"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


4. Chapter 3.



Amelia's POV;

I sat there for at least 10 minutes, When I heard a low knock on the door. A young lady between 20-30 entered. She had her Hair tied up in a neat bun and was wearing a black dress with a white apron on top. I smiled weakly at her. "Mr.Styles is calling you down for dinner" She spoke. I nodded and followed her downstairs. I walked down the stairs with Harry, Zayn and another girl gazing at me.

I rolled my eyes and sat down on the farthest chair. Harry looked at me. "Come here" He spoke calmly. I shook my head in "NO". "NOW" He half yelled. I Ignored him and continued staring at the plates set out on the grand dining table. I saw Harry get up and he walked towards me. He grabbed me and put me on the chair next to him. "Your gonna have to face some consequences babe" He whispered.

Slowly the seats started to fill and within the next 15 minutes everybody at arrived. "How is she doing?" asked Liam. "Not good enough" Harry spoke eyeing me before all the lids were removed from the big dishes that were arriving. There were a lot of dishes and hard to decide.

Dinner was silent. After we all finished. I was about to leave when Harry grabbed my hand and dragged me to his room. He threw me on his bed and locked the door. 

"Punishment time" He whispered seductively. Why does he have to be so HOT. Shut up Amelia. You can't like him. He ruined you life. I snapped back to reality and saw Harry opening his shirt buttons. I gulped. "W-w-h-hat are you doing?" I stuttered. "Trying to give you a good lesson" He spoke while unbuttoning his last button. I saw his inked body live. OMGGG. HE'S SO FIT. But before he noticed me checking him out and looked away. 

He walked over to me and sat near me. I flinched away. "We can do this the hard or easy way. I will let you decide" He said as he came near me. I tried pushing him away put he pushed me onto the soft mattress and lay on top of me. He got my arms and held them tightly above my head. He started kissing my neck. Making me moan silently. "Stop Mr.Styles p-please" I said. He ignored me and let go of my hands. I tried getting up but he grabbed me in time and handcuffed my hands. "Hard way It is" He spoke.

I started cry loudly. He slapped me. "Shut up" He snapped. "I would have duct taped your mouth but how will I get the taste of those delicious lips" He smirked. FUCKER. Bastard. Why me? He Kissed me wildly. Me not letting him enter. He lightly bit my lips which gave him the opportunity to slide his tongue in. After a min. he broke the kiss. He lightly caressed my legs. He pulled off my denims and  top leaving me in my panties and bra.

I cried harder. "Shush Baby.You don't suit those tears. Look at you. Your beautiful. Your sexy. Your Perfection" I said. "Let me go Pleasee" I spoke between sobs. He ignored me and slid his fingers in me without warning. I whined in pain. He moved it In and out. The painful screams become Pleasureful moans but invisible. I didn't wanna show him I was enjoying this. He slid my Panties down and threw them on the floor. He rubbed my clit. "Stop" I whispered. He Laughed and then put his head between my legs. I tried to close them but every time I tried he opened them wider. He slid his tongue in me. Finally I came. In his mouth. "Holy fuck Amelia. Who tastes so nice." He teased. I rolled my eyes.

He slid his pants down and pulled off his boxers. He grabbed a condemn from the drawer next to the bed and put it on. Before he entered me, he took off my bra and cupped my boobs in his hands. He finally, then entered me. I groaned in pain. Letting out screams. After some time, I adjusted the size. He took the pace. I could hear our bodies moving. Finally, we both came. He lay on top on me and kissed me hard. And slid next to me. "Punishment over" He whispered before wrapping his arms around me. My eye lids felt heavy and darkness took over.


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