She's Not Afraid

What will happen when Emma, a beautiful blond bombshell, will have all the attention of not only one successful british boyband but also of the most popular boy in school, lead singer of the aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer?


3. Chapter 2


Emma's POV

I walked down the empty halls, unable to think about anything else than the party and Luke. His gorgeous eyes, and those pouty lips... Stop right there honey! You've worked too hard just to fall for the biggest player in school. As my head throbbed with all the thoughts rushing through my mind, I decided not to go to class. I chose to go to the auditorium and walked towards the stage, twirling on the stairs. I lightly played a few notes on the beautiful black shiny piano. I sat down on the velvet bench and started to play one of my favourite songs.

Luke's POV

Where is she? I looked around class but Emma was nowhere to be seen. No way was I staying if she was cutting class.


"Sir, could I go to the restroom?" I asked with the most innocent face I could fake.
"Of course M. Hemmings." He said without even looking at me.


I rushed out of class and at that precise moment I received a call from Niall, one of the members of One Direction.


"Hey, how's it going mate? Long time no see!" I said distractedly, looking around the hallways.
"Luke! Guess where the band is?" He asked with an excited voice.
"Where?" I asked between a yawn.
"In front of your school! Nice place, not that scary compared to my high school." Niall answered while I nearly choked.
"WHAT!" I screamed.
"Where coming in, where do we meet you?" He asked, I could feel him smirking from the other end of the line.
"Sneak into...the auditorium." I told him, because it was the first room I spotted.


I closed my phone as I opened gently the wooden doors of the auditorium. What I heard, shocked me so much that I almost fainted. I saw Emma, playing Back To Black by Amy Winehouse on the piano and singing with the most amazing voice I had heard in my entire life. Every sound that came out of her mouth making the hole room vibrate by her angelic, deep and slightly raspy voice. I stared at her and it was as if I was seeing for the first time. I didn't realize the boys who had just entered behind me. They all quieted down when they saw Emma. We all watched her, speechless.


"Mate, who is that?" Harry asked me and nudged my elbow.
"Emma..." I answered still not finding the words to speak.
"She's so..." Harry started to say.
"Gorgeous, and that voice!" Zayn cut in.


She finished the song on a powerful note. As she got up to leave, she noticed our presence. She stared intensely into my eyes as she walked towards me, not even a hint of embaressement. An why would she be? She had a flawless voice.


"What are you doing here?" She asked me, never breaking her stare.
"We...Uh well I uh..." I mumbled, unable to answer, asking to myself what is this girl doing to me?
"And who might you boys be?" Emma asked, turning to the boys.
"I'm Niall..." He said, his cheeks turning redder every second.
"I'm Harry and these are my friends Liam, Zayn and Louis. And who are you, beautiful creature?" Harry answered with a cocky smile.
"Wouldn't you like to know that loverboy." She said, walking so close to him that their bodies were nearly touching. Harry backed up, taken by surprise by her bold move and confidence.
"I hope you enjoy disappointment." Emma whispered in his ear, smirking as she saw the control she had on him.
"Anyways, where did you learn to sing like that? You sing like an angel..." Zayn complimented her, a little jealous of all the attention Emma was giving Harry.
"Does it really matter?" She laughed in a cute voice.
"She's perfect..." Liam whispered loud enough for only Louis and I to hear.
"I hope you boys are staying long enough to come to Matt's party this weekend." She batted her eyelashes sensually.
"We have band practise but we could always skip..." Louis answered, licking his lower lip.
"You're in a band?" Emma asked, genuinely curious.
"You don't know who we are?" Harry asked shocked.
"Sorry boys, but it's true you do look a little familiar." She twirled a strand of golden hair with her index finger.
"Ok...Well we are One Direction, famous British boyband!" Liam said excitedly.
"Doesn't ring a bell, oh well see you boys later I hope." Emma swayed her hips and winked at Niall as she walked out of the wooden doors.


We all watched her walk, lingering on her arse a little longer than necessary. Our silence was broken by Louis who wissled in her direction.


"Luke you have to hook me up with this girl, she is so hot I think I'm going to die of hyperthermia." Harry gesticulated exaggeratedly.
"No way I have first dibs." Niall said, his blue eyes gleaming in the dark room like fire.
"Lads, no need to fight, we all know she's clearly into me." Zayn thugged his shirt triumphly.


Liam hummed the words of their song She's Not Afraid and in that moment I really wondered about that tingly feeling I got when I saw her. I shrugged it off and decided to just ignore it.




Emma’s Pov

I looked at myself in my full length mirror, satisfied with the result. I wore a very short flowy lace crop top emphasising on my tanned abs, short black cut-off shorts, high-heeled booties and a cropped leather jacket. My long blond hair was in beautiful beachy waves and I had put on a few coats of mascara and filled in my eyebrows. As I was about to go out for a smoke, I got a text from Luke telling me to go outside. I looked out of my window puzzled, and then I saw Luke with the boys I saw the day before. I smiled; this was going to be a fun night after all. I walked down the stairs and before going out the door, I swiped a little nude gloss. I got out of the entrée and paused to see the guy’s faces. They looked at me with the mouths open. It looked the curly one was drooling. I laughed, how could this be so easy?


“So boys, are you ready?” I asked and batted my long black eyelashes.
“Always am.” The cute blond one replied.
“What are your names again?” I looked at the ground to give them the impression that I was shy.
“I’m Harry; this is Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn.” He pointed the boys as he said their name.
“Perfect, I hope you remember my name…” I twirled a strand of hair between my thumb and my index finger.
“Of course, you’re Emma.” Zayn replied and walked closer to me.
“Hmm, good. Let’s go then.” I said bluntly, flashing them a small smile, revealing my white teeth.


When we arrived to the party, a group of girls started to scream and some even fainted. I looked at them curiously, what was the big deal? I realised it was that group of guys, One Direction if I remember correctly. The amount of noise coming out of the girly teens made my head hurt, so I decided to leave them with their fans and go inside. I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw Matt.


“You made it…” He said with a slurry voice and he reeked of alcohol.
“Of course I did, why would I ever miss a chance to see you?” I plastered a fake smile on my face. At those words he smiled.
“Come on let’s get you a drink.” He took my arm softly and brought me to a small wooden table with endless bottles of strong alcohol. “Tequila, Vodka or Whisky?” He asked me.
“Tequila, but only if you’ll take it with me.” I winked and looked for some salt and a lime slice.


I poured some tequila in a shot glass and put the lime slice in his mouth. The poor guy started to pinch himself, believing this was only one of his fantasies. I small group of people gathered around to witness the scene. I put a small amount of salt on his neck, licked it slowly and softly, and then I gulped my shot and placed my mouth on his soft lips, sucking on the acid lime juice. The football cheered at their captain, thinking Matt would “get some” later that evening. I broke the kiss and winked at him. He looked dazed and slowly lied me down on the table, pushing the bottles out of the way. He did the same steps I did on him but this time on my cleavage, and when the time came for him to suck on the lime in my mouth, he lifted me by my butt and forced me on the wall. I put my hands in his slightly sweaty hair, while he moved his mouth down to my neck, leaving visible love bites. My eyes rolled back with ecstasy, this guy really knew how to get me going. In the corner of my eye, I spotted Luke who just walked in. I quickly realised what was happening and tried to wiggle out of Matt’s strong arms. He protested but finally let go but when I tried to walk away, he grabbed my wrist.


“This is only the beginning.” He whispered in my ear, giving shivers down my spine. I turned to look at him in the eyes and blew him a kiss.


I grabbed a tall bottle of vodka and danced my way through the crow towards Harry and Louis.


“Hello boys! Missed me?” I winked and took a long sip of the burning clear liquid.
“Nice show Emma, can I be next?” Louis put his hand on my waist, but I only let it there for a second before pushing it off and smiling.
“Sorry Lou, not a whore. I’m only a player.” I took another long drag of vodka before passing the bottle to Harry.


A loud remix of Latch by Disclosure played, making my body shake and I moved my hips sensually.
Suddenly I felt two strong hands on my hips. I turned around slowly and before I could say anything, Zayn pulled me to the middle of the dance floor. He turned me around so my back would be facing him. I knew what was coming next, I slowly grabbed his hands and put it back on my hips and began to sway. He pulled me close to him, leaving no space between us. His tucked my hair on one side, giving him the opportunity to kiss my neck. It felt so good, I didn’t feel sleazy. We continued to grind during most of the song until I felt someone’s stare burning me. I opened my eyes to see Luke, a few feet away from me. We stayed in that eye contact and the whole party seemed to slow down like in one of those cheesy movies. This made my heart beat faster; I felt a little woozy and stopped dancing. Zayn looked at me confused; I only kissed his cheek and headed outside.  My hands were shaking as I looked desperately for my ciggies. When I finally found them, I put one in my mouth and light it up. This was a bad habit of mine, I really wished I could have the strength to stop, but I knew I wasn’t strong enough. As I watched the smoke coming out of my mouth, as small detail that always calmed me down, then looked towards the sky, I knew that these were one of the moments I live for. I little tipsy from the alcohol I drank; I pressed my back against the wall. Somebody opened the door; I looked away not wanting to talk to anyone. Hopefully the person would just go away which of course wasn’t the case. He touched my arm and I turned around.


“Niall…” I started to say but I got caught off by his finger that he placed on my mouth.
“Emma, you have no idea how gorgeous you are…” He looked at my lips as he removed his finger. I took that moment to take a drag of my cigarette and put left hand softly in his silky mop of dirty blond hair. I was completely hypnotized by his icy blue eyes. This one looked different from the others; he looked at me with such warmth and touched me so softly as if I was the most precious thing in the whole world.
“Of course I do.” I winked at him, and took another drag of my cigarette. He laughed with a smirk.
“Want some?” He slurred, passing me a bottle of honey Jack Daniels.
“Why of course, you’re such a gentlemen.” I said before I took a huge sip of the brown liquid.
“And how about a little more fun…” He opened his palm, revealing two little white pills.
“And I thought you were the innocent one.” I hesitated before taking the pill, trying not to show him how nervous I was.
“Don’t ever judge a book by its cover.” He said before swallowing the pill. He took the other one out of my hand and placed it on my tongue. Now, there’s no going back, I thought, before swallowing the pill.


We jumped around the house, not even caring if we pushed someone by mistake. The other boys came towards us and Wild for the Night by A$AP Rocky was playing as other couples around were grinding.


“What is she on?” Luke asked laughing.
“Ecstasy.” Niall whispered in his ear and he started to laugh even louder.
“I love everyone!” I nearly screamed, my voice drowning in the music.
“Even me?” Harry asked, taking my hand softly.
“Especially you!” I said and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“Come on, I think it’s time to take you home.” Liam said with a sweet voice, I liked how he always wanted to take care of me. I stopped dancing.
“I don’t want to go home…” I said looking at the floor.
“But this party is getting out of control, the police are coming soon…” Louis said as he lifted my chin.
“I don’t mind leaving but I don’t want to see my brother and Peter in this state…” I said while I headed to the door.
“Come on you can come to our place!” Niall said, his pupils dilated. My face brightened up.
“Really? I don’t want to be a bother.” I whispered.
“Luke can come to, we have enough place for everyone but someone will have to sleep in someone’s room.” Liam stated while he smiled wildly.
“You can sleep in my room!” Harry hurried to say before anyone else had the chance.
“Thank you, it really means a lot to me, the drugs still affecting me.
















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