The locker boyfriend

(So this story is about a girl named Bonny she moved from New York to London and she and niall fell in love btw one direction in this story are not famous they are just normal gays in high school,, hope you like it comment+likes+ favorite this store if u like it) !!read it please!! My first movella didn't turn to be good and this is my second movella and I hope it's a lot better than the first one and thank you comment+ likes= happy�� read it and tell me about it


6. POOR Niall

After the weekend on Monday in school I was really nervous about what I was gonna do if I saw Niall Ashley told me"relax it's ok" I took my books and went to the class and of course Niall is late so I didn't see him,, than in the break I asked harry where is niall cuz I didn't see him today,,he told me that niall is very sick today so he couldn't come to school, so I decided to visit him after school with Liam and I'm gonna give him the homework's so after the bell ring liam told me that his mom need him to help her and he can't come with me to niall, so it was just me.

I knocked the door Nialls mom opened the door for me than she said " you must be Nialls girlfriend" I told " no I'm just his friend and I'm here to give him the homework's" than she told me where is Nialls room,, I knocked the door and I opened it niall was laying in bed he was actually a sleep so I just putted his books and homework in his disk than I saw him he was the so adorable so I kissed his forehead than he woke up suddenly and holed my hands and I just didn't now what to do he told me what are you doing here? I said just checking on you and I brought u your homework, than he said thank u love, and than he said like I'm gonna do the homework's. I giggled, and I told him I gotta go now see u tomorrow.....

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