"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


10. Chapter 6.

Amelia's POV;

I got up and walked into the bathroom. Washed my face and re-did my makeup. I went and sat on the bed and turned on the t.v. After a bit of t.v, I got bored. Obviously, You couldn't watch t.v all day. I got up and walked towards the door. To my surprise, It wasn't locked. I decided to roam around and gave myself a little tour. As for, people here are not very kind. I was about to go down the stairs but a maid stopped me."I think it's not a good idea for you to go down there" she warned. "Then what shall I do?"I said. "I'm bored". "Mr.Styles said If you get bored go meet the other girls" She spoke. "I thought I wasn't allowed" I asked. "Yeah, well he might have changed his mind" she assured me. "Oh" I said. "Can you please lead me there?" I asked kindly. "Yes, sure" she said. 

I followed her to this big room. The door opened after a seconds of the maid knocking. A pretty girl with the pink hair opened the door. "Hi" she smiled wide. "Come on in" she said. I nodded and smiled back. The room was big but not as big as mine. There were sitting 3 other girls on the bed. Everyone smiled at me and said "Hello". I smiled and greeted them all. "I'm Perrie" said the pink haired one. "I'm Eleanor" said the wavy haired one. "I'm Sophia" said the other one. "I'm lauren" I suppose was the youngest one. Well she looked the youngest. "I'm Amelia" I smiled. 

We all had a bit of chit chat and shared some secrets. We got to know a lot about each other actually. All of them were quite nice. They had cute and great personalities.About an hour had past and we were still talking. "So what you wearing for the dinner mimi" Perrie asked. We all gave each other nicknames. Sophia's was Soph. Eleanor's was Ellie. Lauren's was Lauriee. Mine was Mimi. Perrie's was Perr. 

"I don't actually know right now. Haven't decided yet" I shrugged. "Oh, I thought I wa-" we were interrupted by a knock on the door. "Amelia Ma'am. Mr.Styles is calling you in his room" a maid came in and spoke. "Okay" I said. 

"Bye Girls" I said and left the room hearing choruses of "Bye". I walked to the Devil's room. AKA; Harry. I took a deep breath and entered the room. "You c-called for me sir" I stuttered lightly. Harry looked up from his phone and looked at me. "Yes. Yes. I did" He said. He closed his phone and got off the bed. He came close to me. So close. I started backing up. My back hit the wall. Harry put his hands on the wall in a position so that it blocked my way. I couldn't get out. 

"I hope you've learnt your lesson. I hope you'll be a good girl at the dinner" He said caressing my cheek with his thumb. "Y-yes s-s-ir I will" I stuttered. I don't know why I was acting like that. I'm never been that weak. "Good" He leaned in and crashed his lips onto mine. I put my hands onto his chest and pushed him away with all force. He took the opportunity to pin my hands onto the wall and come closer to me. Our bodies were touching. 

He kissed me harder. He asked for entrance. No. Never. Fuck you Styles. He Grabbed my bum making me gasp. He quickly slid in his touch. He tongue exploring all of my mouth. Fucker. Bastard. I stood there helpless. Tears streaming down my face. 

Just 3 more hours till Dinner. And I'm out of this hell hole. I waited for the make out session to end. Finally, Harry decided to break the kiss. Phew! He looked at me. He wiped away my tears. "Get used to this baby doll" He spoke and left the room.



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