The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change.
This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that.
Shit gets real and crazy.


1. My Life Now

Ana's POV

It has been six months since I have last seen everyone. Well, except the boys since they are on TV. I miss everyone so much. I haven't done anything other than school, work, eat and sleep. I miss them so much. They were like family. I cry myself to sleep most of the time. We could text or call one another but we just don't. I am not sure why though... I guess we have all drifted apart.

My parents and sister came over for dinner. "Ana! Come here please!" my mom yells from my living room. I walk our of my bedroom and see her on her laptop, "What do you want?" I say and sit next to her. "You taking your sister to a One Direction concert in London. Sorry, London was the only place with good seats." she says. I froze. Why? Why London? That is so far away. "What? Why?" I say shocked. "Your father and I both have to work on the week of the concert so you have to take her. Don't you want to go?" my mom asks. "Well, yes and no. I would like to see them in concert, but don't you remember what happened?! We all left one another." I say getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen. "I know sweetie, but she wants to go see them. Will you please take her?" my mom says sort of begging. "Fine..." I say opening the fridge. "Thank you!" she says smiling.

I walk back into my room and fall onto my bed. I didn't want to go. Is she trying to get me to see them again. Well, I think she is... she doesn't like me being like this so she is probably doing this for me. Not for, Lola, my sister. I wonder if they would even see me? I wonder where our seats are? I walk back out to the living room and stand in the doorway. "Can I see the tickets?" I ask. "Sure sweetie. Here." my mom says and gets up to hand me the tickets. I examined them and noticed we are really close to the stage and 5 Seconds of Summer is going to be there too! Wonderful.... not. I don't want to go at all... I walk into my room and set the tickets on my desk.

So we are going to see them in like two weeks from now. Ugh... I honestly don't know if I want to go or not. I grab my phone and go to the pictures. The first picture that comes up is one of all of us together. I miss everyone so much... Memories flow through my head as I stare at the picture. A falls down my cheek and onto my phone. I wish I was with them. I go to my messages and text Shannon for the first time in forever.

To: Shannon

Hey, I miss you guys...

From: Ana

***three hours later***
Everyone has left my house and I still haven't gotten a reply from Shannon. Did she get rid of my number? Does she not remember me? I want to talk to Niall but I know he won't answer at all. He wasn't happy when he left. I was thinking he would text me or something like that but, no. He didn't. I don't think he even wants to talk to me. I want to talk to Beanie too. She is long gone at school. No one will want to talk to me. I don't think we haven't talked to one another at all since we all left each other. It is hard know that I lost people that were like family to me.

I have had nothing to do since school for me has been out for a while. I am officially done with school now actually. Thank the lords! I don't know what to do... I wonder how everyone else is doing...?

Here is the first chapter to The Big Change! If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please do. It will make a lot more sense. XD anyways, I hope you like this so far!~Ana

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