Finally, a ginger! Sort of...

Elijah has never set foot outside of her city, but when a big blue box appears randomly, she's suddenly finding herself in places she'd never dreamt of.


2. We're here

There's those moments in life, where you've completely changed, at the flick of a wrist, and if the past you had been told what you were going to do in the future, you'd have scoffed at them. That's what was happening right now. Unless of course this was all a dream. I pinched my arm, nearly shrieking in delight as I felt the small throbbing as steady as a heartbeat. "What was that?" The man asked as he turned some knobs in front of him, his eyes wavering from the machine to me.

"Checking to see if this was a dream, is all." I replied. This wasn't a dream. I was really in a big blue box (it looks smaller on the outside) with a man I just met, who, for all I know, could be a murderer. Or just clinically insane. Wouldn't that make me insane as well, for allowing him to drag me off in this...thing? I wasn't really sure what it was, exactly. He'd explained it as a life form, called the Tardis, but I couldn't see how a police box could be living. Did it have a heart? Or lungs? What about any other vital organs?

I shook off the thoughts, keeping a careful eye on what the man was doing. "What are all those switches for?" I spoke, stepping forward for a closer look.

"The controls." He said simply. That was something I had caught onto. He was simple, but he lived a life so intricate you'd think it were a fairy tale. I delicately ran my hand over a few buttons, resulting in a slap to the wrist and I quickly jerked my hand back, shocked he would do such a thing. "Don't touch anything." He muttered, pulling a lever.

Suddenly, I was thrown to the floor as if a new force was tugging on the Tardis. I scrambled over to a post and gripped it tightly, getting dizzy as the Tardis spun. My eyes clenched tightly closed and I could feel the doctor behind me, keeping me pressed against the post. I'd have to thank him for that later. If I even survived. It didn't seem like I would at this point. The Tardis was shaking so hard, it felt like it would fall apart soon.

Then, just like that, it all stopped. It was silent, other than the hum of the Tardis, and there was no movement. I glanced behind me to see the doctor grinning like a fool. "We're here."

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