"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


2. Chapter 2.

Amelia's POV;

As, I was walking. I was thinking about my future. Surely, I didn't have enough money to buy a house. I heard leaves crunching behind me but before I could turn around. "BANG" I was hit on the head with something and everything blanked out. 

Unknown's POV;

This one is a good one. He is sure gonna be happy. And me I'm gonna be rich. 

Amelia's POV;

I woke up in a big, beautiful room. My hands tied behind my back and my head was hurting. Why I am here? I shouldn't have came out alone at night. What will I do now? Will my parents miss me? Sure they wouldn't they never loved me. I started crying loud. Suddenly the door opened. I sat upright while crying. "Who are you? Please let me go. We aren't rich. We can't give you money", I screamed even before anybody entered. After two seconds, 5 boys came in the room. Omg! Omg! They are One direction. I am a massive fan of them. But wait, Did they kidnapped me. No they wouldn't there so kind.

"Hi" Harry smirked. "Im your new owner. Your mine. You will be living with us from now on. Get used to this place. This is your room. I'll be using you for various things" he winked. "What the fuck are you on about? I'm not a toy You dick" I screamed. I understood them. They kidnapped me. And they are gonna use me for p-p-leas-sure. I started crying louder.

"Shutup You Bitch" Zayn said. "Wow, This missy has some attitude" Louis smirked. "Don't worry Harry would take care of her" Niall and Liam laughed. 

"Please would anybody care to tell me what's going on?" I said while crying. "You are Harry's now. You belong to him. He's your master. You do whatever he says." Niall spoke. "And If you don't do what I say. You will be sorry" Harry said. "Lemme just tell you the rules" Liam spoke. 

1. Don't try to escape. I repeat. Don't dare try escaping.

2. Don't Fall In love.

3. Do as your told.

4. Behave when people are around.

5. Never call your master with their name. Always Say Mr.Styles or Sir.

"And If you break the rules that's the punishment list" Zayn said harshly.

1. Violence

2. Sex Or shall I say rape.

"Please let me go. I won't tell anybody. Please" I begged.  "Shutup" Harry slapped me. I growled in pain. "Your mine, All the other boys have their own girls and You aren't allowed to talk to them. If your caught. Your punished. Severely". Harry said.

All the other boys left. Harry walked over to me. He was now inches apart from my face. I felt his warm breathe on my face. It sent me shivers and caused goosebumps. "Get ready. Dinner's at 7:00. A maid will come and get you. Wear something casual but sexy" He seductively whispered. He looked at me in the eye and wiped away my tears.

He lightly kissed me. But I didn't answered instead I tried pushing him away. "Behave" He said calmly Breaking the un-answered kiss. He grabbed my arms and forced me back towards his face. He kissed me again. But I didn't answer. He got off the bed annoyed He untied my hands and left the room with a serious face. 

I Cried for about 20 minutes before glancing at the time. 5:45."I think I need to get ready now! I said to myself wiping away my tears. I got of the bed and headed towards a door guessing it was the bathroom. 

The room was actually quite nice. Before entering the bathroom I looked around. There was a big closet. My dream closet. Lots of makeup and a dressing table. I had to accept Harry's choice was actually quite nice. 

I got a towel and walked in the bathroom. Turned on the water and stripped naked. I stayed in the bath for about half an hour and then came out. Luckily, No one was there. I opened the closet. Got out a pair of bra and panties.Put them on and looked for a casual clothing. 

After a long time I decided to wear a grey belly top and short grey denims. I put on my socks and selected a pair of grey converse. I walked over to the dressing table and was satisfied. I was always worried about my looks no matter what state I was in. I put on some eyeliner and mascara and I straightened my hair. All satisfied. Yes. 

I walked over to the bed. Looked at the time. 6:50. I sat there thinking about how to get out of this place while waiting for someone to come and get me.



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