Different Juniors (A Cleveland Show Fanfic)

Cleveland Brown and his son are very different. Cleveland Junior is a troubled teen who many problems, but his father thinks they're just lazy excuses and thinks he needs to get his act together, but his son either can't or doesn't want to. So Cleveland forces him to change and his son does change, but how long will it last for? And what trouble lies in for Cleveland?
Meanwhile, desperate for fame and admiration, Roberta Tubbs volunteers for a sea trekking mission and finds a sea monster. But will she get all she wants and will she has second thoughts?


1. Part One

   The school bell rang off. All the kids ran out of Stoolbend High School, happy that school was over. Cleveland Brown Jr. was the last to walk out of the school. " Zip-a-dee-do-dah, Dip-a-dee-yay " he sang happily. " My, oh, my, What a wonderful day - "
   "Yes, it is!" said a blonde male teenager, who was taller than Junior. "A wonderful day for collecting for the poor. Spare me a penny, would you?"
   Junior looked around. "But I don't know anyone called Penny."
   "The money, fatso!" yelled the teenager thug.
   "Oh, right!" Junior got out his money and gave it to the thug. He began to walk away, but he was pulled by the thug and slammed into a tree. "How can you get around in life with... PLATSIC MONEY?" He shoved the plastic dollars right in front of Junior's glasses.
   "My daddy told me to give that kind of money to who people ask for money such as thugs like you!" answered Junior.
   "Well, I have a message for your daddy: This!" The thug plunged his fist towards Junior's face.

Junior was quickly rushed home and was lying on the sofa, under a nice blue blanket. Donna was comforting him. The front door opened and his dad, Cleveland Brown Sr., came in the house.
   "Where's my boy? What's happened?" He saw Junior lying on the sofa.
   "A bully punched me in my face, daddy," sobbed Junior.
   "I gave up the free drinking night at Waterman Cable just because your horrible ugly face was punched?" Cleveland snapped.
   "CLEVELAND!” yelled Donna. “How dare you talk to your son like that, especially with all the problems he has!”
   "What problems? Eating too much? His bad eyesight? The refusing for trying something just because he's afraid? Loving who he is but not giving a damn about anyone who feels about it? Can't wipe his own crap out of his smelly giant fat ass?"
   “CLEVELAND, STOP!” ordered Donna.
   Cleveland’s insults have made his own son cry ten times more than the bully’s punch had anything to do with it.
   "Now, you have a choice,” said Donna. “You can either help and support your own son or you can make me happy by clearing out the septic tank I have asked you ever since you married me!"
   Cleveland sighed. "Fine! I'll..." He turned to his son and smiled. Junior and Donna looked hopeful that he was going to support his son.
   "...clean the septic tank out." And with that, Cleveland went out.
   "I'll go and get you your fluffy toys," Donna said gently to Junior, as she got up and walked up.
Rallo came down. "Hey, bro, I know what you need – laughter! Watch this!" Rallo stood still for about five seconds.
   “Yea!” laughed Junior, applauding him.
   "I haven't done anything yet, Chubbs!" snapped Rallo.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Stoolbend, there was a beauty contest at the mall. The last two contestants were standing on the stage.
   "And the winner for this year's Stoolbend Sex Idol is... Lacey Stapleton!" the announcer announced.
   The entire room gave Lacey, who was wearing her beautiful light-blue dress, a mountain of applause. Everyone that is expect one person, which was her rival, Roberta Tubbs in her sexy blue tank top and black skirt. She quickly stormed out of the building.
   "You in trouble, miss?" asked a stranger.
   Roberta turned around and saw an old man in a long brown coat and with a long grey beard.
   "I just got kicked out of a beauty contest because the judges had to choose that ugly spoiled bitch!" Roberta screamed.
   "I know how you feel, miss," said the old man. "I felt the same when the board members of the Exxon Shipping Company chose Joseph Hazelwood for the Captain of Exxon Valdez instead of me. And looked what happened!"
   "What happened?" asked Roberta, not showing much interest.
   "Never mind," said the old man. "Well, I, Captain Harry Puggen, am not going to dwell on it. I'm going to discover a new reef. Well, I would if I could find a partner."

   "What's in it for me?" asked Roberta, who still didn’t show a lot of interest.
   "Well, picture this: lots of money for you, lots of fans for you and a whole new reef named after you," replied Captain Puggen.
   That made Roberta put on her ‘I’m-interested’ look. "Oh, that will be great!" she exclaimed. "I'll be like Johnny Depp who has his own island!"
   There was a time when Johnny Depp was on his private island and when people would come to him, he would set off the cannons to shoo them away. He would shoot every ship that would come near, even if it was some of his friends. "Sorry, Tim," he once said to Tim Burton.

Cleveland Jr. spent the entire weekend recovering from the assault and felt much more confident on Monday. He was relaxed and rested so well, because Cleveland was doing all his jobs and making him calm and happy, which he didn't enjoy doing.
   He took him to school that morning and went to work. He got an invitation to have lunch with Mr. Waterman and was hoping he would get it, but guess what? His phone rang from his desk, just as he was about to get up.
   "Hello?" he answered. "Hi, Donna. What? Junior kicked in the balls? He can't stand? Are there no strong students in the school to help him? WHAT? Me take him home? Fine, I will." He put the phone down and started to walk to... Mr. Waterman's office! Before he could open the door, his friend Tim the Bear got in front of him.
   "Don't you have a poorly son to take home?" the bear asked.
   "That good-for-nothing son of mine? Do you really think I want to give up a lunch with the boss just for him?"
   "That's not the talk of Jesus, but of his enemies, like the Romans," Tim pointed out.
   Soon every employee of Waterman Cable Company heard about this and they gathered around Cleveland, jeering him, insulting him and some even had lit torches ready to burn him.
   "All right! I'll go!" Cleveland snapped, storming out of the building. "I'll go and look after the stupid, fat – Oh, I can't live like this! I've got to do something! I've got to get rid of his problems, but how?" He thought and then a cloud with a blub in it came above him.
   "Thank you," said God, using his giant hand to pull the cloud up above him. "I could use this idea for my son."

Two hours later, Cleveland took Junior to the hospital and met Dr. Fist.
   "Mr. Brown, if this is about talking to your son to change him into the person you want him to be, it won't work," Dr. Fist told him. "I've tried many times. I have a list of dates to prove it." He got out the list. It was a very long list that overtook Cleveland's head.
   "No, it's a different matter," Cleveland said. Then he whispered into the doctor's ear.
   Dr. Fist looked unsure. "Well, I'm not sure if it will help your son and it is expensive, but if you insist, I'll do it."
   "I promise you, doc," smiled Cleveland, "this will make the world a better place for everyone, just like the Beatles did."

   The Beatles had been entertaining the world with their music.
   "Thank you," Paul, George and Ringo would say.
   But one day, John said, "We're better than Jesus!" Then they got booed and were greeted by a lot of rotten tomatoes."
   "Thanks a lot, John," moaned Paul.
   "No problem!" smiled John.

Cleveland, Donna and Rallo had been waiting outside the surgery room for about two hours. Finally, Dr. Fist arrived out of the surgery room.
   "May I present... Cleveland Brown Jr.!" announced Fist.
   Out of the door came Junior, giggling and running happily as he used to be. He looked just like he used to do before Cleveland and his ex-mom Loretta got divorced: skinny, hyper-active and no need for glasses.
   “Here you go, Dr. Fist,” said Cleveland, giving him a cheque.
   “Thank you, Mr. Brown,” said Dr. Fist. “Now I can finally go on vacation to the happiest place on Earth.”

   “Disneyland?” asked Cleveland.
   “No,” said Dr. Fist. “My mother in the retirement home in Seattle.”
   "I'm back! I'm back!" Junior cheered as he ran out of the hospital. "I haven't felt good in years!"
   "What do you think?" Cleveland happily asked Donna and Rallo, proud of his son for the first time in a while.
   Donna and Rallo were shocked and speechless.
   "Who replaced Junior on this show?" asked Rallo.

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