The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change.
This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that.
Shit gets real and crazy.


12. Last Day

Shannon's POV

I wake up early before Michael. WOW, well I slept like I did when I was 11.  I look at my phone to see what time it is, 4:08am. I want to wake up the boys, but I'm going to have Beanie and Ana help me. I carefully get out of bed and get Ana and Beanie "Ana, get up get, get up, get up." I whispered "Okay I'm up. " she whispers back "Go get Beanie up." I said. I sneak down stairs and turn on Spotify "Why did you wake me up?" Beanie asks.

"We need to wake the boys up." I say. "I could've just stayed in bed and woke Niall up..." Ana yawns. "Too bad. We are doing it my way." I smile and cross my arms. "I am tired and cold..." Ana whines. I grab a blanket from off the couch and throw it at her, "Here." I say. "I want to go back to bed..." Beanie trails off, leaning on Ana's shoulder. "Please, just wake them up with me." I groan. "Fine..." Ana sighs.

"So, what do we have to do?" Ana says, grabbing something from the fridge. "We are going to crank the music really loudly. Um... uh... Yeah, that is all I got... Never mind... just go back to bed." I sigh. "YAY!! Wait, what time is it anyways?" Ana yawns. "4:15 in the morning..." I mumble. "WHAT?!?!" Beanie screams. Ana begins to walk of the stairs not caring what time it is. "Sorry, I couldn't sleep so I wanted to wake the boys up and I wanted your guys' help!" I say and laugh a little.

"Well, you guys can argue all you want. I am going back to bed... goodnight..." Ana yawns from the top of the staircase.

"Uh, I think she is walking into Luke's room..." Beanie whispers. "Oh jeez... let's go get her." I can't help but laugh. "Ana... that is Luke's room, you tired little butt." Beanie laughs as we walk upstairs. "Huh?" Ana opens the door, "Oops... never mind! Your right..." Ana giggles. "Your room is over here, butt." I laugh and open her bedroom door. "I am not stupid." Ana giggles and walks into her room. Ana jumps onto the bed and laughs. "God, it is like Ana is drunk." I laugh looking at Beanie. "That is how she is when she is tired. Trust me." Beanie laughs. Ana crawls under the covers and is asleep instantly.

"Your so adorable." I hear someone chuckle. I soon realize it was the Irish lad that Ana was sleeping with, Niall. "What the hell, Niall?" I ask. "What? She is adorable. Well, I could say more things, but I probably shouldn't..." Niall chuckles as he sits up. "Uh... okay? How long have you been up?" I ask weirdly. "Like since two minutes ago." Niall says. "Oh. Well, bye!" I say and close the door and leave.

"Well, I am going back to bed." Beanie says and walk into her and Ashton's room. "Okay, goodnight or morning. Whatever it is." I say and walk into my room.


Niall's POV

I look over to see a sleeping Ana cuddled up in all of the blankets on the bed. "Ana, sweetie, I am freezing! Can you share the blankets?" I whisper in her ear, shivering, trying to get the blankets. "No... I want the blankies. But, I want you to cuddle with me, Nialler. Will you?" Ana whisper half asleep. "Okay! I am just fine with cuddling with you!" I chuckle quietly and move closer to Ana. I get under the blankets and wrap my arms around Ana's waist. "What time is it, Ni?" Ana cuddles into my chest. "Uh, 7:35... Go back to sleep." I whisper. Next thing you know, she was already sleeping.

It is sad that I only get today to spend with Ana. The week went by way too fast. I can't wait till next time we have a break I will be with Ana. We have been dating, but I want her to be my girlfriend. I don't want her to deal with being sad or anything bad because I am on tour...

I lay in bed with my arms wrapped around Ana while I plan out in my head what I am going to do to surprise Ana.


"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Luke and Calum yell from outside the door. I get up and open the door, "Stop yelling. I am already up and I think everyone else wants to sleep." I chuckle. "But, Ashton, Harry and Zayn are up too. So, why can't we just wake everyone else up?" Luke asks. "Because they are tired...?" I say.

"Good morning..." I hear someone yawn. "Ana is up!" Calum says and runs into the room Ana was sleeping in. "GET UP! GET UP! GET YOUR LAZY, TIRED BUTT OUT OF BED!" Calum practically sings while he jumps on the bed. "No... Cal... Stop..." Ana giggles a little. Suddenly, Luke starts jumping on the bed too. "Get up!! Get up, Ana!!" Luke says. "You guys are going to break the bed..." Ana then bursts out laughing. "Oh yeah. That is true..." They both fall onto the bed and lay there.

"Oh yeah, this morning I almost slept with Luke." Ana laughs even more. "Oh yeah, that is what happens when Shannon wakes you up very early in the morning." Luke chuckles.

"Move over! I want to lay with Ana." I chuckle laying on the bed. "Okay..." Luke moves over. "Thank you." I laugh, "Yay!  I get Ana all to myself now!" I wrap my arms around Ana. "Aw, Luke is jealous." Calum says. "I am not! Gosh!" Luke says. "Whatever..." Cal chuckles. "Shut up." Luke slaps Cal in the arm. "Ouch..."

"Heyyyyyyy!" Harry says running into the room along with Zayn, Ashton, and Beanie. Suddenly, Harry jumps onto the bed, making it shake. "The bed is going to break!" Ana laughs her adorable laugh. Everyone else jumps onto the bed laughing.

"OUCH! Someone just elbowed me in the balls! It really hurts!" Luke yells/whines. "Are you okay?" Ana laughs even harder. "No..." Luke mumbles. "Sorry, mate..." Ashton says quietly. "GET HIM!!" Luke yells. We all dog-pile on top of Ashton as we all laugh.


"Uh oh..." Cal says as the bed brakes. "I knew this was going to happen!!" Ana laughs getting up.

"What the hell was that?!" Shannon comes running into the room. "We may have just broken the guest bed..." Ana giggles. "WHAT?!" Shannon screams. "Heh, uh, well, it is Luke's fault!" Ana laughs, pointing at Luke. "Yu guys are paying for a new one." Shannon sounded pissed. "Whatever." Ana giggles.

"Ugh... What is with all of the laughing and screaming?" Michael appears in the doorway. "They all broke the bed..." Shannon points at all of us. "By accident!" Zayn adds. "Well... I am going to eat!" Ana says and runs out of the room. "Wait for me!" I yell running after her. "Hey, g-OUCH!" I accidentally tackle Liam. "Sorry, Liam..." I say and get off of him. "It is okay, mate." Liam gets up and smiles. "Okay." I say and walk towards the stairs. "Wait for me, Ana!!" I yell running down the stairs.

Ana's POV

"Wait for me, Ana!!" Niall yells as he runs down the stairs. I hide in the pantry so when he opens it, I will scare him. "Ana!? Where are you?" I could tell Niall was near, I saw his shadow. I cover my mouth up, muffling my giggles. I open the pantry door and jump out, "BOO!" I tackle Niall, not knowing he was right in front of me. "Hey, babe." Niall winks at me. I blush realizing I am still on top of him laying on the ground. "Sorry, Niall. I never knew you were outside the door." I giggle getting up. "Nooo!! Stay here... it is okay. By the way, you never scared me. I knew you were in there. I heard you giggling." Niall chuckles. "Oh... Well, then my plan failed..." I giggle.

Shannon's POV

"Hay babe do you want to help me pack" I forgot Michael and the boys are leaving to day "ya shore" I say with a tear running down my face (I wonder where the legs came haha haha I make my self laugh.)

2 hours later

Well I haven't been crying my eyes out so "I think we should do a cover together and put it on YouTube" Michael said to me. "Okay you know what let's do Good  Ridden by green day" I smile we run to the band room and grave the guitars. 

"Hay guys it's me Shannon I'm here with a really good friend of mine you guys know him from the amazing Australian Band 5 seconds of summer. I'm really good friends with the boys  they are all really stupid at times and annoying-" I get cut of "I'm not stupid or annoying I'm just amazing"Louis said "whatever you say Tomlinson. But me and Michael are going to do a cover of Green day." I said smirking at Michael and his hair.

****After cover****

"By let guys thanks for supporting me Michael helps out with tips on guitar sometimes on my videos so I think I'm going to get a Shay you need to work on, on guitar BYEEEEE" I said and turn off the camera. "I'm going to miss you, you idiot" I said hugging him "I don't wanna be an American idiot" he sung "one nation controlled by the media" I sing back "I love you." He said "I love you too".


hay guys so th story is not over yet not for another like 30 Chapter thanks for being suprtive of this story thank you-Shannon

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