The Big Change *on hold*

They have left each other. But, come back together. Find out what happens in The Big Change.
This is the sequel to The Big Difference. If you haven't read The Big Difference yet, please read that.
Shit gets real and crazy.


6. Beanie Is Here.

Ashton's POV

I haven't been able to sleep at all. I swear I saw Beanie on crutches as we went to Shannon's house. I need to see her. I miss her. It is hard to see Michael and Shannon or Niall and Ana so happy with one another when I am all alone when I could be with Beanie. Did Beanie see me too? I swear we made eye contact when I saw her. "Bro, go to sleep. Quit whispering things to yourself." Calum says as he hits me in the arm. I forgot he had to share a room with me, well, we had to share a bed, ugh. "Sorry, mate." I say. I lay down and begin to drift off into a peaceful sleep.


Niall's POV

I wake up to Ana cuddled up in my arms. "How cute." I whisper to myself. "Hmm...?" Ana mumbles as she moves. "Go back to sleep love..." I whisper quietly in her ear. I think she was already asleep. Ana was probably dreaming. I lay quietly next to her watching her sleep. Ana looked so peaceful and sweet when she sleeps.

"Niall! Wake up!" Ana says giggling sitting by me on the bed. I must've fallen asleep. Oops. "What sweetie?" I say and smile. "I have been trying to wake you up for the last twenty minutes." Ana says smiling. "What time is it?" I ask. "Like nine or ten. I don't know!" Ana says and giggles. "Your adorable!" I smile as I sit up in bed. "Your even more adorable!" Ana laughs. "Well your cuter!" I laugh. "You even cuter than me!" Ana laughs. "Now you are just lying." I say and tickle her. "No tickling me!" Ana says laughing. "Not gonna happen!" I say and start to tickle her a lot. "STOP! NIALL!" Ana laughs.

"What the hell are you guys doing?!" Harry says as he bangs in the door. "Probably being naughty... they really must of missed one another..." I hear Liam say. I open the bedroom door, "What the hell? That is not happening." I say and start to laugh like crazy. "Niall attacked me though. He was tickling me..." Ana says laughing, "Never tickle me again Niall..." "Let me guess, she hates being tickled?" Liam asks. "Well, duh! What do you think?!" Ana says, "Is everyone else awake?" "Yeah." Liam says.

Ana gets up and walks out of the room. "C'mon Nialler!" Ana says. She is so sweet. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I say as I walk to the door. I follow Ana, Harry and Liam down the stairs. "Hurry up you guys! I need to tell you something!" Ashton says a bit jumpy. We was into the living room and I sit with Ana on one of the couches. "What is it, Ashy?" Ana asks. "I swear I saw Beanie yesterday! We were in the car and I saw her hobbling around on crutches! She is staying at a hotel. I need to see her." Ashton says. "What hotel?" Ana asks. "I am not sure. I am going to text her. She texted me last night but my phone died so I couldn't text her back..." Ashton says as he pulls his phone out from his pocket.

"There. I asked what hotel she is staying at." Ashton says. "Okay." I say. I feel bad for Ashton he is probably sad when he sees Ana and I or Mikey and Shay together. "Ugh, I am tired..." Ana says as she lays her head on my chest. "Well what were you doing last night?" Harry says chuckling. "Fuck you Harry! I slept all night! I didn't do anything else but sleep!" Ana says flipping Harry off. "Feisty little girl." Zayn says and laughs. "No I am just annoyed that Harry keeps thinking Niall and I were 'being naughty'." After Ana says that she starts laughing, "I can't believe I just said that!"

"Yay! He hasn't been bothering Michael and I!" Shannon says with a laugh. "You guys are boring to mess with. Niall and Ana on the other hand are fun to annoy." Harry says with a laugh. "Wow." Ana says, "I am gonna go back to sleep." "Bye, love." I say as she walks upstairs.


Ana's POV

"Wake up, Ana!" I hear Niall say. "Hmm....?" I mumble. "Get up!" Niall says. "Noooooo!" I say as I pull the covers over my face. "We are going to go find Beanie." Niall says as he pulls the covers off of me. "BEANIE! YAY! But why did you pull my covers off?! I was nice and warm you idiot!"  I say as I playfully punch him in the arm. "Hey!" Niall says as if he was hurt from me punching him.

"I am going to take a shower. Get out of here!" I say as I get off the bed. "Fine..." Niall says as he walks out of the room. "Ana! We are going to find your friend!" Lola screams. "I know!" I say as I walk into the bathroom.

"Heyyyy!" I say as I walk into the living room. "Hey, hottie." Niall says. "Oh jeez...." I say and laugh. "Let's go find Beanie! By the way, no being flirty!" Shannon says laughing. "So we can't be flirty?" Michael asks Shannon. "Oh course we can. But they can't." Shannon says as she kisses Michael's cheek. "That is so not fair!" Niall says with a pout face. God, how can this boy be so cute?! "We are not squeezing into Shannon's car AGAIN!" I say laughing. "Then, how are we going to get to the hotel?" Niall asks. "Well, I am not sure..." I say laughing. "I can ride my skateboard! Ana, can ride my other one! Only if she knows how to..." Shannon says. "I can ride a skateboard for your information!" I say and cross my arms. "The rest of you guys can go in the car!" Shannon says laughing. "Well I guess getting rid of two people will help..." Harry says. "Let's go!" I say. We all leave Shannon's house. Let's go find Beanie.

Hey! Here is chapter 6! Hope you guys like this book!~ Ana

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