She's Not Afraid

What will happen when Emma, a beautiful blond bombshell, will have all the attention of not only one successful british boyband but also of the most popular boy in school, lead singer of the aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer?


2. Chapter 1


Emma's POV


First day of school, and this year I was going in with a bang. I had worked on myself the whole summer, dieting and changing my whole look. I was so excited that I didn't even sleep that night. I was out with my brother and his friends smoking weed and drinking beer. My brother Alex and I were the same age, but we couldn't look any different. He was tall and muscular, with black flowy hair and deep pale blue eyes. I had long blonde hair and a body that every girl would envy when they would see me. The year before, I was know as "fat Emma". I had pimples, glasses and my weight wasn't quite like the others. But this year would be different. I would be the one who every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to fuck. Alex's friends already saw the difference in me and were flirting with me all night. I loved it.

As my alarme went off, I jumped out of bed, unable to contain myself. This is it. The moment I was waiting for. I went to my closet and chose the outfit that I had planned all summer : a short grey halter top, a long black jumper and very short distressed jean shorts with a pair of white Toms. Then it was time for my makeup. It's not like I needed some since I had gotten rid of all my pimples, plucked my eyebrows, had extremely long black lashes and had changed my glasses for contact lenses, but as I said, I was going to "wow" everyone. I put on a few coats of mascara, some under eye concealer and contoured my cheekbones. As I went out of my bedroom, I looked at myself one more time. I was perfect. In the kitchen, Alex was rolling a few joints and my mom was sleeping on the couch. My mother didn't take care of us, she didn't care if we went to school or not. Her only advise was to marry rich, like she did. My father was never there, always on a trips. It was okay since Alex and I could do what ever we wanted.

On the way to school, Alex's friends came to join us. Peter, Josh and Kyle were like a second family to me, they were always there during my hardest times. I was walking in silence as Josh was blabbing about some band who was attending our school this year.

"They will drive the girls crazy, mate!" He exclaimed.
"Which band is it?" I finally pipped in.
"Something like 5 Seconds Of... something. I don't really remember." He answered me.
"Doesn't really ring a bell..." I admitted.
"You'll probably be the only girl who won't be drooling all over them!" Peter said to me with a wink.
"Whatever, I will probably hate them being around..." I whispered.

We walked to the gates of our prestigious school and finished smoking in silence except for the group of excited girls around four guys. I spotted one and he smiled at me. I nodded and looked away, god they were on my nerves already. The boy pushed the tweens aside and came up to me.

"Hey, I'm Luke. What is a pretty girl like you doing alone here?" He asked me with a devilish grin, expecting me to blush or giggle nervously, but I just looked at him.
"Mate, she's not really alone you know..." Alex started to say but was cut by Luke.
"Why don't you hang with us tonight, pretty girl." He said to me, as all the girls let out jealous whispers and furious looks.
"Yeah, like that would ever happen." I smiled to him and winked at him as I got up with Alex and Peter, leaving the boyband speechless.

I went to my first class and sat at the back, putting my hoodie on my head. Last night I was so excited about flaunting my new look that I hadn't slept at all. God, I was so getting busted. Not a very slick move. As I was thinking very intensely at a way to get out of here, I didn't see someone sit next to me.

"Hey pretty girl." The person said as I turned around slowly to see it was Luke.
"I'm trying to concentrate here." I groaned and put my hands on my face.
"Class hasn't even started..." He said laughing.
"Oh...well...whatever!" I whispered loudly and put my head on the desk.
"You really have no idea who I am, don't you?" He asked me, looking a little confused and amused.
"I don't really care you see..." I said bluntly, looking straight in front of me.
"Well that's very unusual." He said to himself.

Our teacher came in, presented himself and started talking but no one was listening. I didn't even know what he was teaching. I felt Luke's stare burning me, but I didn't let him see what effect it had one me. He was absolutely stunning in his old band t-shirt and black jeans. His blue eyes and lip piercing that would wobble a bit every time he spoke. His voice, oh god. Did he know how it turned me on? But then I saw all the girls slipping him love notes and trying to get his attention and vowed not to be one of those stupid girls. I would never fall for him.

During lunch, Peter and I went to the gates again to smoke a cigarette. He was my best friend. Before the guys from 5 Seconds Of Summer, he was the most popular guy at school and was always criticized for hanging out with me, before I became pretty. We never dated but there was a period when I was madly in love with him. That was a long time ago and he made it clear that he didn't feel the same way about me, back then. We got over that awkwardness and became even closer. I could tell him anything, boys, sex, and my depression. Last year, it was worse then ever before. I was cutting myself and couldn't wear makeup since I would always ruin it because of my non stop crying. It was all the past know, no looking back. A few guys would pass by and give me their number, begging me to consider having a date with one of them. I would always plaster a fake smile on my face, and have a sweet victory party in my head. It worked, I had became wanted by all.

A few minutes later as Peter and I were discussing about which band was better between Nirvana and Guns'n'Roses, then Luke and three other guys came up to us. I shrugged and Peter frowned, taking a drag of his fag.

"What are you boys doing here, in the stoner zone?" Peter questioned them with a smirk that used to make all the girls fall for him.
"Oh just going out for some air." Luke answered with blazing eyes that looked like he could kill him. Peter and I looked at each other for a second then started to laugh so hard, he almost fell backwards.
"God, you guys don't like us..." A cute red haired one said.
"Oh no, don't say that!" I said while I still laughed.
"Whatever." A black/brown haired one said.

Peter and I looked at each other and realized we might have been a little harsh on them, we didn't even know them and already we were judging them. We both knew better. I got up and went to the red haired guy.

"I'm Emma and this is Peter, sorry for being a little judgy." I said as looked down at the pavement.
"Hah, no problem, my name's Michael and this is Ashton and Calum. I think you already know Luke." He said to me as he presented the guys to us and then winked at me.
"Yes! I think we met this morning" I said to Luke and smirking as I put a hand gently on my hip.
"Yeah sure..." He mumbled.

We chatted about 60's bands and a agreed that The Beatles was probably the best one of them. They actually weren't all that bad for a boyband. They talked about their experience on tour with One Direction and showed me some of their songs on Youtube. We talked and talked for so long that we didn't even realised that the lunch period had already finished long ago, so I grabbed Peter's hand as we all ran to school laughing and tumbling on the walls. We looked carefully in the hallways so we wouldn't get caught by the principle and ran to English class. As Luke and I entered the room, the girls started to whisper and commented on every detail they could get.

"Miss Howard and M. Hemmings, what excuse do you two have for your tardiness?" Our teacher asked us as we looked at each other and giggled.
"Oh, I think M. Hemmings got a little lost." I giggled and Luke tried to not let a laugh escape from his mouth.
"Oh yes! This school is extremely hard to get used to." He puffed and looked at the ceiling to compose himself.
"Fine... You two may take a seat but this is the last time." The teacher said as he winked at us and Luke and I exchanges confused looks and giggled. Alice, one of the popular girls, who was seated in front of us, turned around.

"Hey Lukey, where were you darling?" She purred.
"Lukey?" I laughed uncontrollably as Luke started to giggle.
"Oh shut up you bitch." She barked as I faked a shocked look.
"Oh my, did someone forget to take her morning pills?" I fake whispered as Luke burst into laughter which provoked a class riot. Even the teacher, M.Brown was laughing into his elbow as he tried to make it look as of he was coughing.
"Whatever." Alice said, trying not to look embarrassed.

The rest of the day went smoothly as I tried to ignore Luke. That night, I dreamt of him, even though I would never admit it.



I woke up looking at the ceiling. As I turned around, I bumped lightly into something. I was still really tired so I didn't see who it was, but as my mind cleared up I saw it was Peter. I smiled because for a second I thought it would have been a guy that I would have hooked up with. Thank god, because I didn't thing I had the mind to deal with that right now.


I pushed myself slowly out of bed and passed my hands in my hair. I had never worn pyjamas to bed, I always had my silk bra and panties on at night. I felt a soft hand on my back and I smiled.


"What's up sleepyhead?" I asked as I tilted my head slightly.

"Not much but how did I get here?" He asked me with a warm smile.

"No clue! But hey, that means free breakfast for you!" I punched him playfully on his muscular arm.

"Ha, ha, ha. But very true. Last one down stairs does the dishes!" He said while he pushed me on the bed to get a head start.

"Oh it is on." I said as I rushed past him, I have gotten really faster with all my pilates classes.

We kept laughing, still a little out of breath we fooled around while baking some pancakes with syrup. I'm really happy that Peter and I are friends. I don't even know what I would have done without him with last year's bullying. As I looked at him flip the food on the stove, I studied carefully his features. His perfectly chiseled jaw and honey brown messed hair always made every girl in my high school swoon, but for some reason I always though it was something else. The way he would make me laugh or how he made everything feel like a crazy adventure. Maybe it was the way his green eyes sparkled when we did something bad. He looked a little like a young version of Leonardo DiCaprio. My feelings for him in the past year transformed from lust to friendship, or has it really? I didn't really know but there was no way I was going to test my theory. I didn't ever want to loose him or compromise our friendly relationship. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even see at first his hands waving in front of my face.


"Emma? Hello?" He said as I blinked, obviously a little dazed.

"Yes?" I replied, pursing my lips a little.

"Come on, we're going to be late for school." He said while he messed my wispy blond hair.

"Fine, I hate high school..." I whispered threw my teeth.

"Why? You obviously have everyone at your feet this year, you're the most popular girl in school." He said coming an inch closer than necessary.


I took me a moment to digest what I just heard. How could I not even feel the slightest different from this news. It's what I've always wanted since last year. All I could dream about for months. I just shrugged it off, I'll think about this later. I ran up to my room and blasted Carmen, by Lana Del Rey. Isn't it weird, the way you always put a song that represents what you're feeling. It's as if we needed confirmation for what we were feeling.


For this particular day, it was a little chilly out side so I put some black washed out ripped jeans and a soft grey graphic t-shirt with "Gnarly" printed on the front, paired with a grey knitted oversized jumper and my old vans. I straight ironed my hair, scrunched the top for some volume and added my favourite beenie. To finish the look I lined my lips and put some nude lipstick, a few coats of mascara and filled in my eyebrows.


I got out of my room and searched the kitchen drawers for my brand new pack of Lucky Strike ciggies and was in desperate need for them. I was so occupied that when the doorbell rang, I nearly jumped 10 feet high. I rushed to see who was there but was royal pissed. My bad mood got even worse when I saw who was waiting on my front porch.


"Oh hell no!" I put my two hands on my temples, feeling a headache start.

"Oh hello there, pretty girl." Luke said with a fully displayed grin.

"Really? Are you a stalker now?" I said trying really hard to push that feeling of excitement growing in me.

"Come on, your brother invited me over." He said, waiting for me to invite him in.

"Look he isn't here but since you are, why don't you walk with us to school." I offered him but regretted it afterwords.

"Us?" He said confused, at that same moment Peter appeared in the frame of the door.

"Yes us. By the way Emma you look gorgeous..." He said to me but looking straight at Luke.

"Thanks Pete!" I said my mood lifted a little.

"Yeah whatever let's go..." He muttered under his breath, looking a little darker than a few seconds ago. What a weird boy...


We walked for most of the time in silence but then I felt a little bad so I talked to Luke about school, friends, his band, going on tour... His mood had brightened up for some reason. He was always changing his mood all the time, you never knew what to expect from him and for some bizarre reason I liked that. We inched a little closer and didn't really notice Peter since he had backed a few steps behind us. He was chain-smoking his cigarettes, he seemed tense when I turned my head occasionally to give him a chance to get into the conversion but he was giving Luke the death stare. What for? I have no idea.


As we entered the school grounds it kind of made me think about this girly movie I saw once with one of my brother's old girlfriends. In this one scene the gorgeous boy, played by Robert Pattinson, got out of his shinny silver car with this pale looking girl and everyone was starring in awe. This moment was exactly the same but without the hunky actor and the silver car. Everyone was watching me, all the guys were checking me out and the girls were glaring at me. For the first since the year had started, I felt intimidated by all the attention. Luke didn't seem to care about them, in fact I don't even think he noticed anyone other than me. He was starring into my eyes with so much intensity it gave me shivers down my spine. I shook that feeling away immediately. What was I thinking, that Luke liked me? Of course he didn't, he was a womanizer as I was a major player. Since the beginning of school, I'd been hanging with half of the football team already and it's been maybe two or three weeks top. It was kind of fun, but this routine was getting a little boring.


"Hey Emma!" Matt, the captain of the football team, speaking of the devil, came over running to me.

"What's up Matt?" I asked and pushed a strand of hair out of my face.

"So I'm having this huge party this weekend and I was...uh wondering if..." He said blushing a little, and stuttering like a little kid.

"If I'd come?" I asked, making my words linger so it would stress the cute blond boy.

"Yeah, and I know you probably have plans..." He said while starring at Luke.

"Hum, I think it sounds fun Emma." Luke winked at me and Matt froze.

"Well, it's not that I don't want you to come but..." Matt started to say glaring at Luke, but I cut him.

"We'll come, it's settled then." I said to him with a wink and put my hand on his shoulder a little bit too long to be friendly.

"Really...Oh god that's great I'll go tell the boys!" He said seemed up with confidence as he ran to see the group of boys wearing the same team jacket. As they saw him come they began to cheer him and give him friendly punches on the back and the arms.

"You really now how to drive them crazy you know." Luke said with a playful grin, showing his perfect white teeth.

"And you certainly know how to drive all the girls crazy." I said imitating his voice and pointing the crowd of girls behind us.

"Except you obviously." He said, testing my limits but I just starred at him and smiled. " You're a maneater Emma, and a darn good one."

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