The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change.
This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that.
Shit gets real and crazy.


4. London

***a couple of days later***

Ana's POV

"Lola! Are you almost done using the bathroom!?" I say as I knock on the stall door of the stall she was using at the airport. "I am done!" Lola says and walks out of the bathroom. "Hurry up. I don't want to be in a airport all day!" I say. We just arrived in London. It was a really long and tiring flight here. "Okay..." Lola says as she washes her hands, "what is it like here?" "It is a very nice place here. Now hurry. We need to catch a cab." I say I grab Lola's backpack from the ground. "Let's go then!" Lola says as she grabs her backpack from me and runs out of the bathroom. "Wait!" I say as I run after her.

"So, how do we get a cab?" Lola asks as we stand outside in the cold. "They always have some waiting. But, I don't see any right now." I say as I feel a raindrop hit my hair. "No! It is raining!" Lola cries. "It is oka- there is one! Come on!" I say as I run to the cab.

I give the driver Shannon's address as Lola and I get in the back of the car. "Okay. Thank you." the man says. He looked like he was in his thirties, he had messy brown hair and blue eyes. "Have you been to London before?" he asks. "I have. But Lola, here hasn't." I say pointing at Lola. "Oh! I know you! You are that girl who took a picture and people found out that One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer had accounts on a fan fiction website!" the man says and laughs. "Please, don't talk about that." I say annoyed. "Okay." the man says. "Can I play on your phone, Ana?" Lola asks. "Sure." I say and smile as I give her my phone.

"Here ya guys are." the man says as we pull up in front of Shannon's house. All of us get out of the car and the man grabs out luggage. "Thank you." I say and give him a tip.

"This is our hotel?" Lola asks. "No, Lola. This is one of my old friend's house." I say as we walk up to the door. "ANA!" Shannon screams as she opens the door, "I missed you so much!" "I missed you too!" I say as I hug Shannon. "Come in you guys!" Shannon says as she walks inside. "When is the concert, Ana?" Lola asks as she walks into the house. "Umm... tonight..." I say and Lola begins to jump up and down. "Yay!" Lola screams. "I wonder if Michael will see me..." Shannon says. "You must really miss him." I say as we walk into the living room. "Yeah. I do..." Shannon says. "I am going to go change. Then, I we will head over to the concert I guess..." I say as I walk away. "Yeah. Why so early?" Shannon asks. "I just feel like it." I say as I walk into the bathroom with some clothes.

"Ready to go?" I say as I walk out of the bathroom. I had skinny jeans, a plaid button up, and some Vans and had my hair up in a high pony tail. "Yay! I get to see 1D! I get to see 1D!" Lola screams as she runs to the front door. "Let's go!" Shannon says happily. All three of us walk to Shannon's car. I get in the front same as Shannon while Lola gets in the back.


"Are we there yet?!" Lola asks for the thousandth time. We pull into a parking spot outside the arena. "Yes. We are here." I say am calm as possible but then burst out laughing. "Yay!" Lola screams as she opens the door and jumps out of the car. "Hold on!" I say laughing. "Oh. My. God! It is their tour buses! Have you been on them before?" Lola asks excitedly. "No. Just because we used to be best friends with them does not mean we were in their tour bus." I say. "Oh..." Lola says. We start to walk to the entrance of the arena.

"Tickets please." the security guard says. I hand them Lola's and my tickets and then Shannon hands him her ticket. "'Have a good time." the guard says and smiles. Lola runs through the entrance. "Hold on!" Shannon says and laughs. "We need to find where our seats are." I say. We walk a little more and then reach the big area near the stage is. "Whoa! This place is huge!" Lola says with a huge smile. "Yep!" I say smiling. Our seats were in the very front. It is pretty cool. There is some other girls here too but not many.

"Whoa. I can't wait for tonight you guys." I hear someone say. Liam? That is who it sounded like. "Yeah! I think there is going to be A LOT of people here! More than usual." I hear someone else says. What that Louis? Sounds just like him. "Wait, oh my god... look!" okay that is definitely Liam. I could see them behind some big speakers or the instruments. Lola begins to wave like a crazy person and jumps up and down. "Shannon? Ana? Is that you guys?" Louis says coming out onto stage. Here we go... Suddenly, a lot of fans come running towards the stage. "OMG! IT IS LOUIS! I REPEAT IT IS LOUIS!" Lola screams. "Lola, come on. Let's go get something to eat." I say. We run off before we get stuck in the crowd.

"So, what do you want to eat?" I ask Lola. "Um, uh, a pretzel?" Lola says. "Okay." I say and walk up to the counter where you order your food. "Why don't you want the guys to know that we are here?" Shannon asks. "I just don't want them to know yet... I don't know why..." I say. "What can I get for you?" the lady behind the counter says. "Just a pretzel please." I say and hand her money. "Okay. Here you go." the lady says as she give me the pretzel.

"Lola! Here!" I say as I give her the pretzel. "Yay! Thank you!" Lola says smiling, "Let's go back to our seats!" "Okay. Let's go!" Shannon says.


"Yay! It is finally starting!" Lola says happily. She was screaming in excitement. Suddenly, all nine boys came out on stage. They all look at the crowd. "Whoa! Good evening, London!" Harry says into the microphone. "Wow! This is amaz- Ana?!" Niall says. Our eyes connected. Oh no... the crowd got silent and was looking at me. "Ana, is that you?" Niall says. I nod, that was all I could do. Shannon then waves at the boys. "Shannon!" Michael yells. "YOU GUYS NEED TO GET BACK TO THE SHOW! WORRY ABOUT US LATER!" I scream. "Oh okay..." Niall says.


"That was the best concert EVER!" Lola screams. "Niall and I kept making eye contact. It was awkward..." I say as everyone starts to clear out of the arena. "Ana! Shannon! Come here!" it was Luke. All of the boys had come back on stage. All three of us turned around. I run directly towards them and we all group hug. Then, Shannon and Lola join. "I missed you guys so much!" I say with tears of joy. "Don't cry Ana." Niall says as he hugs me individually. "I am crying tears of joy, Niall." I say and laugh a little. I looked over at Lola who was getting hugs from all of the boys and she totally loved it. I then look over at Shannon and see her and Michael talking about something, I am just not sure what they are talking about exactly. "So who is she?" Niall asks pointing at Lola. "That is Lola, my little sister." I say and smile, "Wait, don't you guys have to leave? I mean, like, right after concerts you guys leave." "Well, some concerts are different. Tonight we are meeting some fans because they got backstage passes. Plus, we have a week break." Niall says with a smile. "Ugh, does this mean I have to spend time with you!?" I say as I burst out laughing. "Well if you don't want to spend time with me, then fine!" Niall jokes as he crosses his arms and makes a pout face, which makes me laugh even more.

"Ana! Can we stay here? They are my new friends." Lola says pointing at all of the boys. "Lola, we have to get going. They have fans they are going to meet soon." I say. "You guys can stay!" Liam says smiling. "Oh okay." Shannon says. The boys lead us backstage showing us where everything is.


"OMG! It was so cool meeting you guys! I love you soooooooooo much! Bye." The girls says as they leave. It is around one in the morning. God, I am tired... Lola looks like she is going to fall asleep and Shannon dozed off but then woke up when her and Michael were hugging. It was funny. "You guys look tired... you need to go home and get some sleep." Ashton says. "Dude, I already know what Shannon is going to ask... Do you guys want to come stay a couple of days?" I say and laugh. "Oh my gosh! You read my mind!" Shannon says laughing. Lola's mouth dropped wide open, "They get to stay with us?!" "Yes, Lola!" Niall says laughing. "Bye guys!" Lou yells from the changing room. "Bye Lou! Bye Lux!" The boys yell. They says bye to everyone else and we leave.

"How the hell are we all going to fit in her car?" Zayn says. "We can all squeeze in." I say. "Oh jeez..." Calum says and laughs. We all squeeze into Shannon's car. "Oh my gosh! It is so tight!" I say. "Yeah, I know!" Harry says and laughs. "Oh yeah, if you guys are staying, don't you need clothes?" I asks. "We can go home tomorrow and get some clothes..." Niall says.


"Finally! I can go to sleep!" I say and walk into one of the guest rooms. I fall on the bed. I don't bother changing into my pajamas so I just crawl under the covers in my day clothes. I then begin to drift off to sleep until Lola walks in. "What do you want?" I ask. "Nothing. Niall told me he wanted to cuddle with you but was afraid you were changing so he made me go in here." Lola says. "Seriously? You can come in Niall." I say laughing. Niall then walks through the door. I sit up in bed and Niall comes over and sits next to me. "I am going to bed. Goodnight." I say and lay down. "Goodnight, love." Niall says and lays beside me. I then drift off to sleep after Niall wraps his arms around me.


This is a LONG chapter! I hope you guys like it! They are finally back together again! Will they see Beanie? Find out soon!!~Ana

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