"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


16. Chapter 9.

Harry's POV;

I knew I shouldn't have trusted her. The selfish bitch. I grabbed her and Threw her over my shoulder. "Your gonna regret this night" I screamed and took her inside. We had booked all the restaurant to avoid crazy fangirling. Yes! Everyone loves fame but sometimes it just gets to much. Anyway I can't believe this whore betrayed me. 

Amelia's POV;

He grabbed me and flew me over his shoulder."Your gonna regret this night" He screamed. I started punching his back. He was too strong. Oh No. I am actually starting to regret this. It was a stupid idea. Obviously, he was going to check on me. It was my first night out with him. Oh god. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

We reached the table. Harry put me down. I tired running but he grabbed me. "Supp? What happened" Louis asked. "This bitch tried to escape". Harry spoke eyeing me. His eyes red with anger. He scared me. A lot. "Lets go" He spoke. Grabbing my hand we exited the beautiful restaurant. He threw me into his own car avoiding going with the others and sat next to me. I sat away from him In case, he would flip out and start beating me up in the car.

"Let's go driver" he spoke angrily. He then looked at me. He moved closer to me making my back touch the door. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" he yelled. I looked down. Tears fell from my eyes. He slapped me. "I fucking asked you a question" He yelled. I wish someone could help me but the windows were black and you couldn't see inside the car.

"So-rr-rr-yy" I stuttered. He took my face into his hands and brought his face close to me. He squeezed my cheeks. "Stop p-please it hu-rr-ts" I said between sobs. "Oh don't you worry. It will hurt more."he slapped me and then moved away. 

Rest of the drive was silent. I was crying silently.  We finally, reached the house. Harry got out and slammed the door making me flinch. He walked towards my door and opened it pulling me out. He threw me on his shoulder and took me inside. Everyone was waiting in the living room. 

"Excuse us tonight. I have an un-finished business I need to complete" Harry spoke not looking at the people in the room. He took me to my room and threw me on the ground. I landed on my butt with a Thud! "Ouch" I cried louder. "Shut the fuck up you nasty bitch" he spoke. The thing was... His words.. they hurt.. more then... the pain that was caused due to the beatings. 

He picked me up and ripped my clothes leaving me with only bra and panty. He took out the belt he was wearing and started whipping me with it. My screams louder then ever. It burned. Everywhere. He took off his clothes except the boxer and threw the belt away. He walked to the bathroom and found a blade. He walked toward me and placed the blade on the same scar he had given me with the blade before. He ripped the bandage off. "Oucch. Stop Mr. S-tty-les. Pleas-ee-e-e" I said. 

The pushed the blade in my skin. Deeper and Deeper. My screams were the only thing you could hear. He tied both my hands and pulled my panties and bra off. He looked at my belly piercing which still hadn't healed up yet and pulled it a bit causing it to bleed. 

"All, I did was try to get away from the fucking devil. You bastard. Nobody deserves this. Please just let me g-go" me crying louder ignoring the pain. He slapped me again and again. He punched me again and again. Nobody came to help me. But I fucking wasn't surprised. 

A hard thing entered my body. I growled in pain. "You whore. If you fucking trying to escape ever again. I will fucking destroy your life. And not only that I will destroy Lily and Darcy" He spoke. 

My jaw dropped in surprise. How does he know about Lily and Darcy. Lily was my best friend and Darcy her little sister 1 year old. "No I'm s-ssorr-yy" I won't do i-t aga-in" I stuttered. 

"Good" he spoke as we both came. He slid to the spot next to me and pulled me into his arms. "Stop, please. You've already hurt me a lot. Don't hurt them. Kill me but don't touch them. Please." I cried. "Ssssh" Harry said and crashed his lips on mine. I tried pulling away put it didn't work. He broke the kiss and pulled me closer to him. My eye lids felt heavy and Darkness took over.

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