The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change.
This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that.
Shit gets real and crazy.


10. Oh God. Laser Tag Time.

Ana's POV

I walked past Shannon's room and heard laughing. "NO, JACK. JUST NO!" Shannon yells.  "I see why you two know each other now your both really weird." Michael laughs. Then I just hear mumbling.  I just walk to my room. As I walk in, I see Niall lying on the bed curled up in a ball, with his head in his hands and with his breath steady. Yeah he's asleep. "Niall. " I whisper as I sit next to him.  "W-what" Niall wakes up startled. "I know you were asleep, but  let's go down stairs." I smile "Okay, love. But I am tired!" Niall whines as he get up from my bed.

"WHO WANTS TO GO AND PLAY LASER TAG?!" Shannon yells. No one said a thing "ME AND HARRY WANT TO!" Louis yells. "it's 'Harry and I', Louis correct your grammar will you?" Shannon said a bit annoyed, well then. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Niall says jumping up and down. "No! No! No!" I say scared. "Why not, lovey?" Niall asks concerned. "I just don't like playing laser tag. That is all." I say lying on the couch lazily. "Can we pleaseeeeee go?!" Niall asks like he is a five year old, "I will protect you, babe!" Niall adds as he flexes his biceps trying to act tough. It is hot.

"Ana! Stop staring at Niall! He's mine!" Zayn laughs as he wraps his arms around Niall. "Uh no. You have Perrie!" I laugh as I stop staring at Niall. "It looks cute when she stares at me like that!" Niall chuckles. I instantly start to blush.

"So will you come to laser tag with us?!" Liam asks. "Uh, sure....?" I say. "Yay!" Niall yells. "Weirdo." I laugh as I get up from the couch. "But I am your weirdo." Niall chuckles as he nudges me in the side. I can't help but smile at his cuteness. "Let's go!" Shannon says smiling. "What about Beanie?" I ask. "She said that she wants to stay here because of her ankle. Ashton is staying with her." Shannon replies. "Oh okay!" I say walking into the garage.

"Can I play my music from the blue tooth?" I ask as we get into the car. "Sure. I don't care." Shannon says as she gets into the front. "Yay! Thank you!" I smile. I play the music and the first thing that comes on is Let's Get It Started by Black Eyed Peas. The boys begin to sing like weirdos.

"Let's Get It Started!" Every single one of us sings at the same time which is really funny.

We sit in the car and listen to all of the songs that come on. "I am bored... how far away is the laser tag place from here?" I say as I lay my head on Niall's chest. "We will be there soon. You and Niall can just make out of something like that while I drive." Shannon laughs. I blush and look up at Niall who winks at me. "We could do that." Niall chuckles. "Oh jeez... Shannon! Why did you have to give him that idea?!" I laugh. "Oh c'mon, I know you like the idea!" Shannon laughs. "Yeah, I know Ana likes the idea!" Liam laughs. "Oh jeez..." I say and face palm myself. I sit back in my seat in embarrassment. It was extremely quiet until Baby by Justin Bieber came on. "OMG! I love this song!" I almost scream. "I hate the song! I hate all of his sings!" Shannon laughs. "Thais horrible!" Niall says to Shannon, "Just Bieber is amazing!" I laugh and nod as I agree with Niall.

"You know you love me,

I know you care,

Just shout whenever and I'll be there,

You are my love,

You are my heart,

And we will never ever be apart!" Niall and I sing and laugh at the same time. "Noooo! This misery!" Luke jokes. "Oh shut up!" Niall laughs.

"Your a good singer Ana!" Niall says. Is he serious? I thought I sucked at singing even though I have loved to sing since I was like three and began choir in sixth grade. "Thanks Niall." I say and smile.

"We're here!" Shannon screams as she pulls into a parking spot. "Yay!" I say smiling.

"Yay! Let's go!!!" Michael shouts happily. "Let's do this!" Niall says jumping out of the car. "I just realized we might get split up into teams..." Shannon says as we walk through the door of the laser tag place. "Then, a couple of us could stay together to make sure we are on the same team." I say. "I want to be with Nialler! You don't get Niall! You don't get Niall!" Liam chants. "I want Ana though!!!" Niall says, "She can be on our team too!" "No!" Liam jokes, "I was kidding. You can be with us Ana." "Shannon is with us then." I add. "Nope! I am going to be with Michael, Harry, Luke, and Cal." Shannon says. "So that means we would have Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and I." I say smiling.

"Um, we would like to play laser tag. There is ten of us." Shannon says as she walks up to the counter. "Okay. That is £100." The man says. "Okay!" Shannon pulls money out of her wallet. "Okay so you will go back there and get your amour and laser guns." The man says motioning to the large room near a pair of big doors where the game is being held. We walk into the room and grab the stuff that we are supposed to grab. "C'mon! Let's do this thing!"

We walk into a big arena thing. (Lol. The Hunger Games or the series.) "New players!" Someone yells. "Start playing! Five of you on one team and five on the other!" A man says. We run off to our teams. "Hey, don't I know you guys from somewhere?" a boy says motioning to Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. "Yeah you probably do." Niall chuckles. "Jackson, that is the boy band that you sister likes." The dad says. "Oh! That is One Direction?" Jackson asks. "Yep. Harry is on the other team." Louis says.

"Run! Ana! Run!" Niall runs next to me as we run to a block thing so we don't get hit. "I don't think they will know we are here." I whisper. We cuddle behind the large block. "I love you, Ana. I hope you know that." Niall smiles at me. "I love you too, Niall." I smile back. Niall give me a quick peck on lips and smiles.

"Found yo- Ewwwwwww!! These two are kissing!!" A boy says and runs off. After a minute or two, Shannon runs over to us. "That little boy just told me you two were making out." Shannon laughs. "Psh... what..." I turn bright red, but no one could see because of the crazy lighting in the place. "Ana and Niall were making out! Ana and Niall were making out!" Shannon chants as she shoots us with the lasers, "You guys are out of the game! You can go make out more!!" Shannon teases.

"I am bored, Niall..." I say as we sit in the lobby waiting for everyone else to finish their game of laser tag. "Same here, Ana." Niall chuckles and smiles. Niall and I were sitting on the ground in the lobby. We could be sitting in chairs but a bunch of 8 year old kids took them. I layer my head on Niall chest with his arms wrapped tightly around me. "Ewwww!!! This two people are in love!" A little girl says, "Oh hey! That is Niall! From One Direction!!! OMG!" "Oh no..." I laugh. "Ewww. One Direction?! My sister loves them!" That was last we heard until it was just whispers and mumbles. They all looked adorable!


"That was stupid!" Shannon yells coming out of the arena thing. I just stay cuddled up on the ground with Niall. "Why was it stupid?" I question. "It was boring without you guys!" Shannon says. "Oh." I laugh. "So what have you two love birds been doin'?" Luke asks. "Just cuddled..." I giggle. "Oh yeah... just cuddled huh?" Michael begins to laugh. "Can we just go home?!" I say embarrassed. "Oh fine..." Michael says. Niall and I get up from the ground and we all walk to Shannon's car. 

"What time is it, Niall?" I say as I sit down next to him in the very back of the car. "9:26, love." Niall smiles. "No wonder why I am getting tired." I say and rest my head in Niall's chest. "What time do you normally go to bed, Ana?" Shannon laughs from the seat in front of me. "Uh, like 10-12..." I say and Niall wraps his arms around my waist. "Oh wow. Then why are you tired?" Michael asks. "I am just tired. That is why. I want to sleep!!" "Aw! Baby, you can go to sleep now if you are tired." Niall says as he leans down and kisses my forehead. "Okay, then." I say and smile. I rest my eyes and end up falling into a deep slumber.


"Baby, wake up..." I hear someone says. I open my eyes and notice I am in bed lying beside Niall. "Good morning?" I giggle. Niall begins to laugh, "Ana, it is like ten something at night!" "Oh..." I laugh, "Why did you want to wake me up?" I whisper. "I just want to say goodnight." Niall smiles. I scoot closer to Niall and he kisses me on lips. "I love you, Ana." Niall whispers. "I love you too, Ni." that is the last thing I say before I fall asleep.


"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" I hear someone yell. Definitely not Niall. I open my eyes and see Niall covering his ears because he doesn't want to hear the yelling. His eyes were shut and it looked adorable. "I want to sleep!!" Niall yells. "To bad!! Get up!!" It was Liam yelling. "Can I pleaseeeee sleep Liam?!" Niall whines. Liam walks through the door, "Fine... just because I am nice." Liam says. "You know he isn't going to sleep, right? He is probably going to attack me again my kissing me like crazy or tickling me like crazy." I laugh. "How'd you know?!" Niall says surprised. "I know how you are dumby!" I giggle. "Well, I will sleep this time!" Niall says. "Whatever... I just want to have a lazy day with you Niall. Before you leave for tour again." I say sitting up in bed. "That is a good idea." Niall says. The boys only have 3 days left of break. I just want some alone time with Niall. "Well okay." Liam says and leaves the room.

"Do you want to be in the game room all day? We can watch movies, play the games in there. Something like that." I say and smile. "Good idea, love." Niall says and hugs me. We get up and go into the bonus room (game room). "Wait! I will be right back! I am going to get a bunch of blankets!" I say and run out of the room. I  grab all of my blankets from my bed, some of the blankets I brought, and stole some of Shannon's. There was already some blankets in the game room but oh well.

"Jesus! That is a lot of blankets!!" Niall chuckles as he sits on the couch. I drop all of the blankets on top of Niall, "Hey! I can't see, Ana!" Niall laughs as he pulls blankets off of him. I sit next to him and grab a bunch of blankets. "Let the cuddling begin!" I laugh.

This is such a good chapter!! Well, I think it is at least. XD I hope you like it!!~Ana

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