Captured Souls



5. Chapter Five

Emily sat on a black bed, her legs crossed and her head facing down, so her bright blonde hair hung down, covering it.

"So, Emily."  Trace stood in front of the bed, arms folded, staring down at the helpless girl. "Are you willing to help me or do you want to spend your life in a cell?"

The angel did not speak.  She stayed in her sitting position, now fiddling with the tips of her hair with her fingers. 

"Answer me!"  Trace yelled, causing Emily to flinch slightly, but still not moving from her position.

"Emily!"  He growled, grasping a fist full of her hair and tugging it up so she was forced to look at him, "Your stupid little angel parents are not here to help you now, so you either help me or live your life with chains pulling at you every 24/7."

Emily tightened her eyes, refusing to look at him. She tried to push the demon away, but her hand slipped and touched his bare face, causing his jaw-line and her palm to burn.

"You birdbrained little girl!" Trace hissed, "Speak!"

"You cannot trap me inside here forever, Dhemit."  She finally spoke, but bitterly, with her hands pushing at his chest, pressing against his shirt.

"I can do whatever I like!"  He still had a hold of the angel's perfect hair, but held her away from him so she couldn't push him anymore.

"No!"  She screamed, finally lunging forward to shove the demon onto the ground, landing on top of him.

"You got some nerves, angel."  Trace hissed at the girl, and kept hold of her hair.  He held the hair with one hand, and her waist with the other, making sure she couldn't escape his grip.

"Let me go, demon!"  Emily cried out, tightening her eyes and flailing her fists around to attempt escape, but then felt a sudden movement of being flipped over, wooden planks now under her back.  She opened her eyes, seeing Trace on top of her, still grasping her hair, but one hand was over her mouth rather than around her torso.  They heard footsteps outside, then tapping on the door.

"Trace? Emily? Are you in here?"  The voice of Trace's mother was clear through the dark blue door.  Emily tried to scream, but Trace's hand was covering her mouth too tight for her to get any kind of sound out.

The mother shrugged, then began to walk away, but was stopped by the sound of shuffling and struggling on the ground, and tapping feet on a wooden ground.  Without warning, she heard locks open swiftly, and the door swung open, revealing a small blonde girl in the doorway, wearing a white dress.  The girl stopped at the sight of the woman, one hand grasping the floor handle while the other was holding a handful of blood.  The mother then looked down at the ground inside the room, seeing her son on the ground, the same blood over his chin and lip. 

"Who are you, ma'am?"  The woman asked Emily, not recognising her as she had a lack of makeup to make her look like a demon, and her contacts were not in anymore, and she was wearing a white dress.

"M-mother.  Go.  Now!"  Trace yelled, briskly reaching his hands towards the girl, and jumping off of the ground and onto his feet.  He grasped the angel's torso with his right arm from behind, and her mouth with the other hand, then dragged her into the room and locked the door.

Trace's mother stood in complete and utter astonishment.  She gulped down hard, unknowing that her son was actually preventing an angel girl, who was supposed to pretend to be his fiancé, from living her life regularly.

The lady walked back down the three sets of stairs she had previously gone up, and she informed the guests and family that Trace and his ''fiancé'' were unable to attend dinner due to 'Emily becoming ill and Trace having to care for her.'

Meanwhile, Trace had hammered nails into the wall through the skirt and baggy sleeves of Emily's dress.  He had also duck taped the angel's ankles, wrists and hair to the wall, her arms and legs in a star shape, and her feet against the wall about three inches from the ground.

Emily's mouth was duck taped too, so she could only allow thoughts to process instead of actually speaking, as her thoughts were forced to swirl around and ameliorate rather than escape her lips which were sealed by the silver tape:

'You are a vile demon, an abhorrent, repugnant, nauseating beast and I find you so repulsive I yearn to immolate you with nothing but my fists, Dhemit, I will slaughter you once I escape from your home.'  she thought to herself in hatred.

"Now,"  Trace smirked, pressing his palm against Emily's forehead gently, and placing his other palm on the wall beside her face.  He pushed his hand against his forehead with force, then stopped once he saw tears escape her eyes.  "Time to make you suffer like I did in your parents' prison for five whole years."

Emily widened her eyes at the demon stood in front of her.  She attempted to struggle for freedom, but was unable to escape the wall she now announced to herself was her worst enemy, even worse than the simpleton fool who had attached her to it.

"Oh, Emily, my sweet little angel, don't struggle to break free from this, it won't get you anywhere, dear."  Trace said sarcastically, grinning while softly caressing her cheek with his fingertips to provoke and agitate her.  It worked; Emily was clenching her teeth under the duck tape, and shuffling her body against the wall even more to try and break free.

"Dhemit."  An unfamiliar voice spoke with harsh meanings and great rasp.  Trace turned on his heels to face a small boy wearing a long, back trench coat and some tall grey boots.

The boy was even shorter than Emily was when stood up, and his hair was swept across his face, the colour of blue.  His eyes were not seen until he removed his hood, which was attached to the black coat he wore, and they were bright blue.  His defined lips were a pale peach colour, and were placed on a very pale face.  He had almost no muscles, and looked rather bony and young.

"Tokumei Tamashi.  I thought we would meet again."  Trace spoke with hate.  Emily, however, was staring at the boy's eyes.  She knew them anywhere; her mind went back to when she was in her loft, just before she tripped over the box.  The bright blue dots which were in the darkness.  The angel thought harder, able to imagine a pale face behind the eyes, but then she was driven back to reality at the sound of yelling.

"Tokumei, stop stalking me!"  Trace was raising his voice loud.

"Mr Dhemit, you undoubtedly do not understand my meanings and reasons of why I do certain things.  This girl did nothing to you-- I should know-- and you treat her like a ragdoll."  The small boy spoke to the point and stated everything simply, his voice at a regular tone.  He looked up at Trace and raised an eyebrow.  Trace was folding his arms while chewing on his bottom lip. 

"Dhemit, un-tape the poor angel's mouth and allow her to be free from the wall, and the haunted place you announce as home, and explain to me why you enjoy to capture innocent souls."

Trace shook his head slowly, then chuckled, patting the small boy on the head.  He then walked over to the angel on the wall, then un-taped her mouth.

"Dhemit, release me from this wall, you beast!"  Emily shrieked.  The small blue-haired boy narrowed his eyes and covered his ears with his hands, then un-covered them.

"Nightmare, isn't she?"  Trace turned to Tokumei, who raised an eyebrow at the tall demon boy.

"I find her highly dreadful when she is stumbling over high heeled shoes after almost blowing my cover, yes."  Tokumei smiled sarcastically at Emily, then gave another serious look to Trace.

"Well, can I come down?"  Emily complained to the boys.

"Yes, but you may not leave." Trace tore the duck tape from her wrists, hair and ankles, leaving the girl hanging in mid-air from the wall by the staples in her dress skirt.

"You're a dunderhead, Dhemit."  Emily growled, ripping her dress as she tugged it from the staples.

"And you are a half-witted twit." Trace leaned down to her face and smiled with his eyes tight, but not closed, and Emily hissed, landing a fist flat on his jawline.

"Well, that was rude, Emily."  The blue haired boy seemed to appear behind the angel, and she spun around, falling backwards into Trace's arms. 

"Well, this is adorable." Tokumei teased, then gave a quick wave before vanishing into shadows.

"Tokumei!"  Trace and Emily shrieked at the same time, and Trace almost released the girl from his safe grip.  They both looked at each other for a while, then when they looked back to the other boy, he was gone.

Silence filled the air, making it tense.

"Get off me!" Emily exclaimed after a while, shuffling and struggling to get out of the demon's grasp.  Trace did not let go, just lifted her off of the ground and carried her bridal-style. 

"You are not going anywhere, I untied you, and I do not trust you to not run away."  Trace said, tightening his embrace on her.

"You are such a-"

"Trace?"  A familiar voice came from the doorway, and Trace turned on his heel to face it, still holding Emily.

"M-mother, hi."  He said awkwardly.

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