Captured Souls



4. Chapter Four (Short Chapter)

"LET ME OUT!" Emily screamed.  She clenched her fists, trying to cope with the pain of chains tight around her wrists.  Trace had locked her wrists and ankles with chains and only allowed her to have a little movement space by making the chains a little bit loose.  She screamed again, but knew it was no point as the basement was soundproof.

"Now, is Emily going to be a good little angel or is Trace going to have to use the whip?"  Trace teased, smirking with an evil glint in his eyes.  Emily was still screaming, her blonde hair waving around as she shook her head.  Scars and bruises were all over her body and face from previous punishments.  Trace raised his leather whip and slammed it down onto her bare shoulder.  He had forced her to wear a plain white dress, which had no sleeves and only covered her from her neck to her knees.  It was a turtle-neck dress with the sleeves cut off, and was now covered in blood.

"Trace, I still have to go to school.  What are you going to say to the teachers?"  Emily growled, showing her teeth as she tried to escape the chains, but they held her back, just a few inches from Trace.

"Oh, the teachers will not mind your little vacation.  I shall come up with something."  He gave her a sarcastic smile before leaving and slamming the door behind him.  Emily heard a low laugh and the turning of a key in the door, then faint footsteps getting quieter.

"TRACE, YOU LITTLE-"  Emily tried, but then sighed, tilting her head down to face the ground.  Blood dripped from her hair and face, and the sharp pain of a scar across her left eye made Emily wince and tightly close her eyes.  Tears FELL lightly from her eyelashes, landing on the blood-stained floor below her.  Emily thought about her parents.  She opened her eyes and looked around, refusing for the tears to stop her.

"Trace is a demon..."  She gulped, "I am an angel..."  Emily looked o her left, and grinned, "I am holy."  She had seen a black wing peeking from behind her around her shoulder, growing a little larger every second, "I have fallen from my holiness..."  She tugged her wrists and ankles from the chains, pushing against the wall with her strong, dark wings to help, "And I am stronger than I was before.  Stronger... Than the demons..."

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