Fallen in Love with the Guitaris

Hannah Irwin is Ashton's sister. Ashton is protective over Hannah and hannah goes through difficult times.What happens when you go on tour with ashton and the boys and fall in love with a certain someone? What would Ashton do?


2. Niall,Harry,Ashton and Michael...

Chapter Two:

I was walking to pick my little brother Harry from school. I started texting Niall back "Niall!!"He instantly replied back saying "Hey Hannah,You still coming on the WWA tour with us" I smiled, I loved going on tour with one direction, Their amazing.

"Yeah i am starting to pack" I got to Harry's school and he was walking out as soon as i got there, he started running towards me "Hannah!!!" He screamed, I picked him up and started walking home with him on my back playing with my hair.

I got home and saw Ashton playing xbox with Michael.I snuck behind to Michael to scare him. I screamed at him, he screamed and jumped, Ashton and i started laughing our socks off😂 "Mean Hannah" Michael sulked

"Awrh someones upset now" Ashton said mockly! I walked upstairs and started doing my photography coarse work…An hour later i had taking over 150 new pictures Finally!!

I shouted downstairs "Michael" He came running upstairs! "Can you dipdyed my hair again please" I said to him "Yep what colour" I pointed to the box of blue dye on my set of drawers

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