"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


12. Chapter 7.

Amelia's POV;

What the Fuck just happened? I stood there my mouth dropped open. How dare he make me love what he did and then left. Urrghhh. I'm gonna get of this hell hole soon. I stormed out the door and walked outside. I leaned over the stairs to see where the devil was. He was talking to all the other boys. All of them sitting in the living room. With all the girls. He laughed everyone else joining him. Omg. He's so hot. He looks fit when he lau- 

Snap out of it Amelia. He Kidnapped you. You can't fall in love with someone who ruined you life. I snapped back to reality while Perrie was literally screaming my name. 

"Come'on. Everyone's waiting for you." A hand grabbed me. I flinched a bit but relaxed when I saw it was Perrie. "Okay, Calm down" I say. We both walk downstairs and Harry looks at me and winks. I roll my eyes. 

"Don't your eyes hurt" Niall asked. "Why" I spoke sassily. "Because you roll them too much" he said and started laughing others joining in. "Can you please Shut the F-" I yelled. "Watch it Amelia" Harry interrupted. I nodded remembering how cruel Harry had been to me. 

Tears stung my eyes. But I didn't let them fall. I don't wanna show them I'm weak. "Come sit next to me" Harry spoke. I looked at him. He gave me a "If you say No. You will be sorry" Look. I walked towards him and was about to sit next to to him when he pulled me to his lap. I tried getting up but he was too strong. I didn't give up though. I kept trying. "Quit trying baby" Harry whispered in my ear and bit it lightly. I gave up.

"Now that's my baby girl" he spoke. I rolled my eyes. Everyone then started talking. I ignored the conversations boys were having instead I decided to talk to the girls. "Mimi have you decided what your going to wear" Lauren asked. "Mimi who's mimi?" Harry asked. "Oh we made each other cute nicknames. Your baby doll is mimi" Eleanor said. 

Harry smirked. "I see" he said. "Okay dollies it's almost time for dinner. You girl's might wanna go and get ready" Zayn spoke finally tired of snogging Perrie. Ewww. "Yess" Sophia said happily. "Letss go get ready" Lauren yelled. I was about to get up when Harry pulled me down. "Wear something sexy" he spoke and let me go. I rolled my eyes and hurried up to my room.

 I walked to my closet took out a cute dress with black heels. I really liked it. I set it out on the bed and walked to the bathroom. I took a 15 mins shower. Came out and put on my dress walked towards the dressing table put some simple makeup. Curled my hair lightly. When I was satisfied with my looks, I looked at the time. Still got ten mins. lets do some planning. 

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