The locker boyfriend

(So this story is about a girl named Bonny she moved from New York to London and she and niall fell in love btw one direction in this story are not famous they are just normal gays in high school,, hope you like it comment+likes+ favorite this store if u like it) !!read it please!! My first movella didn't turn to be good and this is my second movella and I hope it's a lot better than the first one and thank you comment+ likes= happy�� read it and tell me about it


2. first day of school

First of all my name is Bonny and I'm 17 years old on high school I have wavy brown hair and green eyes like my mom, I just moved from New York with my family and today is my first day in London I wish we didn't have to move from NYC cuz all my friends are there I don't know anyone here,, we moved cuz my mom's work,, my dad died three years ago in car accident and I have 10 years old brother,, tomorrow is my first day in school I'am nervous cuz I don't now what to do on school i Don't have any friends there...


I woke up little bit late,, I was in the bathroom when I heard my little brother calling" the bus is here" so I put on my lather jacket and i ran to the bus. When I entered to the bus I saw a girl with blond hair and brown eyes sitting alone so I just went to here and set beside her I said " hi I'am Bonny" she said " hi I'am Ashley,, you must be new cuz first I didn't see you here before and second I hear an American accent" I laughed and said " yes I'am new I'am from New York" than she said " nice to meet u" " nice to meet u too" I said" she was really nice I think we will be a good friends.. Later in school I saw my schedule " I have math first class" I told Ashley than she said I have math too". Than before going to the class I told Ashley that I need to go to my locker.. "What is your locker number"she asked I said "309" oh my god your so lucky!! "Why"I asked "you will find out soon."

In math class

When we entered the class Ashley kissed a curly hair and green eyes boy,, than she Introduced me to him she said "Bonny this is my boyfriend "harry styles",, harry this is my new friend Bonny she just moved from New York ,, nice to meet you" he said nice to meet u too" I said than she Introduced me to his friend louis" he is every funny",,, 10 mins later the door opens a blond blue eyes boy step inside " here is niall late As usual" Harry said ,why are you late mr.horan the teacher said... "Sorry won't happen agin"niall said.

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