The locker boyfriend

(So this story is about a girl named Bonny she moved from New York to London and she and niall fell in love btw one direction in this story are not famous they are just normal gays in high school,, hope you like it comment+likes+ favorite this store if u like it) !!read it please!! My first movella didn't turn to be good and this is my second movella and I hope it's a lot better than the first one and thank you comment+ likes= happy�� read it and tell me about it


4. the surprise

After the class I was heading to my locker with Ashley while I was taking my book I drop one than that niall kid took it from the ground and give it to me I said "thanks" he side " you're welcome but who are u" I'm Bonny the new girl" "nice to have u here, if u need any help this is my locker (308) "he said, " if i need any help I will tell u" I said,, than Ashley came to me and said " I see u met niall the boy next locker one of the hottest boys in school" is this why u told me I'm so lucky" "yes"Ashley said "I guess I'm lucky to have him beside my locker" " he is one of Harry's close friends" Ashley said " good to know" I said

Next day

"How about going to the cinema"Harry said " nice idea" Ashley said "and your coming with us Bonny"Ashley said "are you sure you want me to come" I Said "of course your coming what are u saying"Louis said "Ok but who's coming" I said "me and Ashley,Louis,liam,zayn,and niall" Harry said ("I met zayn and liam in science,I was happy cuz niall is coming I have crush on him but I haven't told anyone")

Than niall came and the boys told him the plans for Friday,, than he said I'm coming.

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