My father once told me.

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

He told me that 10 years ago, he only said it once before he died. Now 15 years in age and I still have no clue what he meant.

Taking a journey because of my crush Dylan, only helped a little with what it sorta meant.

Chances might be finding new people, having experiences, enjoying life, having adventures or taking risks. Maybe that's what chances cause, is by taking them?

Go through the romance story Chances. A journey that only happens once in a lifetime with Eden. But everything is an adventure. Find out on Chances.



2. Chapter 1:


Chapter 1:

My father once told me.

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

I didn't understand what he meant by that, I was only young and confused.

I didn't have time to ask him what he meant, but he knew I would figure it out. One day.

My life has been always wrapped around by what he said and my sister knew that. I would join everything I had an chance in, and for me that was music.

Music is my life, and I think it's safe to say that because it truly is. I take singing lessons, I don't really need them. But I take them anyways to get better. I play guitar and piano. My father taught me but it just stuck with me and I became talented.

People know me by the girl with the ear buds. I always have them on, I listen to my music, my covers on songs and songs by the artists. The only reason I listen to myself is because I listen carefully to make sure if I need to improve.

"Practice makes perfect." Something else my father use to say.

I'm more of a hipster type of person if you ask me, I have style but I also like doing some out door activities.

I enjoy the sunlight, considering I have sun kissed skin. But I'm an independent person, as you could tell but I do have acquaintances a lot of them, but I have a group of friends at school who I'm close to. I just like to stay out of the drama and keep to myself. It's just safer that way.

I just stay at home playing basket ball. I'm quite good at it but I'll never quite make the team. I skate board most of the time with my ear buds in my ear, jamming out and thinking.

Then I come home to my best friend. But also my guardian. My older sister, she only understands me, after my father died years and years ago and our mother whom we don't speak of.

My sister owns a small trailer, but with a lot of land. Her boyfriend bought it but he sorta moved to L.A and never heard of him since. Rose, my sister, said that when she gets enough money she'll make a nice cozy house for her and I to live in on the property she now owns.

"Go get ready for your singing lessons." she shooed me upstairs.

I miss my fathers presence I really do. He honestly was a wise man also my hero who made me who I am today.

I quickly changed into black leggings that stops to my knees and a white crop top with an infinity sign that has the word music wrapped around with it.

I slipped on my black vans and looked in the mirror one last time. I had a little mascara on. I don't like makeup but it does have a difference with just mascara. My perfectly straight golden brunette hair falls to my lower back. I smiled, and walked down stairs with my cheap phone in my hand.

"I'm ready." I smiled to my sister and we walked out and she locked the door.

I got into the passengers seat. She started the ignition. Backed out of the driveway and was on the road.

Silence. It filled in the car.

"Tomorrow is a big day for you." Rose says breaking the silence.

"Yeah but it's just another day though." I said laughing a little.

"You turn 16 once, it's a big day." she said smiling.

I smiled with her. She was right.

The car came into a stop. I unbuckled my seat belt. My arm was being held onto and I looked at her.

Her eyes were once a beautiful blue color but now a shaded grey. Sadness filled them.

"I know dad hasn't been here for almost 11 years and mom won't ever come back but please take chances as he use to say." I smiled at her. Her giving me a smile back.

"I will and I kept that promise." I kissed her cheek.

"Good luck baby girl." Rose said as I get out of the car and I walked into my other home. Where everyone knew me as I walked in.

"Eden you're back!" Marcy said as she embraced me into a hug. Marcy is the owner of the music store, My dad use to own it but he sold it to her. But I'm still like family here.

I giggled. "I'm here every week Mar."

"I know, but it's not the same." she said walking back to behind the counter.

I walked to the back room where Miss May would be.

"Eden happy early birthday!" I smiled at her as I saw the room filled with multi colored balloons and a few presents. I kept my distance from the balloons, I have a phobia of balloons, just a bad childhood with them.

The workers at the music store were there giving me smiles and waiting for a response.

"I don't know what to say." I said smiling.

"Don't say anything just give your family a hug!" Dylan said. He's my age. Tall, handsome and has a charming smile. The Dylan O'brien always flirting. I had a crush on him for the longest time. I hugged him first.

I hugged everyone else and sat down next to Dylan. You can also say he's my best friend. But that's all it'll ever be. Best friends.

"Here open my present first." Kurt, my piano teacher said. Kurt is gay if you wanted to know. Him and his husband Blaine are so cute together.

I looked around the room, only my piano, guitar and vocal teachers were in here and Dylan. It was a cozy feeling since I knew them my whole life.

I opened it up. It was an orange microphone with a black music note that was bejeweled on it. I smiled.

"Thank you so much Kurt." he smiled back. Telling me that him and Blaine were searching everywhere for that item.

Denise handed me my present next. She's my guitar teacher.

It was a guitar, it's a neon orange one with some black designed around the middle of it.

"It's beautiful." she nodded and smiled. I started getting teary eyed.

My singing teacher handed me a huge present. I opened it and it was a variety of clothing and accessories.

I looked at her with big bright eyes.

"I don't deserve any of these presents. I'm sorry." I looked to the ground. Sorta embarrassed.

"You payed so much hard work for us to help you baby girl. We're just doing the same now." I know what she meant, my sister being a single parent sorta and she doesn't want to be and can only raise one child and try to be stable. They're only trying to spoil me, I kept saying to myself, just let it happen. May said as she kisses my forehead. I'm the closest to her because my dad and her were best friends. She's family. Everyone here is family.

"Okay guys she's going to spend the rest of the time here for her singing abilities so everyone out." May said clapping her hands, they all give me one last hug and left.

I walk into the recording studio where Dylan did all the technical help.

I put the head set on and I looked at Dylan seeing if he was ready for me because he's sorta singing with me. He gave me a thumbs up and I started to sing my heart out.


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