Captured Souls



6. Chapter Six

"M-mother, hi."  He said awkwardly.

"Emily?"  Trace's mother widened her eyes in confusion at the sight of Emily, finally realising that the worn out girl was her 'daughter-in-law-to-be.'

"Hello, Mrs Dhemit."  Emily mumbled, still secretly attempting to find a way out of Trace's arms.

"Mother, I know it looks bad but,"  Trace started, but paused, trying to think of a reasonable explanation.

"Trace, she is the pure blood and skin as an angel.  Even if she has no wings..."  Catherine looked confused at the lack of wings Emily had.  Even Emily had only just noticed her wings had gone.  She didn't even remember them being there after she escaped the chains.

"Mother, she isn't an angel...  Well, not a holy one anymore.  I guess..." Trace tried to convince his mother that Emily was a fallen angel, but to be honest, he could not exactly see himself if she was fallen or pure.

"Get that thing out of my house.  Now!"  Catherine stormed out of the room with a slam of the door, and Trace growled.  Emily felt uncomfortable due to the rumbling of Trace's chest after he growled, and the almost solidified density of the tension filling the room.

"She called me a thing."  Emily stated dumbly, for she was not able to think of anything else smart to say.

"Yeah, she doesn't understand that you are a living thing too.  She thinks angels are just objects she can destroy when she wants to throw a temper tantrum, and cannot see that you are a sweet, little girl."  Trace said, but regretted it immediately.  He had just said something nice about his enemy, and Emily was currently staring at him with widened eyes and her jaw in the shape of an over-rounded apple.

"You said something nice about me; you are not really you!"  Emily pointed at his face, pouting, her index fingertip almost touching the demon's mouth.  Trace took the invitation to trap the tip of her finger in his teeth, making Emily hiss.  He chuckled, releasing her finger from his teeth, and she dragged her hand to her stomach, folding her arms and sulking as if she was a child.  The angel was still laying in Trace's arms, and despised the thought of being in them.

"Emily, you need to sleep."  Trace sighed, looking out of a small window.  He set her down on a tiny, uncomfortable bed, and tied her wrists and ankles up with chains so she could not escape.

"Wow, and I thought you were being kind to me for once."  She added sarcastically, and Trace rolled his eyes before sitting on the floor beside her, holding a sketchpad and pencil.

"What are you drawing?"  She asked, and Trace shook his head.

"Nothing much.  Just sleep, you, rest is necessary for angels!"

"Goodnight, Trace."  She yawned while saying this, and her words were muffled as she had turned her head so her mouth would be buried in the small pillow.

"Goodnight, my little angel,"  Trace smiled a little, then slapped his face to stop his smile from appearing to obvious.

"Too late, I already saw it."  Emily smirked before dozing off, and Trace got on with drawing.

~Some Time Later~

"Hey, angel, it's morning.  Get up!"  Trace growled loudly, slapping Emily's sleeping face.

"Alright, calm down..."  She mumbled lazily, then opened her eyes. "Get off of me."

Trace laughed at her irritated, sleepy face.  He was currently sitting on top of her, knees digging into her stomach.

"Dhemit, get off!"  She hissed, but the demon slapped her face again.

"Fine.  You are getting out of my house today.  My mother almost saw you when you were sleeping.  She walked in and I had to lay beside you so she could not see past me."

"AH!"  Emily yelled, glaring at the boy, "Nope, I quit.  Get me out of this house, now!  You laid in the same bed as me!"

"No, I laid beside you, I hovered as a demon, actually."  He grinned, then walked to the side of the bed, "Now get ready to leave."

"I despise you, dimwit."  She shouted.

"I despise you too, you simpleton."  Trace gave her a fake smile, then unchained her wrists and ankles.

Emily looked at the demon with hate and abomination, "Get out, then."

"I cannot, miss.  As I told you, you may try to run."

"Well, I am not changing clothes, then."

"Alright, then."  The demon grabbed her wrist, then dragged her out of the room with force.  They walked down the steps slowly.

"What time is it, anyway?"  The girl whispered.

"About 2:30am."  Trace mumbled.  

"I detest you even more now, Dhemit."  She caught up with the boy and he grinned, pushing her down the staircase.

She hit the ground with a loud thud, but felt no pain. As she stood, Trace grasped her wrist again and continued walking as if nothing happened.

"Trace?"  She tried to stop, but the boy walked on with no emotion showing.  "Should that fall not have almost murdered me?"

She scowled, now enraged, "Dhemit, listen to me!"

Trace stopped suddenly.  They were out in the street now, and Emily's bare feet seemed to burn with coldness.  She was standing on the damp sidewalk, on her toes.

"What?!"  The unenthusiastic demon asked through gritted teeth.

"What do I do now?"  She mumbled, in fear of how violent the boy was.  

"I don't know.  You are not my responsibility, you have nothing to do with me.  Just do whatever you want and get out of my life!"  He gnarled, but his facial expression softened at the sight of Emily looking startled.

"Emily, I didn't mean..."  He tried but she shook her head.

"I'm fallen." 

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