5 seconds of summer

so if your book this is their story so far and I think awesome book I love it well there is four groups Luke Michael ashton Callum that their name of the band I actually thought one direction was better now I am starting to think that this band might even good but my introduction is let make band so they were pretty crazy when we started a band the dream was to get their guitars and back on the radio show because that was what the band grew up with they loved rock and they loved punk music ashton really liked football he wanted to become professional his favourite team was Liverpool he dreamt off being a captain become as Steven Gerard music was the only thing he loved really he one was always sporty I was the only one that was sporty in my family and we were at school =I use to just sing to my sister Mali she was the musical one and at home and wonder why I was never talented as good as her at music I definitely gained lot of love from music and she would blast out will update soon


1. 5 seconds of summer lets make a band part 1

I am writing about my favourite book 5 seconds of summer the names of the band is Michael and ashton Callum Luke 5sos pretty crazy. the dream was to get guitar back on the radio, that the music we grew up with they loved punk ,and rock music brought Michael and ashton and me together. when we were at school but when I was younger my life could have gone one or two ways I really loved football I wanted to become professional,  my favourite team was Liverpool I wanted captain like Steven Gerard but as soon as  I discovered music I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do I was always sporty in my family when we were at school , my older sister Mali was the musical one  

  I used to sing to her at school and at home wonder why I was never talented or as good as her at music I defiantly gained a lot of love from her she would blast R&B me out of her bedroom we were middle class family and the class I liked doing was pe and music I loved anything to do with sport I was good at English, but music was kind of escape that was the class I looked forward to he always feeling terrible I played with different instruments and I quite well behaved Callum  was potential but he gets distracted easy as I grew older my grades got worse and worse will  update soon

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