Captured Souls



3. Chapter Three

"This is the dress you will wear.  Put it on.  Now."  Trace growled at Emily, who had been dragged by him to a small, abandoned house in the middle of nowhere.

"Turn around, then!" 

"This is the least of your embarrassment issues, shortie.  Get used to it, I have to watch you all the time to make sure you do not escape." He grinned, "Now put on the dress."

Emily looked down at the dress Trace had previously laid over her outstretched arms.  It was black and quite long.  The bottom was decorated with dark purple lace and the torso of the dress had a dark purple ribbon to tie around and bow at the back.

"I hate you."  She hissed, and took her time to remove her clothing, making sure the demon could not see anything he shouldn't.

She tugged the dress over her head, but had to yell at Trace to help her pull the neck over her ears and the tight sleeves around her arms.  Once finished, Trace knelt in front of Emily, who was sitting on an old, rotting chair, and slipped on a pair of purple high-heeled boots, after tying the purple ribbon in a bow at the back of her.

"So, what exactly am I in for?"  Emily asked as they both strolled down a long, gravelled pathway to the Dhemit family manor.

Trace smirked, reaching his hand over to grasp hers, "You shall pretend to be my fiancé.  My parents will grant me permission for the manor if I am married, and I shall be the ruler of our demon family.  You, of course, only have to spend time with me today since you are only pretending, so tomorrow I am able to throw you out and allow you to go back to your little crush, Addison."

"Hey, I have no crush on that guy.  He is my best friend, I'd be more likely to have a crush on you than him, and we know how slim that chance is."  She looked up at Trace, and he raised an eyebrow.

"You'd rather be my partner than your own best friend's?  That is harsh.  Maybe you could be a part of us demons?  Oh, that reminds me, you cannot go back to your life as an angel after this.  You shall be a fallen angel forever, but in front of mortals you may still fake being human."  Trace stated, giving her a serious look.

"So now I'm a fallen angel and I'm getting married to Trace Dhemit?  Wow, life sucks hard-core."  She sighed, knowing arguing with him was not going to help her in any way, since she had been the one who agreed with doing the task.

They walked hand-in-hand to the manor, and walked right into the shiny black doors once they reached it.  The doors were around ten times the height of a fully grown female cow, and the whole manor itself was at least thirteen times the height of the doors.

As they entered, Emily took in the view of the dark manor, only able to take it in for so long as they were forced to jog into a room before anyone saw her, as she had not had makeup done to make her look like a demon girl.  Trace's family would have never allowed him to marry an angel, especially one who was sent to have a mortal life; double whammy.

"Your eyes must be smoky.  Contacts!"  Trace chanted quietly when he was doing the angel's makeup.  He had a large tray of eye shadow, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick, contacts, mascara, and more.  As he applied the makeup, Emily sat still.  She did not want to move in case he made any mistakes and went ballistic on her.

After about half an hour, they stepped out of the storage room and into the main hall, where a dining table was set up with posh, but dark, surroundings and cutlery.

"So, this is the mysterious Emily!  We always wanted to meet Trace's wife-to-be!  I am Catherine Dhemit, Trace's mother, but you may call me Cathy.  Come on over, food will be ready soon."  A tall woman with jet black hair and a large, red dress said in a high-pitched voice, taking Emily by the arm with her silk black gloves and leading her to the table.  Emily's makeup coated face looked shocked at the contact, but Trace nodded and linked her other arm with his.  Her makeup was pale, her eyes surrounded by thick black eyeliner and eye shadow, along with dark red lips and smoky grey contacts.

"You two may sit here, I shall inform everyone of your arrival."  The woman walked out of the room, her slim, bony body swaying as she walked, leaving Trace and Emily sitting alone at the dark dining table.  Are all of the demons in this place as bony as dead people? Oh, wait... Emily thought, realising how dead they actually were.

"That's my mother.  She asks a lot of questions, so make things up and I will go along with it.  I already made up a few thing to talk to her about you but her memory is ridiculous, so just improvise."  Trace said, pulling his arm violently away from Emily and leaning his elbow on the table.

"It is rude to put your elbows on the table, Dhemit."

"It is rude to call your fiancé by his last name."  Trace smirked, which made Emily's face basically light up red.  She stared at Trace for a while, taking in his appearance.  She only just realised that on his pale face was black eyeliner, thick but not very noticeable, lip balm on his pale lips, making them look soft, and contacts which made his iris black and his pupils green.

"Enjoying the view?"  Trace teased, leaning his face down to reach Emily's, and brushing his lips in her hair as he breathed the words into her ear.  This sent a shiver down her back, and he slowly pulled his head away, sending an irresistible grin to her.

"You two!  Everyone is here!" Trace's mother entered the room again, a crowd of people behind her, obviously the rest of the family.  Emily felt nervous, and reached her hand underneath the table to grasp Trace's.  Trace was sitting right beside her, and they were on the end of the table, so they could sit alone.

After the family filed in and took their seats, Trace's mother spoke again from her seat:

"So, Emily.  Who are your parents?" 

"Mother."  Trace growled in a low voice.  He obviously knew about Emily's parents, and that she missed them, so making up a story about them was not going to be easy for her.  Trace always joked about Emily's family with her, as he knew already he was a vile and horrible person.  He looked at Emily, who was already staring at him with tears in her eyes, and he smiled a little as if to say 'it's okay.'

Trace didn't even know what he was doing, and it was a first for him, but before he could refuse his actions, he wrapped his arms around the angel, allowing her to rest her face against his chest, even if it meant her black makeup would stain his pale grey shirt. Trace was aware that he was supposed to hate Emily, and he had to keep reminding himself that he did hate her.  He convinced himself that all the hugging and holding hands was part of the act he was playing, and kept hold of Emily for a while longer, just to be sure.

"Oh,"  His mother gulped down, obviously regretting asking, and smiled instead, "Well, I believe the food is ready now.  I am so sorry, dear."

As she said this Emily leaned back away from Trace and smiled, wiping her face to make sure she did not look as if she was wearing makeup to make her look pale like a demon's.

Few butlers and maids entered the room holding plates and trays of food.  They served food to all the family, and guests who were close friends.  Emily stared down at the food.  She didn't feel like eating, especially being reminded of her parents. Oh god, my parents! No, I'm not a fallen angel, or a demon, or anything to do with this place! I must be able to bring back my innocence and holy life some way...  Emily thought, looking around.  Her palms were sweating, and she knew Trace was going to watch her no matter what she did;  he even said he was going to.

For Emily, being in the manor of demons was a huge sin, and she realised then that if she so much as touched anything with bare skin she would burn.  Trace had given her some black gloves to wear because he knew she would burn, but she lost them under the table when she was crying into his chest, which was a very disturbing thought for her.

Emily rubbed her palms together, trying to think of some way to bring back her angelic side, rather than the demon side she was beginning to own.

"May I use the restroom?"  Emily mumbled, seeming shy, and Trace smiled down at her.

"Mother, we shall be just a while, I will show Emily where it is."

Emily let out a small growl, which nobody heard, as Trace's hands touched her back to lead her out of the dining room and through a long hallway, finally entering a large bathroom painted black and white.  Trace shut the door and folded his arms, staring at Emily, who was currently leaning against the wall at the opposite side of the room.

"You better stop hugging me and touching my hands because at some point they will find out I am an angel, and what happens when they never see me again?  Will they not suspect that I am not really your wife and you only used me for this day?"  Emily spat, then tried to catch her breath after her ranting.

"Well, I suppose.  But I can tell them you had been vaporised by an angel who saw you in the graveyard."  Trace walked towards Emily, clenching his fists.

"So what happens if they see me in the church?"  She shot her arms out to the side, showing how angry she was.

"You cannot go back to church after this!  I told you, you shall be a fallen angel forever, your angelic innocence is not able to be found again!"  Trace kept his arms folded and fists clenched.

"But I am an angel!  I do not want to be a fallen angel.  I am done with pretending.  Your family is finding out about me."  Emily hissed, letting water from the sink fill her cupped hands.  She then pressed her water-filled hands over her face, rubbing off her makeup.  After that, she grabbed a black towel and wiped her face, then took her contacts out.

"Emily, please.  My life will be ruined, they will throw me out, I will be turned into dust by your family of angels!"  Trace begged, which Emily found unnatural.  She remembered when she first met Trace, in school when she was around eleven years old.  She had thought he was a mortal, just an emo.

"W-wait."  The girl stuttered, "But I am fifteen.  It is not natural to be married at this age, right?  Your parents at least believe that marriage should not happen at this age?  Right!?" 

"Emily, I am not letting you go.  If you do not go through with this plan I will just keep you in my chamber until you die.  Though, I am sure angels do not die.  Right?"  Trace glared at her.

Emily was trembling, terrified.  She clutched her own waist, crossing her arms over her front so she could hug herself to feel safer, but it did not work.

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