Captured Souls



2. Chapter Two

Emily and Addison spent five years as best friends.  They even joined a high school together when they were twelve.  They were always known as loners at Seawood High, and they were proud of it.  They were fifteen years old now and were stuck together.

"Addison, are you okay?"  Emily approached Addison, who was sitting in a corner out in the yard.  He was covering his face with his hands and his knees were tucked up to his chest.

Addison nodded, but Emily knelt on the floor beside him, determined to make him feel better.  "Addison, tell me."

The boy lifted his head.  He had few tears in his eyes and his face was covered in cuts, bruises and blood.  "Trace, he beat me... I-in the changing rooms..."  He choked on his words and Emily wrapped her arms around him, bringing him into a hug as they both stood.

"It's okay.  Want to go to the nurse's office?"  Emily insisted but couldn't get a nod our of her best friend.  He bit his lip to try and fight through the pain of his cuts but tears came streaming down his face uncontrollably.

"Hey, loners, what are you doing?  Oh, did the girl want some fist too?"  A tall, pale guy stood in front of the two, grinning.  His eyes were pale, pale amber and his hair was jet black.  He was wearing a black t-shirt and some dark grey jeans.  His jeans were tucked into a pair of black boots and an ebony belt was wrapped around his waist.

"Get lost, Trace, you are not wanted here."  Emily spoke with anger and hate.  She was the only one in their year who was not terrified of Trace, the emo, and she despised him.

The emo guy chuckled, taking a step closer to her and grinning, "You, shortie, need to keep your trap shut before you get into any trouble."

"And you, emo, need to learn to show respect or you are going to struggle to find anyone who actually likes you in life."  She kept her anger and hate showing, just to make sure he knew how much she meant it.

The emo smirked at her, tapping her head with his hand, which made her scowl.  He then laughed at her expression and spoke sarcastically, "You are the cutest little thing, aren't you?"

She carried on showing a scowl and he shook his head at her, "Follow me, girl.  And leave your idiotic friend behind, nothing pushes my buttons more than that guy."

"I'm not following you, you senseless swine, I'd rather be stuck in a ditch with ten thousand pythons!" Emily screeched when she felt Trace's hand grasp her arm tightly.  He then dragged her across the yard, leaving his two friends behind with Addison.

"Come on, Emily, I'm not that bad," Trace chuckled, watching the girl struggle in his grip.  He then threw her inside a janitor's closet, and locked the door behind them.

"What do you want from me, Hatton?"  Emily growled through gritted teeth.

"Me? Oh, I just need a word with you.  About your little appearance at this school after so many years without your parents, stuck inside some mad woman's house who adopted you.  So, tell me, girl.  Where are your real parents?"  Trace knelt beside her, watching her every move and anger showing in his face.

"They were killed in a car accident."  Emily tried to sound as believable as possible, but she and Trace both knew the truth.  Emily had no idea Trace knew, but she was always told to keep her secret safe and make up an excuse to go along with if anyone asked.

"When?"  Trace growled.

"Ten years ago, when I was five."

"Where were you?"

"Home.  With my grandmother."  Emily was determined to keep the secret.  Trace was aware of Emily's past, but nobody knew that he had found out.

"Emily, you are a tough nut to crack.  But I am afraid I already know about your past, about your little 'vacation' to Earth? Ha! So many lies were told to you, girl.  Your real parents lied about ever coming back for you.  They knew they were to send you to have a regular life as a child down on Earth otherwise people like me and my family would hunt you down.  Well, I have found you, Emily.  I was sent to Earth too, to track you down.  As, you see, I am not a Hatton; that is my human name.  No, you may still call me Trace, but my surname is not valid on Earth, as the demons in my world are known as the Dhemit family.  And your surname?  I know that too.  Gaunt is your fake name.  Your angel family are known as the Enkelit family."  Emily was taken by surprise at this information.  She knew she had to escape the janitor's closet, because being in an enclosed area with a demon was the last thing she wanted. 

"Let me out, you pillage of death!"  She called out in hope he would just let her go, but life was not that simple, especially for an angel.

"I am afraid I cannot do that.  I must complete my mission.  Then I must take you to my father."  Trace chuckled, "And you shall be the new addition to our family!  Oh, it'll be a treat, being the only fallen angel in centuries!"  He teased, and Emily growled through gritted teeth, rising to her feet.

"You, Dhemit, must be a fool if you believe you are able to capture me in such a way!"  She yelled, reaching for the key in his hand.  She managed to grasp the key and reach the door, slipping the metal tip into the lock.

"Hmm.  You think you are such a smart one, shortie.  But, no, you cannot unlock a door with the wrong key."  Trace teased again, swinging the right key in his hand, as Emily struggled to pull the fake out of the lock.

"Now."  He smirked, "Get ready to face Hell, honey."



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