Captured Souls



1. Chapter One

Emily Gaunt stat in her comfortable red chair, a book in her hands.  The book was hard-backed and plain red.  Emily was writing on the empty pages, with her feather pen and ink pot.

"Emily, you come downstairs right now, it is time to go."  Farah Gaunt, Emily's adoptive mother, yelled from downstairs.

"Yes, Mother!"  Emily said back, placing her book and feather pen on her seat as she stood to sprint down the stairs, her long, blonde hair and her white dress swaying behind her.  Her bright blue eyes followed her mother, who walked past her with a red rose in hand.  Her mother was dressed in a blood-red dress and was wearing black heels.  Her long brown hair was pinned up and her face was coated in makeup, contacts over her natural brown eyes to make them pink.

"What is the occasion, Mother?"  Emily asked, stopping at the bottom of the stairs, her bare toes scrunched up in the carpet, and her heels slightly raised from the floor.

"We are going to my sister's, your Aunt Linda's, party.  She is 46 today, and she is having a large party in her mansion, I reckon there will be at least three hundred there, knowing her."  The woman spoke with a soft voice, and patted her little girl's head lightly, smiling. "Now, go change into some nice clothes, honey."  Emily's face was pale now.  She hated social communication, and hundreds of people in the same room as her was not going to make her phobia of social interaction any better.

"Yes, Mother.  Shall I be wearing any heels or just my flats?"  Emily asked, looking up at her mother.  Emily was only 4"6ft and her mother was at least 6ft.

"You may borrow some of my small heels, Emily.  But only the size four ones because mine will not fit you.  The ones you are able to fit into are in the attic."  Farah sent one last wide smile before her daughter nodded and ran up the stairs, reaching the ladders which led to the attic.  The wooden ladders were rotting and had many chips and splinters.  To Emily, they were highly elevated, and she made a scrunched up face, determined to climb them without falling. or getting injured.

She swiped her index and middle finger of her right hand across her right cheek as if she had face pain on them, which she did not, and did the same with the left, then the ten year old girl grasped one of the rungs with both of her tiny hands and stepped her left leg on one of the lower rungs.  She nodded to herself, then began to lift the other leg from the floor, climbing up the ladders slowly and carefully.

"I can do this."  She growled, sure she was able to climb up the old ladders.

She reached the attic, landing on her stomach and hitting her chin on the wooden floor.  She rubbed her grazed chin and stood slowly, looking around the dark attic.

"Now, where are those shoes?"  Emily walked around for a while, then felt something brush her leg, "AH!"

She looked down, seeing a feather duster near her feet.

When Emily looked back up to her eye level, she saw two bright blue dots in the darkness.  They disappeared before she was able to find out what they were, then stumbled across a cardboard box full of high heels.  The girl decided to look down at the shoes and completely forgot about the blue dots, now choosing some to wear for the party. 

Once she picked a pair of bright white shoes with a tiny black wedge, she skipped to the door and hopped down the ladder, walking into her bedroom again.

"That's odd."  Her high-pitched voice filled the room as she closed the door.  She was staring at her empty red chair in the corner of her room, believing something had changed since she walked out. "My book was on that chair..."  She shrugged it off, and opened her wooden wardrobe to find a dress.  She looked through her few dresses, finally picking out a brand new white one she had never worn before.  She pulled off her old white dress and replaced it on her body with the new white one, wrapping a white bow around her waist and tying it at the back of her dress.  She then tugged on the shoes, lacing them up with the black laces and tying a bow on each.

"I am ready to go, Mother!"  Emily shouted as she walked down the stairs.

"Alright, my little angel, go get in the car, I'll be out in a minute."  Farah smiled widely at her daughter.  Emily nodded and ran out of the front door to the black car her mother owned.  She hopped inside the car and looked out of the window, her eyes tilting up to see the attic window.  She saw darkness in the window, but the two blue dots again.  The dots were surrounded by a pale face-shaped object this time.  Emily tilted her head, then looked at the driver's seat of the car, realising her mother was already in it and ready to go.

"Oh, oops, Mother, I didn't do my hair.  Do you have a hair brush?"  Emily clicked to her thoughts and took a small brush from Farah's handbag, dragging it through her fine hair.    She then placed the brush back in her mother's pale red handbag again, then left her hair down, placing a white headband on her head.

"You look nice today, honey."  Farah smiled as she drove down a dirt track by a large farm.  The farm was truly enormous, and it belonged to Emily's Aunt.  She was rich, and hated adoption, which was why she despised Emily.

"Thank you.  Do you think Auntie Linda will be kind to me at the party?  She hates me..."

"She doesn't hate you, Emily, she just hates adoption."

"And I am adopted.  Therefore, she hates me."

"Don't be silly.  Anyway, we're here.  I will be with the adults so you go socialize with some kids your age, you might make a friend!"  At that they separated, Farah making her way toward a group of adults, Aunt Linda there in a large pink dress, and Emily slowly tip-toeing toward the living room, where a group of children around her age sat on the floor and the sofa, many of them either playing with dolls or toy trains, but one boy sitting on a two-person chair, writing in a book.

Emily looked at the boy in the corner for a moment, then back at the group of screaming children, then back at the boy.  He had dark blue hair, swept across his forehead, and down to his ear lobes, and his bright blue eyes were glued to the book he was writing in.  He had fairly pale skin, and he was very bony, his wrists not much thicker than a tennis racket handle.

"Um, excuse me?"  Emily said in a soft, quiet voice, standing on her toes by the side of the boy, looking down at him.

He tilted his chin so he was facing her.  The boy looked emotionless, his small, pale pink lips basically straight.  "Yes?"

"Well, I-I kind of have a fear of people, and you're the only person in this room who is not a lunatic, by the looks of it, so I was wondering if I could sit beside you?"  Emily asked kindly, and he stared at her for a moment.

"Yes, you may.  May I ask your name?"

"I'm Emily Gaunt.  I was adopted by Farah three years ago, and Linda is my Aunt." 

"I see.  I am your Aunt's friend Gracie's son, Addison."

"I though Addison was a girl na-"

"My parents named me Addison, okay?  Deal with it!"  He growled, shocking Emily.  She nodded and smiled at the boy, who closed his book and placed it on the arm of the chair.

"So, how old are you?"  Addison seemed to calm down, and looked interested in her life story.  He lifted his legs and crossed them on his seat, looking at Emily.

"I'm ten years old." Emily said simply, mirroring him with her crossed legs.

"Oh, so am I."  He smiled, "So when is your birthday?"

"I was born on the 25th of December, Christmas."  She smiled too, stating that her birthday was a holy time.

"I was born on the thirteenth of May, on a Friday." 

"So I was born on a holy day, and you were born on an unholy day!"  She smiled even wider as she said this.  Emily felt like she could talk to Addison.  She had never been able to speak to someone before without getting scared.

They both sat and talked for a while, before Emily's mother came into the room to pick her up.

"Emily, time t-" Farah hiccupped in mid-sentence, "to go home."  She was standing on the ground fine, but seemed weak and bubbly.  Her eyes were almost closed, and she kept hiccupping and laughing at nothing.

"Farah, you can't drive, you are drunk."  A short woman with long brown hair and green eyes walked in, dressed in a blue dress and some black heels, "I will drive you and Emily to my house for the night, and you can come back to pick up your car and drive home tomorrow.  Linda said it is okay.  Kids, I'm taking her to my car, you two follow us."  She added, guiding Emily's mother toward the door.

"That's my mother.  She's called Kate."  Addison smiled at Emily, then grasped her hand to drag her toward their parents.

The two kids ran to the blue car owned by Kate and sat in the back seats while Kate put Farah, who had fallen asleep, in the passenger side, then sat down in the driver's seat.

They drove for about half an hour in silence until a groaning sound came from Farah's mouth.  Kate rolled her eyes and carried on driving down a long road in the darkness, no other cars around.

"I hate it when my mother is drunk."  Emily folded her arms and looked at Addison, who was laughing at her reaction to her drunk mother.

"You look hilarious."  He pointed at her face, and Emily stupidly crossed her eyes to try look at her own face.  The children broke into fits of laughter and Kate sighed at the fact she was the only normal one in the car.

They drove for another twenty minutes, then stopped outside a large stone house with a tiny, but well designed, garden out front.  Flowers of various colours were dotted around the bright green grass, and a small tree sat in the centre of a circular patch of flowers.  Emily stared in amazement at the house and garden, taking in the view.

"Like our house, Emily?"  Addison nudged her side with his elbow as they walked through the gate.  Kate carried Farah into the house as Emily and Addison stood in the garden.

"It's beautiful!"  She smiled widely, spinning slowly in circles to look around her at the garden, and her dress swayed with her, forming a perfect spiral around her.  Her hair spun like her dress did, and she closed her eyes tight, still spinning. 

"Having fun?"  Addison asked, grasping her arms with both of his tiny hands to stop her, and she opened her eyes to look at him.  At that moment she realised how short Addison actually was, and how slim and bony he was.  She began to wonder if he even ate as she stared at him.

"I'm dizzy."  She giggled, and Addison rolled his eyes, tapping her arm with his hand before turning to walk into his house.  "Hey wait for me!"  Emily called out, but as she spun she fell flat on her front, landing with a thump on the flagged pavement which led to the door.

"Are you okay?"  She nodded as she was asked this, but she was curled up in a ball, now on her back, and clutching her knees.  "Mother, Emily fell over!"

"I'm coming!"  A female voice yelled from inside, then shortly after, Kate ran outside and knelt beside Emily.  Addison was already beside her on the floor on his knees, and he had a hand on her face to comfort her.

"Ooh, you're okay, honey.  Just a few cuts on your knees.  Come on inside, I'll just be a few minutes because your mother is finding it hard to get into bed."  Kate ran back inside, and Addison let Emily slip into his arms for support, both of them walking inside the house.  The boy's arms were wrapped around her and she was limping, blood on her knees from the cuts she got.

"Do you feel okay?"  Addison hugged the girl as they entered the living room and sat down on a green sofa.  She sat leaning against the boy, and his arms were tight around her waist to make her feel better.  Emily nodded slightly, and smiled through her few tears.

"Good.  I don't want you to be injured."  He smiled at her as he said this, and turned on the old fashioned T.V.



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