The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change.
This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that.
Shit gets real and crazy.


8. We Found Her

Ana's POV

"Can someone else ride a skateboard instead of Ana?! I wanted to be with her but I couldn't." Niall frowns as we walk into the hotel. His arms were wrapped around my waste, being really cute and cuddley. "Niall, it is okay." I say and can't help but laugh. "They definitely missed each other." Harry mumbled to himself and I laugh. "Ana! C'mon! Let's go ask what room Beanie is staying in!" Shannon says. I try to get out of Niall's arms but he is holding me tight. "Niall! Let go, please." I say giggling. "Oh fine..." Niall says as he lets go of me. I walk with Shannon over to the counter where you check in and out.

"Um, hello." Shannon says shyly, "You talk." Shannon whispers to me. "Wow. I am shy too! Why make me talk? Whatever... okay so our friend is staying here and we need to find out want room she is staying in." I say crossing my arms." "What is your friends name?" The lady says. "Beanie." I say. "Room 412." the lady says. We say our thank you'd and then walk back to the boys.

"412." I say as we get to them. "Okay." Harry says and starts walking towards an elevator. "Where is Nialler?" I ask. "Vending machines." Louis says pointing down the hall way as we get to the elevators. "Niall! C'mon!" I say and walk towards him. "Don't leave without me!" Niall says and runs toward me. "Hurry up then, Ni!" I say as I begin to walk back to the elevators. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" Niall says running with a some chips and a soda.

"What floor?" Liam asks about to press one of the buttons. "Three." Shannon says. "Ana, do you want some?" Niall says motioning to the chips bag. "Sure!" I giggle. "Niall never shares his food!" Liam says staring at Niall. "I know." Niall laughs. We reach the 5th floor and walk out of the elevator. "Uh, where do we go now?" Niall asks with his mouth full of food. "Over here." I say and point to the sigh that points to what rooms are where.

We run down the hall and find Beanie's room. "Who wants to knock on the door?" Luke asks. "I am!" Ashton says as he knocks on the door. We heard movement. "He- oh my gosh! How did you guys find me?!" Beanie says smiling excitedly. "Ashton saw you and we wanted to find you!" I say happily. Beanie and Ashton hug. It was really cute. "Can you stay with us instead of staying here? We miss you." Ashton says. "Yes! It is way better than staying in a hotel room!" Beanie says laughing, "I will start to pack. Come in!" We walk into the room with Beanie. "They look so cute together!" I whisper to Shannon as Ashton kisses Beanie on the cheek. "They are too cute." Shannon whisper back.

"So what happened?" Calum asks pointing at Beanie's crutches. "P. E." Beanie groans. "That sucks." Zayn says. "Hey, Ana? Wanna cuddle?" Niall chuckles and winks as he lays on the other bed. There were two beds in the hotel room. "Nah. I am fine here." I say just to annoy him. "But?! What?! Noooo!" Niall whines. Shannon, Beanie, and I start to laugh. "Someone isn't happy..." Shannon laughs pointing at Niall who had a pouty face and crossed arms. It was cute!

"Niall. I was kidding you idiot!" I laugh and sit next to him. "Wow! Now your calling me an idiot?! So nice!" Niall says in a sarcastic tone but he was kidding. "Wow..." Beanie says zipping her suitcase up.

"Oh yeah! Beanie! You could've gotten to meet my little sister before she left today." I say randomly. "Ana made her leave so she could have alone time with Niall." Michael says and winks. "Michael Gordon Clifford! That is so not true! Well it is but it isn't at the same time! She had to go home! But I did want some alone time with him, but not in the way you are thinking about it!" I say as I get up from the bed and slap Michael in the arm. "Oh whatever.!" Michael says and laughs.

"Can we just go?" I ask changing the subject. "Yes! Let's go!" Shannon says and runs out the door.

Shannon's POV

I ran out the door I might of broken my ankle but I have so many ankle braces that I think I can make it to the doctors. "I'M GOING TO TAKE A TAXI l" I yell when I get out side. I'm going to go to the doctors first off so if Michael wants to come he can. "I'm coming with you" Michael yells "okay" I replied.

*At doctors office*

"I'm confused why are we here" Michael questioned "oh yeah I might of broken my ankle or rist"I tell him. He's just silent

*After doctors appointment*

"Okay I'm fine i just twisted it really really really badly" I say "and that is good how" he asked. "Can we just go home" I say "or do you want to get are hair dyed you did say you wanted to." He said "OKAY LET'S GO" I yell and Michael laughs.

*At home*

"I'm back with some random guy because I left Michael in the street!" I yell. "YOU DID WHAT?!" everyone yells walking it to the room well more like running but. "Why?" luke says, Michael walks in through the back door. I got my friends Ted to come with me. "HAY" Michael yells in Luke's ear "WHAT THE FUCKINGHELL"luke yells.

"Thanks Ted see you at work" I said to Ted.

"Yeah I had to  go to my doctor's office then we got are hair dyed so might as well" I say laughing. "And why would you think I would leave Michael in the street just saying." my phone goes of and Just Saying by 5 Seconds of Summer came on.

"JACK WHAT DO YOU WANT.....  nope don't care, NO I don't live in Washington anymore I live in England no I'm not coming down I have what I need Maddy moved here a year ago. No dude you say just saying to much so what did you call me for? WAIT WHAT DO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT HAILIE IS IN THE HOSPITAL. Okay the soonest I can be back there is next week, yes a week you idiot! By, Jack thanks." one of my best friends is in the hospital I sit down on the couch and put my head in my hands. "My life is a disaster." I last out a long sigh "Well my life is hell" the boys just stand there awkwardly. "I said a week" I smile.

Ana's POV

I am so confused about what is going on... Shannon hurt her ankle and then she is saying that her friend is in the hospital too. But the one in Washington state. "Why is everyone getting hurt?! Am I going to be the next one to get an injury?!" I say freaked out. "Who knows... you might get hurt..." Shannon laughs jokingly. "I will protect you, Ana!" Niall says acting like a superhero. "Oh yeah whatever!" I laugh. "Hey!" Niall crosses his arms.

"Whatya wanna do, Beanie?" Ashton asks. "I don't know... sleep? Cuddle? Cuddle and sleep?" Beanie says yawning. "Sure!" Ashton says smiling.

"I am bored..." I says as I sit down on the couch. "Wanna go on a walk with me?" Niall asks smiling. "Sure. But it looks like it is going to rain..." I say looking out the window. "Oh well! C'mon, babe!" Niall says grabbing my hand and making me run with him to the front door. "Bye!" Niall and I say in unison. We walk out the door and begin to walk down the street.

"What if fans see you Nialler?" I ask looking at him. "It will be okay, love. I can get some pictures with them and tell them I need to leave." Niall says as we intertwine our fingers together. "Okay." I say. "Where do you want to go?" Niall asks me. "Ice cream!!!" I scream when a ice cream truck pulls over by the playground in Shannon's neighborhood. "Ice cream!!!" Niall screams and we run towards it. We were acting like five year olds.

"Hello. What can I get for you two today?" the man says in a think Spanish accent. "Um... the Sour Patch Kid popsicle thing." I say pointing at the picture. "Okay. And for you?" the man says to Niall. "Same thing as her." Niall says smiling. We got our popsicles and handed the man money. I walk over to the playground and sit on one of the slides. "Come on Niall!" I say as I see him getting onto the play structure, "What are you doing?" I laugh. He slides down the slide next to me. "Sliding down the slide. What do you think?" Niall laughs. "Well duh." I laugh. I lay back on the slide and look up at the cloudy sky.

"You still haven't finished yours?!" Niall says pointing at my popsicle. "Nope!" I laugh. "I want some then!" Niall smiles and takes it from me. "Hey! Give it back!" I say Getty cup off the slide. Niall begins running around the playground with my popsicle. "Your not getting it back!" Niall laughs. I chase after him and he comes to a stop and he turns around to face me. I run into Niall on accident. "Sorry! Niall! Give me it back though!" I laugh taking the popsicle away from him. "I was going to eat that." Niall frowns crossing his arms, acting like a five year old again. "Too bad!" I say. I end up throwing it away because it is melted.

I feel a raindrop hit my head as I walk over to Niall. "I told you it was going to rain!" I say running over to him. "Well let's stay out here then!" Niall says wrapping his arms around me. "Niall! I want to go back to Shannon's! It is cold!" I say leaning my head on his chest. "But it is the perfect time for something!" Niall says smiling. "Perfect time for what?" I say looking up at him. Suddenly his soft lips connected with mine. His lips were so sweet that I can't even describe them.

"That was the perfect time!" I say pulling away. "Told ya!" Niall winks, "Wanna go back to Shannon's?" "Yeah. I am cold!" I say as I begin to walk with Niall again. "I love you, Ana." Niall says. "I love you too." I say and hug him.

I think this was the best day ever.

OMG! I love this chapter!!!!!! I hope you guys like this!~Ana

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