when my dad's deep voice boomed around the house and echoed around my room.

"Faerona! Let's go!"

I quickly grabbed my studded belt and slipped it on while jogging down the stairs to get to my father. Once in full view, he handed me the keys to the corvette with a smile.

"Be careful with Lola."


After safely parking 'Lola,' my dad and I got out of the sleek red corvette and pattered up to the entrance of the Sheriff Department. My dad slid the key into the lock and twisted it to the right, getting a small 'click.' He pushed the door in and we were welcomed with a warm blast of air and a lingering smell of glazed doughnuts.

Yes, some cops jokes are actually true.

"Fae! Baby!" One of the deputies cheered with a chocolate doughnut in his hand. Chico. I loved Chico. I giggled and gave the Hispanic a big hug. I hadn't seen him in a while since we was in Paris with his girlfriend, Sandy, who is a German dancer. Let's just say Chico has an interesting life. He came from Mexico, traveled to California, met Sandy, got a job here, and now he's one happy Diablo!

"How was Paris, Chico?" I asked him curiously. He always told me stories, and he was very close to my daddy, so I knew Chico since I was a little girl. Eight to be exact.

"Paris? Oh! It was fantastic!" Chico exclaimed with joy, making me chuckle a bit. "Sandy had a blast. We even went ice skating." Chico winked jokingly at me. I laughed and held my hand in the air, which he gladly hit in a high-five.

"Way to go, Chico! Way to go." I nodded my head and giggled. Chico nodded his head proudly and set his crossed-over feet on the wooden desk.

"It's what I do, mija. It's what I do."


After two hours of sitting in my chair, my phone vibrated against the glass on the wooded desk. I reached over and tossed my feet off of the desk to look at the screen. I hovered over the answer key before I jabbed my finger at it, answering the call. I pressed the Blackberry to my ear with no hesitation.

"Red?" I asked lowly, anxiety dripping off of my tongue as her name fell from my lips. Her breath was shaking as I hastily and abruptly stood up from the black swivel chair in my personal office. "Red?" I repeated a little more firm and fearful than before.

"Fae, I'm scared." She said between shallow breaths through the device I knew she placed against her ear.

"It's okay, Red. I'm coming," I said as I hurried to slide on all my gear with my phone held between my cheek bones and shoulder, "where are you?"

"In the woods. They... they found me. And I don't have the red hood." Red's voice was breaking out, and I could hear howls in the background of our call. My pace picked up as I grabbed the keys to my squad car and hurried out the door, leaving my dad a note on the front of my office on the window.

"Who found you? Wolves?" I said quickly as I slammed my squad car door shut and started the ignition with one swift slide of my key.

"That and... and the huntsmen. Fredrick Rayson and his men." Red said swiftly, even though I knew that she was terrified. That girl is an open book. It's scary how open she is.

"I'm on my way. Are you deep in the woods?" I authoritatively asked into the mic as I looked behind me to pull out and drive. Once on the dirt road to the woods, I heard Red speak again.

"Remember where you saw the wolf with the red eye?"


"I'm by those same trees and brush. There's still dead wolves everywhere. It's disgusting." Red said. "And you need to hurry, and bring my hood! The moon is almost completely uncovered, and full."

I looked to the back dashboard of the squad car through the mirror before focusing back on the road.

"It's a bit ripped up and bloody," I recalled the memory, "but it'll do the job. I'll be there in two minutes. Just hang in there, Red." I ordered her before hanging up and driving into the woods. I stopped at the edge, stopped the squad car, and hustled out, slamming the door. I looked up to see the gusty moon half covered by clouds. I've got about three minutes to get to Red and put the hood over her before getting her back to my house, where she'll be safe.

I hurried to the back door, swiftly swinging it open before hastily snatching the hood and slamming the door again. I looked up. Two minutes left. I made my sprint into the woods, trying to recall where I had encountered the wolf with one red eye, and one blue eye. I'm looking for a bloody path then. The wolf was bleeding from it's back, and it walked towards the front of the woods.

Found blood tracks!

I booked it down the hill and pushed through the brush as I, myself, heard the howls of wolves and loud battle cries of angry huntsmen. I finally found a slightly glowing Red after about two minutes of running, and I quickly threw the hood over her body. She wrapped it around her neck and threw the hood up before giving me a quick hug.

"Thank you! That was close." She whispered before taking my left hand and tugging me towards the hill. "We need to get back to your squad car. C'mon!" Red rushed before tugging me up the hill behind her, as the menacing howls got louder, and the battle cries of the huntsmen died down.

They went the opposite direction.

With air ripping through my lungs, and a dirty and sweaty Red clung to my arm, we approached the squad car. Red peeled her body from me and weakly made her way to the passenger side of the car as I turned the key in the lock and hopped in with no hesitation. Red followed shortly after.

"Let's hightail it outta here." Red panted and I turned the ignition. Just as I did so, a black wolf with yellow eyes jumped onto the hood of the squad car. Red and I screamed in pure terror as I moved the gear gift and pressed my foot against the pedal with trees scraping at the tinted windows, and wolves of white, grey, and black jumping on the roof, hood, and trunk of my squad car, rocking it back and forth. Red was pressed up against one of the windows, as if trying the block out the sight of the wolf with yellow eyes.

"Step on it!" Red screamed in sheer terror as even more prowling wolves jumped onto the car.

"I'm trying!" I growled. "There's wolves under the tires!"

We were trapped. I couldn't pull forward or backward, and the wolves just kept coming. My focus was on a frightened Red until her eyes lit up and she quickly sat up and pointed past my window just as a loud howl sounded around the peaceful wood.


My head hastily turned to see white and grey fur. A medium sized wolf, howling at the moon with full force, and eyes closed. A big, red blood stain covered the top part of its body. The wolves surrounding my squad car jumped off without turning back, and scurried back into the woods with whimpers escaping their lips. The wolfs head focused again and it's eyes opened two reveal two eye colors. A blue one, and a red one. Red and I had a name for this wolf, since it always comes when were in danger.


The wolf barked once at us before scurrying off into the woods itself. Red and I both gathered up our jaws and shook ourselves out of it.

"Drive back to the station before we get attacked by caterpillars." Red muttered and buckled herself up. I nodded and pressed on the gas with no hesitations and drove as fast as the speed limit would let me down to the Sheriff Department.


"You saw it again? The wolf?" Stiles asked me as Red cleaned herself up in my shower and got dressed. I nodded and flopped back on my bed, my hair fanning out around me.

"Yes! Delgado, by the way." I corrected.

"Really? You had to go and name the dang thing?" Stiles rolled his eyes.

"Yes. It was very necessary." I said seriously. Red strolled out from my bathroom with a red shirt on and white sweats with her hair up in a messy bun. Very smart to wear a red shirt, Red.

"Just go to sleep, it's the first day of school tomorrow." Stiles teased and smacked my thigh. I growled and rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Out with you, Stiles Stilinski." I pointed to my wooden door. Stiles laughed and stood up from my window pane, waltzing over to the door.

"Night kiddos. Love you." Stiles blew us a kiss before exiting the room and closing the door behind him. Red flopped down on the bed to my right and slid her legs under the fluffy duvet.

"Waking you up at five, I'm going to do your hair." Red said before laying her head down and fluttering her eyes closed. I chuckled and laid my head down on my pillow shortly after.

"Mhm. If you can get me out of the bed."

"Oh trust me," Red's eyes opened for a little bit to look at me before closing them once again, "I have my ways."

"Whatever you say Red." My eyes fluttered closed and I was pulled into a peaceful, dreamless sleep, dreading to be awaken the next day.

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