Fallen in Love with the Guitaris

Hannah Irwin is Ashton's sister. Ashton is protective over Hannah and hannah goes through difficult times.What happens when you go on tour with ashton and the boys and fall in love with a certain someone? What would Ashton do?


1. Hannah and Ashton

Chapter one:

"Hannah,Time to wake up.Its your last day of school!" My brother ashton screamed at me "Jeez calm down ash I'm up" I got out of bed and grabbed my clothes from my closet which included my ripped skinny jeans, My all time low top from their tour, my jumper and my white vans.

I ran downstairs after brushing my blonde hair with red highlights,My brothers friend Michael persuaded ashton to let me get it done. I put two pieces of toast in the toaster and got the Nutella out of the cupboard,The toast popped out of the toaster, I spread it all over my toast and slowly ate it.

After i finished, i shouted up to ashton "See you later ash I'm going school" Before he could answer i was out of the door. I put my headphones in and started listening to One Direction,I knock at Jordi's house "You ready Jordi" I asked him,"yep" He replied and with that we left to go to school.

We arrived at school and met our other friends Emily,Alex and Ryan. "Hey guys" I said to them with a smile. They all replied with "Hey".The bell rang signalling us to go to first lesson which was English, Lucky we were allowed on our phones in english and it was the last day.

I took my seat next to Alex and pulled my phone out from my jeans pocket and started playing Linkin Park through my headphones. When i got a text from Niall from One Direction,He was like another brother to me. My brother started to text me saying "can you pick harry up🙈" i text back saying "Fine" The bell rang and we all got up and headed to our next class which was P.E my favourite lesson🙈

New story🙊

Hope you enjoy it💞

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