The locker boyfriend

(So this story is about a girl named Bonny she moved from New York to London and she and niall fell in love btw one direction in this story are not famous they are just normal gays in high school,, hope you like it comment+likes+ favorite this store if u like it) !!read it please!! My first movella didn't turn to be good and this is my second movella and I hope it's a lot better than the first one and thank you comment+ likes= happy�� read it and tell me about it


8. Harry's birthday party

So Harry's birthday is really soon and harry is popular with his big birthday party's ..

So he told us "Saturday is the party and all of u are coming " we all said ok " it's gonna be awesome I love birthday party's " so saturday is tomorrow and I'am going with niall to the party I'am so exited..,

IN Saturday

So I was waiting for niall I was wearing a red dress the bell rings I opened the door it was niall "litter in the car" are u exited for the party niall asked of course I am cuz every body is talking about how awesome Harry's parties..

In the party

We had a lot of fun in Harry's party we danced , we enjoyed our time and every body was drunk there was a lot of beer and wine in the party so everybody loves to drink… niall grabbed my arms and whispered in my ears follow me! Ok i said so we went to one of the rooms in the house and we made love for the rest of the night " I want to do this from a long time" niall said ,just shut up i said...

I woke up in the morning I was laying beside niall in Harry's gust room niall was still asleep so I woke him up with kiss where are we he said I told him idk I think in Harry gusts room,, I love u I said I love u more he said.

Later that day

We met up with ash and harry in Starbucks where were u last night ash asked in one of the rooms niall said I blushed ohh I understand ash said so we just orderd some coffee everyone was tired from yesterday's party so we just went to my house after having some coffee and we just watched some movies and relaxed at home.

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