The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change.
This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that.
Shit gets real and crazy.


11. Cuddle?


Shannon's POV


"Let's go cuddle!" I say excitedly, running upstairs with Michael. I go into my room to see of my blankets gone. GONE! I walk out into the hallway and into Ana's room. All of the blanket's were gone in there too. "What the hell?" I say and sit on the bed. "Ana probably took them." Michael chuckles. "Oh well. Let's just go watch some movies." I say and walk out of the room with Michael following me. We walk into the bonus room to see a large fort made from the blankets.

"What the hell?!" I almost screamed. "Shut up! We are trying to watch a movie!" Niall yells from inside. The TV was in the fort too... "Why did you take all of the blankets? What are you guys even doing?!" I say and walk into the tent. "We are having a lazy day. We were really cold and we wanted to cuddle." Ana says smiling. "And you decided to take my blankets?" I said  "Yes, yes we did." Niall said "Never mind, come on Mikey let's go out." I suggest. "Yeah why not." he replied.

"I have to change so be right back."  I walk up stairs to my room "Hey Shannon." Who said that. Someone puts there arms around me. "MICHAEL GORDEN CLIFFORD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" I yell. "I love you too." he laughed whispering in my ear. I'm lucky I haven't started changing I'm still In my pj's. "Why are you so rude?" I whisper back to him. "Why you got to be so rude, don't you know I'm human too why you got to be so rude I'm going to marry you anyway" he sings in my ear. "Michael you messed up the lyrics." I giggle well that's a first "No, I'm going to love you through think and thin." he said to me. "Wow cheesy much." I giggle. Oh, the things this boy does to me. I never giggle "The things you do to me." I say. He chuckled "OMG did I say that out loud?!" I panicked. "Yeah, you did babe." he whispers in my ear OMG whyyyyy. "You know you love it."  he said. "MICHAEL STOP PLEASE" by this point my face is dark red from the stuff he is saying.

"HAYYYYY..... what is going on?" Beanie asked. OMG all I can say is that this moment is really, really, really awkward. "Beanie, I think you should give those two some alone time... I think they were busy with something." Ana comes up behind Beanie and giggles. "Yeah... that is true. Well, we are just going to go. Get back to your business. Just be sure not to be noisy." Ana and Beanie run off laughing their asses off. "Oh my fucking god!" I burst out laughing in embarrassment.

"Shannon is going to kill us! We need to hide!!" Beanie yells from the bonus room. "Hide in the fort with me!! Niall! Move over! Make room for Beanie!!" Ana yells. "Aye! I was comfy! Why do I have to move?!" Niall yells.

"They really need to learn how to be quiet..." Mikey laughs. "Yeah." I laugh. "Do you want to take over Ana and Ni's fort with me? We can have everything to ourselves in there." Mikey smiles at me. "Sure! Let's go!" I say and run out of my room.

"Oh my god! They are coming!!" Beanie whispers. "Well, shut up then!" Ana whisper-yells. I pull one of the blankets up, "Hi." Beanie and Ana run out of room like little kids. "Ello." Niall says. He was sprawled out in the fort. "Niall, get out. Shannon and I wanted to be in here." Mikey says, wrapping his arms around me. "But, I am comfy!! Plus, I was here first! Ha!" Niall crosses his arms. "C'mon mate... let's go." Mikey goes into the fort, picks up Niall bridal style and then puts him on the couch. "Hey! That is so unfair!!" Niall walks out of the room, pouting like a toddler.

"Now we have the whole room to ourselves, babe." Michael smiles. "Yay! I love you." I smile and kiss his cheek. "Uh, you missed a spot." Michael points to his lips. "Wow... hold on! Let me fix that!" I say and then I crash my lips onto his.

"Ana!! Michael and Shannon are meanies! I need a hug!" we hear Niall yells from the hallway. "Beanie and I will give you huggies!" we hear Ana say and soon after footsteps. "Yay!" Niall screams. They probably hugged him.

"Hey, Shannon?" Michael asks. "Yeah, love?" I question. "Do you want to go once date with me? Tonight?" Michael asks nervously. "I would love too!" I say and hug him. "Great! I have it planned out already!" Mikey smiles happily. "Great!" I say and kiss his cheek.  


"Let's go!" Michael says as I walk out of my room from changing, "Niall!! You and Ana can have your fort or whatever back!!" "Yay! C'mon, Ana!!" Niall says excitedly. They looked adorable together.


"We are here!" Mikey says excitedly and smiling. "Yay!" I say. "Close your eyes!!" Mikey says. I never even looked at the building before so I closed my eyes. "They are closed!" I say and smile. Suddenly, Michael gets out of the car and walks over to my side of the car and gets me out. "Okay well now you can open your eyes." Michael laughs. It was my favorite place  in the whole entire world. It was a very, very, very, big arcade that also was pizza place and I loved going there. "You remembered!" I say and hug Michael. I had told him about this place and he sad that he would take me sometime.

Beanie's POV

"Ashton!! Do you know where Shannon went?!" I say going into Ash and I's room. "She went on a date with Mikey!" Ashton says and gets up from lying on the bed. "Oh! Okay. Well, what do you wanna do?" I ask and smile. "I am not sure. I just feel like sleeping, love." Ashton says. "Then, go to sleep! I am tired too. We can go to sleep together." I say and smile at Ashton.

"Good idea." Ashton says, "Do you want to watch some movies too?" "Sure, Ashy." I say and smile. I walk over to the bed and hop on it. I get under the nice, cozy covers. Ashton does the same once he puts the movie in. "Ah, nice and warm." Ashton smiles.

"Shhh!" Someone whispers from outside the door. "You be quiet! Your the one who is shushing me!" Someone else whispers. I can't help but laugh. "That is so Ana and Niall." I laugh as Ashton presses pay on the movie remote. I cuddle up to Ashton. "Aww!! They are so cute together Niall!!" Ana whispers to loudly as she is looking through the door a little, trying not to be seen. "Ana! Be quiet! They probably already figured out that we are here!" Niall whispers loudly back. Ashton gets up from bed and walks over to the door, "What the hell are you guys doin'?" suddenly they run off down the hall. "They are so weird..." I laugh. "Yes, yes they are." Ashton laughs and comes back to bed.

Shannon's POV

"Mikey!! Hurry up and finish your damn pizza!!" I laugh. "Why?!" Mikey asks. "I want to go on the go-carts!" I say. "No let's go home it's been three hours. Okay, love?" Michael says. "Michael! Can we please stay!?" I plead, holding onto his arm like how a child would do. "Aww! But we need to go home, Shay!" Michael complains. "Why? I want to spend as much time with you before you leave in 2 days." I sigh sadly. "Well, in that case, what do you wanna do?!" Michael gets up and smiles.

"Go home... and cuddle? Eat the leftover pizza." I smile a small smile. "Good idea! But we will have to make sure Niall doesn't see the pizza or else he will want some too." Michael chuckles.


"We're home!" I yell from the kitchen, tossing my keys onto the counter. It was silent. "Hello?!" Michael shouts. "Hey!!!" Luke, Calum, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis all come running into the kitchen. "Hey! We is Beanie, Ana, Ashton, and Nialler?" I question. "Ana is asleep in the fort her and Niall made. Niall is in the fort playing his guitar for her while she sleeps. Beanie and Ashton are watching movies." Zayn says and smiles. "Oh... Well, goodbye! Michael and I are going to be cuddling upstairs while eating pizza." I say and walk away with the pizza box.


"I am going to go to bed, Michael... goodnight..." I say and wrap myself up in blankets. "Goodnight, love." he says and smiles.

Hey! Here is chapter 11! I hope you guys like this so far! So this chapter Shannon and I mixed our writing together. Some of it is hers and some of it is mine. We are going to try to update more today! C:~Ana

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