Aspects of a Snowflake

Grey is a delinquent who basically lives on his own. When he meets Charlotte he feels as if her happy and bubbly personality helps him to become happier himself. He's convinced that he's in love with her, but what if he's just in love with the idea of happiness, and not her herself? What if that source of happiness were to disappear? How would Grey deal with that if it were to happen?


4. Chapter 4

                I opened the window as quietly as possible. I was trying to sneak into Miss Vandermen’s class, because I was late.

            If I’m quite enough, I might be able to just take my seat without anyone noticing. I put my leg through the window and onto the classroom floor softly. I dove my head under the window and back up into the classroom. Now I just need to get my other leg in the building.

            I heard steps coming toward me. I froze in place. I couldn’t see because of the curtains I was hiding behind. Suddenly the curtains were opened and I was face to face with Class Rep. I noticed Miss Vandermen looking at me.

I quickly placed my other leg in the classroom. I looked back to Class Rep. It’s easier to talk to her than Miss Vandermen.


“Hey Class Rep, it’s been a while.”



I stepped out of the classroom, and so did Class Rep. I looked through the window. There was that girl again, sitting in the school courtyard. Something about that girl bothered me.


“What made you think that sneaking threw the window would work?”


I didn’t answer her question. I pretended that I was too dazed out to pay any attention to her words. I’m surprised she’s so tolerant towards me. If I were in her shoes I would hate me. Well, I doubt she exactly likes me, but if she hates me she’s doing a good job of not showing it.


“You could at least listen to me. Did you know that one of those pieces of mulch you threw at me had a piece of gum in it? It took forever to get out of my hair.” Memories of drinking the dozen cans of soda’s came to my mind.


“That was you?!”


“Did you think it was someone else?”


I pulled my fingers through my hair and laughed. I thought that was just a random girl who was weirded out by a seventeen year old guy running around a playground and going down the slides there.


“Sorry about that.”


“Grey, were you drunk?”


“No, I had a dozen cans of soda.”


            Class Rep looked me with an annoyed expression on her face. She also looked tired. Not tired as in she needed sleep, but tired as in she was tired of me. She thought I was being sarcastic.


“I’m serious.”


“Oh really…”


“Yeah, I drank a whole dozen cans of soda.”


“How is that even possible?”


“Not sure but it has the same result as drinking beer does.”



Class Rep looked at me. I just admitted to underage drinking. It’s not like she was judging me, her expression simply shows that she can’t relate to any of this. It doesn’t really matter anyway. It’s not like I do it just for the hell of it like most kids. When I’m tired of my life or sick of this world I’ll sometimes go to a party I heard about and get drunk just to forget about everything for a little while. The only thing bad about this is that once the beer wears off I feel even worse than I originally did.




“Sometimes you hurt yourself when you’re already hurting just to get rid of the original pain.”


Class Rep nodded her head as if she understood where I was coming from. Who knows, maybe she did. It’s not like I knew anything about her life outside of school. I didn’t even know the majority of her life inside of school.

We started walking down the hall silently. There was nothing but the sound of our footsteps. When we made it to the security office Class Rep opened the door for me.


“Class Rep?”




“What’s it like to be Class Rep?”


“I don’t know, what’s it like to be a delinquent?” ouch. That hurt. I never really saw myself as a delinquent, but I guess that’s what I came off as to people.


“It’s not as bad as one would expect.”


            Class Rep shoved me into the security office. Right before she closed the door all the way I heard her murmur something. I think she said “I wish I could say the same”.



            I sat next Gages in ASD. We exchanged looks. Before either of us could say anything there was huge clash in the front of the classroom. My head snapped over to the where the noise came from. I heard a lot of laughter and a sudden small body with golden hair get flung into a trash can. The trash can rolled on the little wheels it had until it hit a wall and tipped over. The small body rolled out, and more laughter came about.

            The small person had to either be a freshman or Easton. Three boys that I recognized from the football team –one of them being Greg- came in the classroom laughing and telling Greg good job.

            The small person stood up and brushed off all the trash with his hands. I could tell by the back off his head that it was Easton.

            Easton turned around to face us, the class. He didn’t look mad, but he held a serious expression, which is scary from someone as goofy as Easton. He pulled at his shirt for no real reason and sat in the seat behind me.

            I turned around in my seat to see Easton. He held up his chin with his hand under it, and his elbow on the desk. The classic “I hate school and I don’t want to be here” pose.


“People think they can push me around just because I’m small. Hell, I could be an assassin for all they know.” Easton mumbled.


“I don’t think people hire seventeen year olds as assassins.”


“It could happen. I mean, I could be one.”


            Mr. Muller closed the classroom door and walked to the front of the classroom. I heard him say “Oh boy, there’s a lot of you today” mostly to himself. I let out a quiet laugh. Mr. Muller’s eyes shifted to me, I noticed his lips curve into a smile.

            I turned back around to face the front of the classroom. I could only find one of my pencils, so I pretended that it was the last survivor of a zombie apocalypse. The last survivor’s name was Earl.

            Earl was surprisingly an idiot. He was walking around a big city, bad news in any zombie apocalypse. Earl found himself surrounded by zombies in the thirty fourth floor of a building. He decided that he rather die from falling off the building than being eaten alive. He broke the glass window in the building and jumped out and plummeted to his death.


“What the hell are you doing?” Someone said, snapping me out of my imagination.


            I noticed that I was jabbing my pencil on my desk. I turned around to see who asked the question. Greg was looking at me strangely while his two friends were laughing. On a scale of 1 to 10 on how much I disliked Greg, I would give it an 11.


“I’m pretending this pencil is you, and your head is the end of the pencil being jabbed onto the desk.” I lied


            Greg didn’t find my joke as funny as his two friends did, or Easton and Gages did. In fact, he looked as if he wanted to just walk over to where I sat and punch me in the face. I’m not really sure if he would or not.

            He didn’t do anything. He probably thought I wasn’t worth it. If he did he was right. I continued to jab my pencil on the desk to see if it would anger him in any way. If it did, he hid it pretty well.


            After ASD Easton and I walked to his apartment. We just sat around for a while, reading comic books. I wanted some tea.


“Hey, can I have some tea?”


“I’m all out.” I looked at Easton for little while.


“Pretty please?” He now looked annoyed


“I already told you, I’m all out.” A few seconds passed.


“Pretty please with a cherry on the top?”


“Begging won’t make tea magically appear! You think I’m lying?”


            I laughed and realized how I’ve missed spending afterschool hours here at Easton’s apartment. I mean before the whole soda thing.

            I made it to my house around twelve. I pulled out my phone. I never used the dumb thing. I’m pretty sure the only reason my dad gave it to me was so that he could track my location when he visited. I thought about calling him, but decided not to.


            I felt like eating something, so I grabbed three slices of bread from the kitchen counter and ate them.

            While I was lying in bed, I started thinking of Charlotte, the girl who laughed and sneezed a lot. She certainly was strange, but I’m sure that Easton and I came off as some pretty strange guys as well. She said she goes to our school, but she’s a year ahead of us so we may not see her too often. I look forward to the next time I’ll have a conversation with her. She actually seemed like a decent person.

            I ended up falling asleep with a vague image of my mother in my head. I ended up dreaming about the two of us surviving a zombie apocalypse. It was pretty epic, but also really weird since I knew that she died eight years ago.

            Miss Vanderman’s class went well since I didn’t get kicked out again. As soon as got out of the classroom I looked through the hallway window. There was that girl who was always sitting out in the courtyard.

            When I looked closer towards her it was easy to see that she had pale blond hair that barely reached her shoulders. I suddenly had an idea of who that girl might be.

            I walked down to the first floor of the school building and out into the courtyard. The girl didn’t look at me until I was only a foot away from her. When she did look up she smiled.


            “Hi, Grey.”


            “Hey Charlotte.”


            I sat down next to Charlotte. I never planned on going to my second class anyhow. We were sitting in a broken down bench. No one ever used it during lunch. It felt like it could give in to our weight at any moment.

            Charlotte asked me why I wasn’t in class. I shrugged my shoulders. I asked her the same question. She’s the one who’s out here every day instead of being in class. She told me that her doctor wouldn’t let her come to school because of a bad flu she had.


“I think when he told you not to come to school he meant that you shouldn’t leave your house.”


“Most likely.”


“Then why are you here, and not home?”


            She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “I’m not sure”.


“There’s a part of me that just wants to move on from this already” She said.


“So you’re tired of being sick.” Charlotte looked at me with a blank expression for a moment and then laughed.


“Yeah, I guess that’s a better to way say it.” A minute or two passed.


“If you’re really tired of being sick then you should probably go and get some rest.”


            She pouted about how she hated staying in bed all day and said being outside is much more fun. I told her that she could be outside as much as wanted when she got better. That was a lie from the very start. Once she gets better she’ll have to come back to school. I guess in a small way, she’s sort of lucky.

            Charlotte stood up and told me this is when she would usually go back home. We both said goodbye and took our separate ways.

            When I walked into my class twenty minutes late my teacher wasn’t very happy. At he wasn’t like Miss Vandermen who would kick me of the class, but he did give me after school detention. He told me that because this is my forth late, he had to call my parents along with giving me ASD. I shrugged my shoulders. It’s not like my dad is there to punish me. He’ll probably forget about it by the time he sees me again.



            Today I was the only one in ASD. Well, there were other people there obviously, but Gages and Easton weren’t there. I sat all alone.

            I lost my pencils a few classes ago, so I asked Mr. Muller for some paper. I decided that I would draw some Osterages. Then I forgot I had no pencils, but now I really wanted to draw and ended up asking Mr. Muller for crayons. He gave me a purple crayon that I was able to draw an Ostrich with.


“Is that supposed to be some kind of deformed walrus?” I could tell from the voice it was Greg. I really did not like that guy.


“No, smartass. It’s a freaking purple Ostrich. Why would I draw a walrus?” I said as I turned around in my seat to see him.

            He sat back in the seat behind me with his arms at the back of his head. His annoying followers weren’t with him, and he looked tired. I guess he wasn’t attempting to be funny like I thought he was. I almost felt bad about snapping at him.

            He never said anything, or even looked over to me, so I turned back around to face the front of the classroom. I couldn’t help but think of how weird that was.


            When I opened the door to Easton’s apartment I was attacked by a dog; a St. Bernard by the looks of it. Easton tried to calm the dog, but it didn’t work out too well. He ended up chasing it into the bathroom and closed the door to trap it in the bathroom.

            I asked Easton why he had a dog in his apartment. He said it was a stray dog he found while walking home. He said it looked so miserable and lonely that he couldn’t help but take it in. I don’t think Easton knows anything about having a pet and neither do I, so I’m not very sure about this whole dog- thing.

“Do you really think that you can take care of that dog?”


“Of course I can. All they do is eat, poop, and sleep.”


“No, that’s all that cats do.  Dogs do all those things plus run around and rip up furniture”


“How hard can it be?”


“Easton, you have no experience with animals. There’s this will work out.”


            Easton stood up and started laughing hysterically. He then made an analogy of my opinion to crap. He walked over to the bathroom door and placed his hand on the door knob. I tried to remind him of the St. Bernard that he had put in the bathroom, but he was laughing at the analogy he made of my opinion to crap.

            He opened the door to the bathroom. The dog knocked him to the ground within seconds. Now I’m here, trying to get 120 pounds of dog off of Easton. Yeah, the dog was sitting on top of Easton and showing no signs of moving.

            I gave up on moving the dog and was about to leave Easton’s apartment. “Wait, you’re just going to leave me like this?!”

            I looked at Easton and shrugged my shoulders. “Try pretending it’s a blanket”. I heard Easton shout “Blankets don’t weigh 120 pounds!” when I closed the door to his apartment.



When I got home I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I held my phone in my hand. For some reason the idea of calling my dad occurred once again. I shook the idea off, because it would be a waste of my time.

Assuming that there’s an afterlife, I imagined my mom watching over me and dad. I doubt she would be happy with our current relationship. The thought of her being unhappy brought up the idea of calling my dad once again. I shook my head and threw my phone across the room. I laid there in bed for several hours.

I closed my eyes, and thought of the times I spent with my mother. As I grew more tired, the images in my mind started to move slower, and blur together, and without realizing it I fell asleep.



The next morning was no different from any other. I sat in Miss Vanderman’s class, bored out of my mind. You need real talent to make a subject as amazing as psychology boring. I started wondering how things were going with Easton’s new pet. My mind started creating several different scenarios and events of Easton and the St. Bernard.

A crumbled up piece of paper slid across my desk. I grabbed it and opened up the crumbled piece of paper. There was writing on it.


What’s up with you? You look even more glum and bored than usual. Class is almost over, so you better not end up getting kicked out.

Alexandra O.



I face palmed in my mind and looked over to class rep. She looked as if she was purposefully trying to avoid looking my way. I’m not sure whether she was trying to actually be sincere or if she was trying to annoy me. I ended up writing back.


Thanks… I guess. I’m not any more glum or bored than I usually am, but I’m not any less glum or bored either. I’m just as glum and bored as I always am, but I guess that’s not really a good thing.

P.S. You make it sound like I’m TRYING to get kicked out. It just irritates me when she calls me out all the time, and then I end up saying something that gets me kicked out…

                                                          Your favorite delinquent, Grey.



I watch as the crumbled up piece of paper passes to person to person until it finally reaches class rep. When she opened it she looked over to me. I jokingly winked at her. She smirked and rolled her eyes as she looked away.

The bell rung shortly after that. When I stepped out of the class I looked over to the hallway window. I registered what looked like a person through the mirror. It was most likely Charlotte. I debated in my head whether I should talk to her or not. For some reason I really wanted to talk to her.


I ended up sitting next to Charlotte on the old wooden bench from yesterday. It was a windy fall day, and there were several different colored leaves laying on the ground. Several leaves were falling from the trees around the courtyard due to the wind blowing so much.

We just sat there and watched the leaves rain down after we heard the wind brush through them and the branches of trees for a while. Eventually I looked over to Charlotte. She just sat there smiling while she watched the leaves raining down onto the ground. It’s as if that smile never leaves her. Around her there’s this unexplainable calm and joyful feeling. It’s as if it radiates off of her.

Charlotte asked me what time lunch started. After that she asked me if I normally sat with Easton. She then said that she would come eat lunch with us instead of sitting here in the morning for now on.


“You don’t have to do that. I mean, wouldn’t you rather sit with your other friends?”


She looked down at her feet that were swinging back and forth with her hands under her legs. Her hair fell into her face, despite it being so short.


“Well… I actually don’t really know anyone here.”


“What do you mean?”


“I used to have lots of friends, and got along with all my teachers, but I got really sick and missed too many days of school last year.”


“You’re a repeater?” Charlotte looked over to me and rubbed the back of her head as she laughed awkwardly.


“Yeah, I’m a repeater.” She looked back down to the ground.


“All of my friends have graduated and moved on with their lives.” She stopped talking and looked back up to sky full of leaves. We sat in silence for a few minutes. I was unsure of whether I should say something or not.


The school bell rung and Charlotte and I took our separate ways; her going home and me going to third period.

When I pushed the door open I ended up knocking someone down. I apologized and offered my hand to the person. Turns out that person was Class Rep.


“What are you doing here?” I asked curiously


“It’s lunch time…”


I realized it was indeed lunch time. Class Rep continued to look at me strangely. “I’ll assume that you were talking to that girl who always sits out here.”


“That’s exactly what I was doing.”


“So you skipped second period to encourage her to keep coming here even though she shouldn’t be?”


“…How did you know that?”


“Know what?”


“You said she keeps coming here even though she shouldn’t be, how did you know she shouldn’t keep coming here?”


“I obviously meant that she’s skipping and that you’re encouraging her to continue to do so.”


“No, you would’ve said that in the first place if that’s what you meant”


“That basically is what I said in the first place, stupid”


“You’re lying.” I felt the corner of my lips curve into a smile.

“What am I even lying about, Grey?”


“When I first asked you about her you said didn’t know who she was.”


“That’s because I don’t know who she is!”


“But you just said ‘she keeps coming here even though she shouldn’t”


“I’m done with this argument.” Class Rep said as she turned around. Before she was able to walk away I grabbed her wrist.


“Tell me Class Rep, when you said she keeps coming ‘here’ did you specifically mean the courtyard, or did you mean the entire school in general?” Class Rep humorlessly laughed.


“Isn’t that the same thing?” She yanked her arm away from me.


“And would it kill you to call me by my given name? ...Whatever, this was all pointless to begin with. I’m going to go eat lunch now.” She walked away. Way to be melodramatic.


I heard the crunch of leaves behind me. When I turned around I saw Easton. “Uh, what just happened there?”


“Nothing important.” I said and walked over to a table to sit down.


Easton sat down next to me and pulled out a jar of pickles from his back pack. I watched as his face scrunched up after every bite.


“Why are you eating pickles?”


“This was the only thing at my house.”


“Then why don’t you just buy some school food?”


“Because I’m broke!” Easton then threw an entire pickle in his mouth. He squeezed his eyes shut and scrunched up his nose.

I sighed as I broke my sandwich into two halves. I gave Easton one of the halves. “Here, I hate the way pickles smell anyway so just put them away.”

Easton put the jar of pickles back into his backpack and thanked me. I shrugged it off and we continued eating. It didn’t take too long for us to finish half a sandwich, so we had most of the lunch to talk with each other.


“Do you have detention today?” Easton asked


“Not so far.”


“Ugh, but it’s so boring!”


“So I should go because it’s boring?”


“You should go because I won’t be as bored if you do”


“Aw, you want me to be bored so you don’t have to be? You’re too kind.”


“Come on, please?”


“No way, just sit next to Gages. He entertaining too.”


“Gages? Who’s that, do you mean Foster?”


“Gages, Foster. Same thing.”


“Whatever, I’m going to the park to play fetch with dog and you can’t come.”


“Great, so then you’ll realize you are not capable of taking care of a dog.”


“Exactly.” Easton said. After a few seconds he back at me realizing what I just said.


“You butt, I most definitely will not realize that, because it will never happen!”






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