She's Not Afraid

What will happen when Emma, a beautiful blond bombshell, will have all the attention of not only one successful british boyband but also of the most popular boy in school, lead singer of the aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer?


1. Playlist and Characters


What to listen to while reading:

- She's Not Afraid, by One Direction

- Life Of The Party, by The Weeknd

- Don't Stop, by 5 Seconds Of Summer

- Wicked Games, by The Weeknd

- The Heart Wants What It Wants, by Selena Gomez



Amber Heard as Emma

One Direction as themselves

5 Seconds of Summer as themselves

Young Leonardo DiCaprio as Peter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Alex

Shiloh Fernadez as Josh

Max Irons as Kyle

Dylan O'Brien as Matt

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