"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


14. Chapter 8.

Amelia's POV;

Finally, there was a knock on the door. I straightened my dress. Wait Why do I care? Right. The door opened and a maid came in. "Everyone is waiting for you downstairs" she spoke. I nodded and walked out. I saw Perrie coming towrads me. Her mouth opened in a "wow" manner. She come up to me and hugged me. "You look so beautiful and sexy". I blushed. "Harry's gonna love it" she spoke excitedly. She grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs together. 

I saw Harry typing something on his phone. Everyone else looking at us and all of their jaws dropped. I blushed harder. Niall nudged Harry causing Harry to look up. His eyes caught mine and he scanned my body. He jaw dropped. "Wow." was all that came out of his mouth. "Harry your soo lucky" Zayn said not taking his eyes of my body. "Agreed" Louis and liam spoke in unison. "Totally agreed" Niall said. 

I blushed. All the girls came and pulled me into a hug. "You smell so nice" Lauren squealed.  I smiled. "May I now steal her from you girls?" Harry asked the girls. "No" I spoke straight away. "Don't ruin it sexy"Harry pulled me into him. Our bodies touching. Our lips inching apart. I moved away. 

Harry took my hand into his and walked outside everyone else following. The cold breeze hit my exposed body. I shivered a bit. Harry noticed it. He pulled me closer to him. "I'm fine" I said moving out of his grip. "No your not" he put his hand onto my waist and pulled me close again. 

I saw tons of bodyguards surrounding us. This might not be easy. "We all need to stay together. The fans will be soon surrounding us. Everyone hold each other tight." said Liam. Everyone nodded. 

We got in a big, shiny limousine. We all sat in there. Everyone was quiet. To be honest no one was in the mood to talk right now. After about 30 minutes, we heard screams from everywhere. Everyone straightened up. "Ready" Niall spoke. Everyone nodded. Harry gripped my hand and pulled me out. He held onto my waist and pulled me really close. Securing our bodies. "Harry! Niall! Zayn! Louis! Liam!" was all you could hear. Harry smiled. Cameras flashing, screams, all the noise made me nervous. We walked through the crowd and into the big restaurant.

Harry's POV;

We walked towards the reception. "Niall Horan" Niall said. "This way please" the lady smiled. We sat on our table. chit chatting. The waiter took our order and we were just talking. "So Christmas is close" I said. "What do you want for Christmas princess" I asked Amelia. She didn't answer me. She was thinking about something. What could it be? Is she trying to escape. She can't their security all around this place. Sophia nudged Amelia. "Huh?" she looked up. Everyone giggled. She's so cute. "What do you want for Christmas Hunny?" I asked again. "Hmm... Yeah. I know what I want for Christmas" she spoke at last. "What? Carrots" Louis asked. She giggled a little. She's super hot when she blushes and giggles. Damn. "I want to go back home." she spoke hopefully. "That's something you would fucking never get, so stop dreaming baby doll." I spoke with a serious tone. 

"But P-"she got interuptted.The waiter came with our order and placed them neatly on our table. We all ate dinner in silence. "Ermm. Can I go use the bathroom Mr.Styles?" She whispered in my ear. Hmm. Shall I let her. She can't run away though. Security everywhere. And if she tries to then she will be extremely sorry for herself. "Ok, be quick. We will be leaving in a bit" I nodded.

Amelia's POV;

Yes!! I ran towards the bathroom. I searched for windows. There's one. I opened it. Unlocked. Wow!! Lucky me. Yes. I will finally be able to meet my Lovely Darcy and My best friend Lily. Can't wait. I hopped out of the window and as soon as a turned around I saw a tall black figure. Walking towards me. The light flashed on a angry looking HARRY.

OH NO!! I'm Deadd. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck My Life.  


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