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2. Chapter two


Chapter two


Two days passed with no sign of Castiel, which had Dean both relieved and concerned. Sam had at least finally gotten over his giggles about Castiel's love confession and was taking the ramifications more seriously. Especially since Dean punched him in the arm every time he so much as smiled.

"So..." Sam started as they sat in their motel room the evening of the second day.

"Shut up," Dean said, not turning his attention away from the TV.

"We need to talk about this," Sam said.

"No, we don't."

"Yes. We do," Sam said, exasperated already. "Cas isn't coming back until you... you know..."

"Say 'I love you too, pookie. Let's get our hot gay man love on in the Impala'? That's not gonna happen, Sammy."

"You don't have to say you love him, but you do need to give him some kind of answer."

"Personally, I prefer ignoring the entire situation until we're ass deep in demons, and then Cas has to come back and save us. Then I'm just going to pretend the whole thing never happened and we can just be friends again."

"Dean," Sam said, the one word emphasized by what Dean called his 'bitchface'.

"Sam," Dean said right back at him, imitating the tone and bitchface perfectly.

"Fine. If you won't call him, I will. Cas!" Sam suddenly called out, his eyes turned to the ceiling. "Cas, you need to get down here. Dean wants to talk to you!"

"Shhh! Sam, shut up!" Dean said, rising from his seat in panic and rushing to Sam, hoping to shut him up. Sam kept out of reach, still calling Castiel's name, until Dean tackled him to the floor and found a dirty sock to shove in his mouth while he held him down. He kept his eyes darting around the room in case the angel made his appearance.

After a few minutes, with Castiel still not showing up, Dean got off his brother, and let him stand again. Sam spat out the sock and looked as indignant as possible, though he was also disappointed that Castiel hadn't shown up.

"Nice try, bitch."

"Whatever, jerk. I'm going out. Maybe Cas will show up after I leave," he said, throwing a prayer in for good measure to let Cas know he'd be out of the room.

Sam stormed out of the motel room, annoyed by his stubborn, emotionally stunted brother, turned at the corner, and walked right into Castiel.

"Hello, Sam."

"Cas," Sam said with a smile. "You came."

"Yes. I heard your prayer, but thought it was best not to appear before Dean."

"Yeah. He still doesn't want to talk about it."

"That's all right. I wanted to talk to you anyway. In the fanfiction, you always give good advice about Dean."

"Cas," Sam said with a sigh. "You're taking this fanfictions stuff pretty seriously, but, you know, it's not real."

"I am aware," Castiel said, looking just a little bit annoyed. "If I thought all of it was real, then I would expect Dean to jump into my arms fully erect after a short bout of 'eye sex'. But some authors have grasped a genuine understanding of our personalities and come up with reasonable reactions to non-existent scenarios based on previous knowledge. Ergo, I do not think it is too hard to believe that you, his own brother, could give me good advice about Dean."

"Well, okay, that part would be true..." Sam conceded, his mind still stuttering around the image of Dean jumping into Castiel's arms. "But Dean's straight, Cas. No matter what the fangirls imagine."

"That does seem to be a significant roadblock in reality. Are you sure Dean has not engaged in any bi-curious activities in the past that he might have kept secret from you out of embarrasment and perceived reprisal from his father?"

"Uhm, yes. Pretty sure."

"I was hoping for that to be an unusually perceptive insight into his character," Castiel murmured to himself.


"Nothing," Castiel said quickly. "But that brings me to another problem of whether my love will be returned, or unrequited. I am not so certain that Dean's feelings for me are more than just friendship and brotherhood."

"I'm not sure either," Sam said. "I mean, yeah, you two stare at each other a lot, and that profound bond thing you mentioned once. But I'm not sure if that leads to, uh, you know... Gay sex and stuff," Sam mumbled out blushing with embarrasment.

Castiel also blushed brightly, and started giving the asphalt of the parking lot the sort of intense stare he usually reserved for Dean. "Though the fanfiction covers that aspect of a relationship in great explicit detail," Castiel said with a cough, rubbing the back of his neck. "I had not even considered that a possibility with Dean. The most I was hoping for was a date."

"A date? That's it? What about all that stuff you mentioned about touching and stuff?"

"I would like to hold hands on our date, if Dean will let me," Castiel said with a blush.

Sam was reminded of Castiel's innocence when it came to romantic relationships, relieved in some sense that the fanfiction hadn't made too big of an impression on him, and then also saddened by the small, simple thing that Castiel wanted in return for his love of Dean. The feeling burned as determination inside Sam, and he made the decision that he would help Castiel get his one date with Dean, maybe with hand holding, no matter what Dean had to say about the matter.

"Cas, I think if it's just one date, no promise on the hand holding, I might be able to help you out," Sam said, his mind already working on a scheme that would surely open his brother's forcefully shut eyes, and make him respond to Castiel in some fashion.

"Really?" Castiel asked, his eyes widening with hope behind them.

"Yes, now, here's my plan..."


A few days later, Sam and Dean were ass deep in demons. They'd been investigating a haunting in an old abandoned warehouse, only to discover that the haunting was a ruse created by a group of four demons who were in it for the kicks. Finding Sam and Dean in their midst, the brothers with a huge bounty on their heads, the demons squealed with delight and went right for a vicious attack, taking the Winchesters by complete surprise.

Lacking devil traps, holy water, or even Ruby's knife, and well out-muscled, the brothers made a mad dash through the warehouse, hoping to make it through the door and toward the precious supplies hidden away in the Impala's trunk. No such luck.

The bitchy looking femal demon with the long blonde hair in a ponytail cut them off, and with a wave of her hand, sent them crashing through a metal shelf. The brothers collected themselves quickly and kept running.

"Over there!" Sam shouted, pointing to a half open door. The two dashed inside, slammed the door shut behind them, and threw down a line of salt to keep the demons from blowing the door down. They took in their surroundings and found they were in a small, windowless, office.

"Well, this is just great," Dean groused, his back still pushed against the door as he listened to the demons outside, shrieking and taunting them. The salt would keep them out, for sure, but how long could Dean and Sam stay inside?

"Cas! We could really use your help about now!" Dean yelled out, annoyed that he even had to call on the angel when he usually just appeared when they had demons on their tail. But there was no blinding light through the cracks in the door, and no agonized screams from the demons on the other side as the evil was burned out of them with holy fire.

"Cas! Four demons. About to kill us. We're in a tight spot man. What're you doing? Picking your nose up there?" Dean's eyes searched the ceiling as he yelled out for the angel, but still nothing happened.

"What gives?" he asked, looking to his brother, who was also looking at the ceiling, looking disappointed.

"Looks like we have to figure our own way out," Sam said, and started looking around the dusty office, checking a bookshelf covered in forgotten papers, shifting a chair around, and checking under a desk, desperate for anything.

"...ass deep in demons..." Sam could hear Dean muttering to himself, and he had to bite back a small grin. Things were a little too heavy at the moment. He stood up and shoved a metal filing cabinet away from the wall, and allowed himself a small smile of relief.

"Air vent," he said quietly to Dean, and Dean was on it. It was too small for Sam to fit through, but just big enough for Dean.

"I'll get the supplies from the Impala and be back in 5 minutes. Wait till you hear screaming before you break the line, okay Sammy?"

Sam nodded, and gave Dean a helpful shove into the vent. Mostly unnecessary, but it was also to make sure his hand was covering the angelic symbols carved into the side of the vent, one that would keep Dean invisible to the demons while he was inside it.

Ten minutes later the demons were exorcised, and four very confused people were heading back to their families, with complimentary anti-possession mojo bags around their necks as parting gifts from the Winchesters.

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